Could LED Skin Treatment Damage my Eyes?

I have had two LED skin treatments. Damp cotton pads and goggles are placed over my eyes during the LED treatment, but the strobe lights are so bright that is is uncomfortable. I have some concern about my eyes.

Are there any reports of eye damage from the light?

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Just blinking yellow lights

No eye damage has been reported with LED treatments. We use the Gentlewaves LED and have been very pleased with the results.  You should not do this if you get migraines or seizures. 

Florham Park Oculoplastic Surgeon
4.6 out of 5 stars 21 reviews

Appropriate goggles required as part of LED therapy

Even though no immediate visual impairment may incur after undergoing a couple LED treatment sessions without eye protection, if this continues, one may have an accelerated risk of getting cataract formation. I advise that appropriate goggles specific to the wavelength of LED therapy emitted be worn at all time during LED therapy.

William Ting, MD
Bay Area Dermatologic Surgeon
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