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30 Years Old No Children - Switzerland

Hi I did a surgery with general Anastasia for my vains and I'm not sure what the name of the laser was any way post surgery there was a lot of bruising not it better but the scars are a lot and suddenly behind my knee area there were a lot of vains but there much less now but there is a vein... READ MORE

Face - Marina Del Rey, CA

I wish I could give more than 5 stars. Dr. Stoker and his staff made my visit an exceptional one, from the consultation phase, to surgery, then follow up. Dr. Stoker did a thorough job of presenting all the options and possible outcomes of surgery, equipping me with the necessary tools to make... READ MORE

Ricky Richard 38 Years Old from Zambia Good Experience of Laser Surgery - Bangalore, India

I am Ricky Richard travel all the way to India from South Africa because there were no good medical facilities and also the amount she had been given by hospital in other medically advanced country was too high. I heard that Indian hospitals had a supreme reputation. And I got in touch with... READ MORE

36 Years Old - Las Vegas, NV

I have a lot of scars since when I was 14 years old scars burn and cut so I wonder if there's anyway to remove surgery or anything.. am looking for doctor that they can help me to remove my big scars on my legs so what I should do to help me to get rid of my legs scar that way I can put my... READ MORE

Scion Laser Evansville, IN

This is going to my journal for all Of you to read on how sometimes PS aren't honest with you and when you trust them and they do this.. Please feel free to ask me anything or comment in any way. I will not be hurt or angered with any of them. I just hope that my experience will help others.... READ MORE

Dr. Dima Rocks!

Nothing short of amazing. I knew it was going to be a long process to treat the scars caused by getting the wrong laser (you get what you pay for don't use groupon for your face!) but it was so worth it. My confidence is back and I literally leave the house without any makeup on. I'll post pics... READ MORE

Male Adult, Basil Cell Skin Cancer on Nose, Forehead and Cheeks.

Over years of working in the sun I had developed skin cancer of various stages on my face and arms. I went to see Dr. Steven Dominguez and he started treating me for my skin cancers. Dr. Dominguez performed several treatments, such as; Skin Abrasion treatments, Laser treatments and surgically... READ MORE

A wonderful Aesthetic Physician

I was looking for Dr Mira after seeing her work on TV. She is a physician with aesthetic and laser specialties. Her background is reassuring to me and a rarity. Being a woman of age, I wanted realistic improvement and maintenance. I have found these in Dr Mira. I have had laser, Botox and... READ MORE

Trying to Find Reviews and Stories About J Plasma

I am finding very little info about the J Plasma treatment. Can anyone share their experience or tell me where to look on here? Pics and actual stories would be tremendously helpful. Also, are there other names for this type of procedure? I find portrait laser treatment - is this the same... READ MORE

Very people freindly

The doctor was very people friendly, great personality. Has a sense of Humor. The procedure was simple laser for varicose veins. He explained it very well. I did have some sensitivity in the area for up to two weeks, ice-packs worked to relieve that. READ MORE

Dr. Neaman is a Wonderful Doctor!

Dr. Neaman is a wonderful doctor - I have had 3 very successful procedures and have been more than pleased with all! After each one, I felt so much better about myself. His staff are all very friendly and helpful and seem to love their jobs! I always enjoy visiting with them. Dr. Neaman... READ MORE

The Perfect Surgeon for me.

I couldn't be happier with the 2 laser treatments that Dr. Core has done on my face . At my consultation I asked him what he recommends to make my face look younger and he said 3 laser treatments, a lower face lift and a brow lift. He explained why and I accepted his professional opinion. He is... READ MORE

Great Dr.!!

I LOVE this Dr! He answers every question, he's patient, he's kind but best of all he is great at what he does and has a great eye! Upon my first visit he noticed that the left side of my face was much fuller than the right. He suggested a laser treatment on the left side to even out my face .... READ MORE

My friend for life

My wonderful Dr Lamas and staff, every thing beautiful, kind and wonderful is the only way that I can describe my experience in your office. You deserve everything. Praise that I cant define in words and success in you practice forever. READ MORE

Laser Lift Look Great - Orlando, FL

I am so excited my I had the laser lift. . 60 plus and now feel 40. The doctor was really attentive and focused. The day of surgery held my hand , All went well . I live alone and had forgotten my meds at the clinic. My door bell rings its the nurse and she brought me some soup and .. WoW... READ MORE

Best Decision I Have Made! - Federal Way, WA

If you are like me and totally medical procedure and needle phobic, if you have tired of looking at the growing fat under your chin, if you are done being discouraged by the wrinkles accumulating on your face, GO TO FEDERAL WAY LAZER SURGEONS! Dr. Sabbagh makes the demise of chin fat and wrinkle... READ MORE

Follow up procedures

In 2005 Dr. Gentile performed eye lid surgery on me to remove sagging skin on the upper eye lid and to remov fat and wrinkles on lower eye lid. What a difference in appearance, it was dramaticand I was very pleased with the results. Dr. Gentile also treated the forehead with a procedure to... READ MORE

Dark Spot Removal

I highly recommend Cosmetic Laser Dermatology!! Dr. Wu is wonderful! He is very knowledgable and makes you feel completely comfortable. I came in for the dark spot treatment and I am thrilled with the results. The treatment was fast and painless. I feel so much more comfortable now that my... READ MORE

Left traumitized

Went in for what was supposed to be a simple procedure, a procedure the doctor raved about and told me had all of these positive effects on the skin. Instead of the treatment having any positive effects on my skin I had substantial fat loss over the next 3-6 months. What was supposed to have... READ MORE

Good Doctor, SORRY TEAM...

Dr Little is a excellent doctor. However the staff he has working for him suck. Contacting this man is impossible. The receptionist he has are lazy, as far as the responsiveness "THERE IS NO RESPONSIVENESS"!!! I've been attempting to get a follow-up appt. for a week. I continue to be... READ MORE

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