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Juvederm is an FDA-approved collection of injectable fillers used for a variety of reasons, including lifting the cheeks, smoothing marionette lines around the mouth, and plumping the lips. It may also be used to fill pitted acne scars or reduce the appearance of aging hands. Juvederm fillers are made from hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring substance in the skin. Results typically last between nine months to a year. LEARN MORE ›

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Juvederm in Lips/fixing Previous Juvederm from Other Spa

I have always been self conscious about how thin my lips were. Wanted to have fuller lips that when I smiled we're still visible.Had gotten done at a spa in north park mall in Dallas and was left with large deposit lips and uneven lips that were not fixed by spa.Looking for someone to add more... READ MORE

Why did I wait so long for my perfect lips? Juvederm XC Ultra

I had lips and first Kybella session done this past week (more to come on Kybella.) I have also been on the hunt for a product that makes my lips more proportional to my other facial features. I have very large eyes, a round button nose, and very dramatic features (long eyelashes, strong brow)... READ MORE

19 Years Old with Tear Trough Deformity - Atlanta, GA

Ever since I can remember I have always gotten comments on how tired I looked regardless of the amount of sleep I had the previous night. I tried all types of tricks to remove the bags from under my eyes, but nothing worked. I felt that as I was getting older the area under my eyes just kept... READ MORE

Juvederm in Lips--Uneven Results

I attended an open house at dermatologist office and was told I would receive a beautiful result on Juvederm lip injections. There was a 25% discount that evening so I prepaid and scheduled. The day off, Dr. Miner had a great bedside manner and gave me a nerve block just as I requested. The... READ MORE

23 Year Old, Black Female, Lip Augmentation with Juvederm

The experience was very exciting to me. I had done tons of research and had spoken to friends who have had their lips augmented with juvederm as well. I really liked the JuvedermUltra2 and the additional numbing as well as the way that it has settled into my lips. The swelling was minimal and... READ MORE

JUVEDERM for 44 Y.O. with Disappearing Upper Lip - Fairbanks, AK

I have read (stalked ? ;) so many reviews that other people have posted for various procedures so I thought I'd give back a little and share mine, even though it's not a big deal to get lip filler, maybe it will help someone. I go tomorrow to get Juvederm in my lips. I have never had much of an... READ MORE

Juvederm Ultra Lip Filler

Dr Chang is amazing, it was my first time ever doing any procedure so i was very nervous about getting lip fillers but Dr. Chang made me feel very relaxed and took the time to explain everything to me. He was very patient with me since i did have a lot of questions and concerns. Even after the... READ MORE

Wanted Fuller Lips - Williamsburg, VA

I went in to check what I could do for fuller lips.Dr. Pitman recommended Juvaderm. It was virtually painless, quick, and looked awesome , gave me just the fullness I wanted , without huge price !! Recommend highly! This will give you a preview of what u would look like with lip implants, long... READ MORE

Awesome Results from Juvederm!

I had been self conscious of my thin lips for a while, but didn't really know what I was getting into with Juvederm. Dr. Arslanian was great at explaining the entire process to me from start to finish, and gave me a realistic picture of what to expect. He gave me numbing creme so that I barely... READ MORE

Overdone Juvederm XC in Lips. Should I Dissolve It? Encino, CA

Hi, i went somewhere new for Juvederm. To a very well experienced doc who does my friend and looks fab. He convinced me to do a 'bit' in my lips. I absolutely hate it. I look done and i am embarrassed and pissed off. He says to wait 10 days and I will love it. But I really don't think so. ... READ MORE

Juvederm Fillers Nasolabial - Los Angeles, CA

Well has been around 4 months that I got fillers (Juvederm) for nasolabial folds and I am really happy with the outcome. Looks like a miracle and for sure I'll be getting this again! Go to and experienced surgeon, everything was smooth and easy with dr. Vladimir G. I love the outcome, totally... READ MORE

It Took 4 Times to Get the Look...

My first experience was at a "Botox Party". I later found a doctor to do the procedure and found out there is a difference. My Dr uses the highest quality and it has a numbing agent IN it, huge help. So, one time at 400 that have fair results, then I started going to Dr. Martens and after 3... READ MORE

love it

I was terrified to get my lips done. I did my research for months and finally got the courage to do them. Dr. Norcom is extremely knowledgeable in this procedure and put m mind at ease. His technique is less invasive than typical lip fillers. The procedure took about 10 minutes and my lips... READ MORE

I Love my Lips :)

I went to Body sculpting Center and had juvederm put in my lips and i absolutely love them. I did not like the pain, but small price to pay ! She really took er time with me and after word I immediately saw a difference. A little bruised for two days and then wow what a difference! Lips are... READ MORE

Juvederm Filler in Nose and Lips - Draper, UT

My experience here was phenomenal! I had about half a syringe of juvederm injected into my nose to smooth out the dorsal hump, and the other half was injected into my lips to make them fuller. Although I'm not exactly where I want to be aesthetically, I am thrilled with the results we were able... READ MORE

Finally Got my Appointment!!

Always wanted a bit of more volume to my lips, especially my bottom one as long as I can remember. I did my research and finally decided to do it. I made my appoint for October 25th in which I am pretty anxious but mostly excited. Posted some before pictures, and I will update on how it went... READ MORE

31 Years Old

I have always wanted fuller lips and actually went through with it. However, I made the mistake of not going w a professional and felt botched. I consulted with Dr. Palladino and was able to not only fix the botched job but also accomplished the full and even look I had been dreaming about !... READ MORE

Beware!! Horrible Results No Follow Up

I saw this doctor for a consult for rhinoplasty procedure. He promised to email me pics of what my new nose would look like after the surgery. A week later and STILL haven't received the pics! Most docs can show you the computerized image while your at the consult! You shouldn't have to wait... READ MORE

Juvederm - Northbrook, IL

I had my cheekbones injected with Juvederm cc by Dr. Sweis. She is specially trained and has a great understanding of facial harmony and bone structure. She has a skillful eye and instantly added volume to my cheekbones. She has a special touch and made this procedure quite painless. She truly... READ MORE

Lip Injections W/ Juvederm Ultra XC - Boca Raton, FL

My lips have always been full and wide but when I got my lip ring it seemed as if that right lower lobe remained fuller for whatever reason. It had the same look it had when it was still swollen so with nursing school I literally took everything out. Since the Kylie Jenner craze I thought wth I... READ MORE

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