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Juvederm is an FDA-approved filler used to smooth mild to moderate facial lines, plump up lips, and reduce acne scarring. It can also be used to fill under eye hollows, enhance cheek volume, and reduce wrinkles on the hands. LEARN MORE ›

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I've been wanting to do my lips for years but was very hesitant cause I've seen so many bad ones. But I changed med spa's for my botox and loved my injectionist lips and just really trusted her and did it on a whim. She put in 1cc total , I did upper and lower. She did hit a vessel and I... READ MORE

I had botox for the first time ever, it did not fix the creases, "11's" in between my eyebrows. I went for a second opinion and the Dr. gave me juvederm, I am now a fan for life, in 5 minutes my creases/wrinkles were filled. It took about 2 days to soften and not have wrinkles, I am thrilled, I... READ MORE

Day after injections my lips were definitely swollen but not as much as I was expecting. From reading reviews on here I became terrified of the "day after" but it was totally fine. My bottom lip bruised quite a bit, my top lip had a few marks but no noticeable bruises. They were a bit tender... READ MORE

The treatment greatly reduced my dark circles. It fills out the hollows created by bone structure. The process was about ten minutes. It feels very strange but doesn't hurt. You can feel the flexible cannula touching the orbital bone. I am not afraid of needles in the slightest but this was a... READ MORE

I'm a HUGE fan of juvederm !!!!! I took a long break from it due to pregnancy and breastfeeding. Although - I feel it is completely safe as it is a naturally occurring compound in the body AND it is localized it doesn't travel to the whole body. But I took precautions. Any-hop..... After nearly... READ MORE

I had the worst experience you can imagine with procedure done by dr. Andrew Miller, he performed lips injections for me and he messed everything up. Just after procedure I noticed huge bump, I immediately told him about it, but he said it was normal, but as swelling started to go down as more... READ MORE

I've always been self conscious about my lips and chin, I have a consultation for a chin implant on November 16th. In the mean time I went and had Juvederm lip injections done. I called this monday and had the injections done today(Thursday). I arrived 15 minutes early to complete paperwork.... READ MORE

I've been super conscious of my thinning lips and just looking older in general. I initially went 1 week ago and used 0.2 ml along the edges, as I wanted to go conservatively. I did not bruise at all. The lines around my mouth were smoothed and I loved it. 1 week later, yesterday, I went... READ MORE

In past 14mos had fillers/botóx every few months w Tachmes.was beautiful before, his work made me better looking. filler/ botóx wears off u have to keep going. Juvaderm in lips, smile lines &chin to fix indent. Just had juvderm put in cheeks 1st time recently. Restalyne under eyes 3x.... READ MORE

I've read countless reviews on here that say "the swelling will go down after a week, you will be happier" but I am still nervous! I got 1/2 vial of juvederm in my upper lip yesterday to even out my lips. But now I am feeling like my upper lip looks huge and i hate it! My doctor said he prides... READ MORE

Everyone talks about loose skin when you lose weight, nobody thinks about the toll it takes on ur face. I lost 115 w/ diet and exercise and I looked older than ever before. I went in for fuller lips, and boxtox but, ended up purchasing juvederm as well! It was well worth it, I look fantastic and... READ MORE

I've always been subconscious of my small lips but once I hit 30 they shrunk even more! I knew it was time to do something. I did my research and found Pearlman Aesthetics to have amazing reviews and recommendations. I took my entire pay and made an appointment with Heather Rypien. When I got... READ MORE

I had researched and watched several videos and read the cons and pros of getting the juvaderm injection done. So I went to two consultations and got two opinions from two different places. And chose the place I liked best. Now I am aware I am young and "my lips were fine" but it was something I... READ MORE

I've always hated my super thin lips, and finally got the courage to get injections! I'm obsessed! I was terrified that they would turn out obnoxious but the look is very natural. She used almost a whole syringe but saved just a small amount for me to come back in a few weeks and use if we... READ MORE

The cost of $595 was for Juviderm only... On November 13 I had botox and juvederm. Usually a thoughtful person, I trusted the vein doctor whose office I have used before for vein issues. Basically, he offered me these services when I went in for some vein work, and I boldly jumped when I... READ MORE

This was such an incredible experience. I was hesitant to try this at first but I'm so glad that I finally had the guts to go in. I have really thin lips and fillers were recommended to me from a friend. I'm so happy with the results - it looks completely natural! The staff was very friendly... READ MORE

I decided to do Juvederm on my lips about a year ago to plump my lips up. After doing long extensive research I decided to go with Dr.Greene. I was very happy with my results. Its been exactly a year and I decided to go back and have my lips plumped up again as Juvederm only last 6 months to 1... READ MORE

I have been researching and debating this for awhile. I went to Atlantic plastic surgery. Mark ballentine was fast, pleasant and nice. I wanted a natural look. He suggested 1 syringe of juvederm. So I did it. I recived a dental block which is like novacaine. It numbs everything up. I was... READ MORE

I have always liked the shape of my lips, however, my top lip was significantly thinner than my bottom. I considered using lip fillers but I was afraid of going to someone who would make me look too "duck lipped". Although this isn't too difficult a procedure, I wanted to make sure I would get... READ MORE

I've always been a little bothered by my asymmetrical lower lip. When I saw that a vial was on sale I thought I'd try it out for some evening out and also general plumping. The whole process was pretty easy, it's the 2-3 days of swollen and bruised injection sites I'm not keen on. It is still... READ MORE

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