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Juvederm is an FDA-approved filler used to smooth mild to moderate facial lines, plump up lips, and reduce acne scarring. It can also be used to fill under eye hollows, enhance cheek volume, and reduce wrinkles on the hands. LEARN MORE ›

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I first heard about Dr. Linville from a close friend. After I saw how natural and plump her lips looked, I had to see what he could do for me. I went in to have a consultation for juvederm. Upon meeting Dr.linville I could tell that his level of professionalism is only rivaled by his... READ MORE

Hi all! I have always been interested in plastic surgery- specifically breast augmentation and rhinoplasty. More recently (past few years) I have been wanting to get lip fillers just to balance out my top and bottom lips (my top was a little less full that I would have liked). I researched... READ MORE

I recently had a bit of Botox done on my crows feet and forehead to diminish the appearance of early wrinkles that I believe were a bit premature due to heavy smoking that I stopped a few years ago. I was so pleased with the results that I decided to take the plunge on some Juvederm in my lips... READ MORE

I have always hated my nose and after a lot of consideration I decided to try a filler in the area above my bump to see what it would look like. Rhinoplasty seemed like a massive leap so this would be a good tester. The whole thing took about 30 minutes and the results were very subtle and I get... READ MORE

I got two syringes of Juvéderm for volume loss in my lips along with what they call a lip flip and that is two units of Botox on either side of the top lip to have lip flip out more .The doctor and his staff were amazing they were off so friendly answered all my questions and I would recommend ... READ MORE

I am very happy with the outcome. It was my first time and Dr Gayner said it wouldnt be a huge difference and we were evening out my lips. He did a dental block which numbed me so I didnt feel a thing. The consultation & procedure was maybe 20 mins. I cant wait to go back and get them a bit... READ MORE

I originally came to Dr.Mata because I was looking for an expert when it came to the face and I wanted a Board certified plastic surgeon. Dr. Mata injected around 30 units of Botox and 1 syringe of Juverderm. He took his time to analyze my face and gave me an honest opinion about the quanity... READ MORE

I'm really happy with the results of my Juvederm lip injections yesterday. I'm a little swollen today but even if it doesn't go down then it looks good. I wanted fuller lips, no correction to the shape or anything, and that's exactly what I got. The area was numbed with lidocaine only & felt no... READ MORE

Got my lip injections today, mainly for the upper lip and some lower lip for fuller look I came in for free consultation already knowing I will pick dr park for my dr; i felt comfortable, trust him, I decided to go ahead with the injections today! No pain, no brusing yet, some swelling but... READ MORE

I've always had dark hollows under my eyes, and as I've aged my face has lost its plumpness and the fat has started to shift downwards. Im getting a half-dose of fillers under my eyes to decease the shadows and make my face look fuller and younger. Here is a before pic, I'll post an after pic... READ MORE

So my lips were never small, I just wanted them to be fuller! I got one syringe of juverderm ultra with Dr. Melissa Toyos at her Franklin clinic! She was so nice and made me feel at ease, let me tell you I was SO nervous!! Besides her being so friendly, I seriously couldn't be happier with the... READ MORE

I have hated my "bags" or deep tear troughs for years and years. Thinking back, I have probably spent $1000s on eye creams, masks, serums, etc. over the last decade trying to combat my tired eyes. It is genetic and runs in my family and my Mom finally went to get hers looked at a by a plastic... READ MORE

For over a year I wanted big and full lips. I was held back from getting lip injections because I was concerned they would look fake and I would walk out looking like Joan Rivers. I finally built up the courage to get the lip injections and I couldn't be happier. Tiffany dos a fantastic job at... READ MORE

I was very excited about getting Juvederm Voluma. The one downside to my weight loss was a gaunt and older looking face. I got Botox 4 weeks ago and it and looks great! No complications. I researched fillers for over a year and so I decided to pay the extra and go to a reputable fully-qualified... READ MORE

I had fat transfer to my lips in 1996 (different doctor). That was a huge waste of money, VERY painful and very traumatic. At the time it was $2500 . After taking 6 months to heal, my body absorbed all 100% of the fat transfer. I was left with nothing. Jump ahead to 2016 and my silly daughter... READ MORE

First off, Kate from Dr. Gorin's office is AMAZING. I absolutely adore her and always look forward to seeing her for my procedures. She goes above and beyond to make you feel comfortable, relaxed and educated. No procedure is done until she has a firm understanding of what you want or expect... READ MORE

I got Juvederm in my top lip and I am swollen today, and it's expected...but I like it swollen (haha). My lip look larger on one side, but one side has less pigment than the other side. I wouldn't have noticed but my friend told me and said that I should have it tattooed... I am not sure if I... READ MORE

Had an amazing experience with Dr. Denton at his clinic in downtown Vancouver, Canada. He was very warm, friendly and relaxed which is a great energy when getting a procedure done. I already had decently full lips but wanted a little more to give me that extra pout in my upper lip. Dr. Denton... READ MORE

Had lip fillers yesterday. I had the antiseptic cream. It did hurt though. It feels like a small prick but when it gets to the middle of your lips it hurts! Not that bad that I wouldn't have it again. She told me the swelling will last 2-3 days so here are my before and after pics. Ignore the... READ MORE

Love my new lips. After the numbing cream, I felt nothing. Went over the look I was going for (full, pouty lips) & she took it from there; giving me exactly what I wanted. She also suggested we save some for my two week check up in case there's an area we want to add to which was a great idea. I... READ MORE

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