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I had my procedure April 11, 2011. For years I considered a tummy tuck. I decided at this stage in my life that I wanted to do something for me that provided some aesthetic benefits; I am 54. I am also a large woman. I weighed in the night of the procedure at 227. For me that was larger than... READ MORE

Excellent experience, quick recovery. More uncomfortable than painful. Less bruising than others described. I can already see results even few days after. Do it !! READ MORE

I just had the procedure done on July 11, 2011 on my love handles, upper and lower abs. I was unhappy with the fact that my stomach began poking out further than my adolescent sized boobs and I started hating shopping more and more because of this. It was either lipotherm or breast implants... READ MORE

I got the procedure in February 2011- I have not had a check up by the doctor since then and am scheduled for a check up in June. I did my research before making the decision to go with the doctor I chose. I used online reviews and investigated the procedure itself thoroughly. I was... READ MORE

I decided to have the procedure done to help correct some skin imperfections in my stomach from my pregnancy and to help even out my hips since one side was higher than the other. The doctor that I finally decided on actually did my waist and mid back as part of the package, while I only... READ MORE

I have had "cankles" my whole life. I had no definition between my ankles and calves, you could literaly pinch the fat on my ankles. I was so embarrased that I didn't want to wear shorts or skirts, I found myself wearing pants or jeans all the time. When I went to the cosmetic... READ MORE

I am a 50 year old woman who decided to treat herself to lipotherme for "big birthday" present. I am petite; 5 ft. 2 and 109 lbs. I had twins 6 years ago which added 50 plus pounds to my slender frame. Despite my Pilates, workouts, and healthy eating I was not able to reattain the body... READ MORE

I am a healthy and fit 5'8 male weighing in at 155 pounds. I do not think I needed liposuction nor would anybody I know ever say I needed it. However, I made the decision to have my abdomen and flanks done because I was NOT happy with the way in which pockets of fat would accumulate in these... READ MORE

I had lipotherme done 3 weeks ago. I do not remember much because my doctor put me out because the fear of being awake. got home slept the first day. never swelled much at all & no brusing at all. about a week before the big day I started taking one fresh pineapple,& one lage navel... READ MORE

I had my upper/lower abs, arms and inner thighs done last week. I'm feeling good each day. i'm seeing a big diffrence on my abs now but i'm still waiting for my inner thighs better appearance. as for my arms they are a little smaller.I'm on my 9th day and feeling better as days goes by. i can... READ MORE

I had lipotherme done on my upper and lower abdomen almost a year ago and am very pleased with my results! I am 26 years old with 1 child. My skin is much tighter and my scars are starting to fade. The healing time was not bad either. I am now considering getting my love handles done as well... READ MORE

I had lipotherme on my lower abs and love handles on March 25th. I have to admit, I had read several bad reviews on line the week prior to my procedure and was nervous. I had done my research and found a board certified plastic surgeon that I had fully researched. I was made to feel very... READ MORE

Update:  December 7 Today is Monday, and I went back to work no problem after having the procedure done on Friday morning.  Surprisingly, the swelling hasn't really intensified much at all.  I expected to be much more swollen.  I am, however, extremely bruised - very... READ MORE

I had this on my abdomen because I have had 3 children. I exercise all the time and can not get rid of my belly.Can lipotherme cause a hernia? READ MORE

Lipotherme was a great procedure for me. I was extremely nervous about the procedure just knowing that I would be awake worried me, but there was nothing to it. The only thing that I thought hurt was the numbing medicine. After that it was simple. It took about 4 hours long which happen to... READ MORE

I was fortunate to get lipotherme for free on my neck and chin area because a plastic surgeon I know wanted to demo the procedure and see how well it works before he implements it in his practice. The website required me to put in a price of at least $100, and I don't know how much the price... READ MORE

I had lypotherme done on my upper and lower abs and my sides. At times it was uncomfortable and I got extremely nauseous. The doctor stopped and cold cloths were placed on my head and feet. They were changed frequently. That helped. The next day I was very bruised. Used cream for bruises and... READ MORE

Just had the procedure done on my back and love handles (12 holes.) After 4 days, I do see a difference in my love handle area..had defined lines where they were showing on my lower back...They are now gone, but I hope the skin now will tighten up a lot more..I'm trying to remain patient and... READ MORE

I had Laser Lipo done on for my double chin, neck and jawline 5 days ago. The procedure itself took only a half hour and I was able to drive home afterwards. The only pain I felt was when they gave me shots of the anethesia. Other than that I felt nothing. After the procedure I took some... READ MORE

Had lipothereme 10 days ago on my chin / neck / jawline area. I was pretty swollen for about a whole week. After 10 days the swelling has pretty much subsided and I notice a difference in my face. No more double chin and a more defined jawline. I can alsp feel the skin tightening in that area... READ MORE

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