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Dermatologist and medi-spas use LED skin treatments, sometimes called photorejuvenation, to minimize fine lines, wrinkles, sun damage and acne. LEARN MORE ›

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In an effort to brighten my overall skin tone to correct years of sun damage and acne pigmentation, I found that Forever Young BBL was my logical procedure choice. Admittedly, research of YouTube videos and online reviews were mixed and prompted me to seek a private consultation for further... READ MORE

Let's start with the basics: I am in my mid-thirties and have very thin porcelain skin. I also get mild adult acne since having my tubes tied. The hormone changes are very apparent in my skin. It has lost some lustre and elasticity, and i have noticeable melasma now. I also have some sun damage... READ MORE

I have been using a blue LED panel at home for three days now to treat a pimple and one cystic acne bump. Make that two cysts because there was another that reared its ugly head (no pun intended) today. (Ba-dum-pum!) Results from the blue LED light panel: AWESOME! Even after the first... READ MORE

I have been using led light in all its frequencies for well over 10 years and I think it should be part of every woman's beauty routine. Personally I use the Qasr MD which is the professional model which has red light, flashing Amber or red and ultraviolet. I use it once a week or sometimes... READ MORE

I tried Omnilux for collagen production. I had noticed after the first session, pigmentation on my cheeks...the woman doing it said, oh that's great the pigmentation is coming to the surface and then will break down, flake off...But no???I had five sessions, each time, getting worse....I have... READ MORE

I bought this because I read a lot of information stating that LED lights stimulate collagen production. I would like to firm my face and neck, although it is not imperative just yet. The light is supposed to be used for 2 short treatments per day. I haven't been very dedicated in using it,... READ MORE

Dr. Kahn made me feel so comfortable and his guidance as to what I can do to achieve the look that I want was caring as well as on point. Dr. Kahn is all about patients needs and customer service. The treatment that I had was amazing and made my skin feel incredible. I found the facility to be... READ MORE

I have what I believe to be hormonal acne. It can be cystic on occasions but mostly inflamed and clogged pores. I am a female with light complextion and brown hair. Usually have between 5-8 breakouts if I do not take antibiotics or the pill. Wanting to stay away from those prescription... READ MORE

After trying many different treatments to make my skin for smooth and clear (such as lasers, heavy medication and peelings), I came across LED light therapy. I wish I would've heard about it earlier, but better late then never right? So, first I started doing light therapy at the dermatologist... READ MORE

I've purchased unlimited daily treatments with Gentlewaves, a LED light device, for $100/mo. Each treatment lasts less than 1 minute. This is my first time trying this treatment. Eye protection is reportedly not needed, but I've chosen to use goggles. I started out doing a daily treatment,... READ MORE

I completed a course of LED treatments and I'm really pleased with the results. My skin looked plumper, fresher and more radiant and got me lots of compliments from my friends and family. The clinic is elegant and comfortable and the staff are friendly and welcoming. I definitely recommend this... READ MORE

I have been using the lightstim home held product. After a few months, I began to get swelling under the top of my lip. The pain was bad and the welling was painful. I have gone to every doctor to see if it was an allergy to food or ???. I stopped using the light stim and the swelling and... READ MORE

I have redness/pustules from seborrheic dermatitis, rosacea and adult acne. While I still use a combination of prescription meds, LED light therapy (I use blue, amber and red separately, 10 minutes each color at least several times a week) has been one of the most important treatments in keeping... READ MORE

I have had the DPL device for about 2 months, and incredibly only took it out of the box 2 weeks ago! I think I was intimidated by the instructions to put it together. It was very easy, by the way. It is tedious to sit with your face in this thing for 17 minutes, but after doing it about five... READ MORE

The device is an at-home treatment and it's very easy to use. I apply to the parts of my face that need it and because it has a built-in sensor, I don't have to worry about it burning my face/skin. I has seen wrinkles gradually dissipate with newer, cleaner skin and now I have a great less... READ MORE

Lumiere machine, reclining bed. Exfoliate, treatment gel + light + aftercare lotion. Done in 20-30minutes...I normally do 3 sessions at the salon over 3 day period. Have had strangers (plural) comment on my beautiful skin...that never happens! $45/per session I think After a year of trying to... READ MORE

I'm always skeptical of these devices but a knowledgeable friend recommended it. I've used it for three weeks now, 17 minutes per day as instructed, and my skin is unquestionably improved. It is firmer, my age spots are faded and most surprising of all, my little jowls have disappeared... READ MORE

To stay ahead of the sun damage. I have had various types of skin cancer and Dr. Stetler has done an incredible job explaining what I have and staying on top of it for me so it does not have a chance to spread.  She has also done a wonder job in helping me work on correcting the sun... READ MORE

I bought an at-home machine online and it is amazing. Has really helped my moderate roseacea and makes my skin so soft. I don't have alot of lines at 40, but what I really notice is the texture- so much better. READ MORE

Hi there- I have been trying for years to fix my skin...smoked for 15 years, laid in the sun with baby oil, worked in bars for many years. My skin had taken a toll. I had paid (like a fool) $2400 for painful IPL treatments that helped somewhat with redness but by no means a miracle cure... READ MORE

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