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JuvĂ©derm is an FDA-approved collection of injectable fillers used for a variety of reasons, including lifting the cheeks, smoothing marionette lines around the mouth, and plumping the lips. It may also be used to fill pitted acne scars or reduce the appearance of aging hands. JuvĂ©derm fillers are made from hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring substance in the skin. Results typically last between nine months to a year. LEARN MORE â€ș

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In Love with Subtle Change... - New York

I haven't stopped looking at myself in the mirror since I have gotten them. I get compliments on them all the time, but they're perfectly done so people think they're natural (my natural lips were already full) Dr Reish also knew right away that he wasn't going to use too much filler so I didn't... READ MORE

Lip Filler Using Juvederm - Palo Alto, CA

I've always had small, flat and narrow lips. I wanted to maintain the shape but simply, enhance them. I decided to have my lips filled with 1 syringe of Juvederm and I loved the results. It was done in two sessions since my lips were smaller. I believe this 3 week break gave my lips a little... READ MORE

Lips and Laugh Lines with Juvaderm - Beverly Hills, CA

I wanted to minimize my laugh lines and my lips to be slightly fuller. That is what I told my doctor. I've had redtalyne once before did nothing really after the slight swelling went down. But this bruising and swelling are horrible I can't go out. Not sure if I will do this again at this point... READ MORE

Juvederm XC for Nasolabial Lines in 25 Yr Old

After having a baby I lost a lot of volume in a lot of places and started to notice my nasolabial lines even more at 25. My doctor recommended sculptra but said it needed to be mixed and prepped so I would need to return for another visit if I wanted to do that so I went with juvederm since I... READ MORE

44 year old first time filler

I had been thinking about fillers for about a year. I do a lot of video for my job and I had been noticing that I looked tired. I researched docs in SF and everyone said DR Mabrie was awesome. I was a little nervous but her was great and recommended a schedule for me to get back to being even... READ MORE

33 Year Old African American with Deep Tear Troughs and Full Chin - Jacksonville, FL

Connie Jongeward of Ponte Vedra Plastic Surgery is amazzzzzzing! I have always been in cosmetics and presenting myself well. However, in pictures I started to notice a hollowing of my tear troughs. I started to become conscious about them and tried to use concealer in creative ways but they were... READ MORE

First there were none and now I have some

I have always lacked in the lip area and was scared to have any augmentation thinking it would leave me disfigured and being extremely vain that would be detrimental. After hearing about Juvederm and meeting a few people who have had the procedure I decided to jump in with both feet. WOW... I... READ MORE

First Time Using Juvederm Around Mouth and Laugh Lines, 2 Vials

I do not like all the bruising with this. And it's taking way too long for it to clear up. So far it's been 5 days. It feels really bumpy too. There is also a lot of swelling that goes along with this procedure. Maybe it will be worth it but right now I would never do it again. I'm just praying... READ MORE

Lip Fillers Juvederm - Birmingham, GB

Had lip fillers yesterday. I had the antiseptic cream. It did hurt though. It feels like a small prick but when it gets to the middle of your lips it hurts! Not that bad that I wouldn't have it again. She told me the swelling will last 2-3 days so here are my before and after pics. Ignore the... READ MORE

Juvaderm Injection for Fuller Lips *pics* Hurts Like a Bitch! - Greenville, SC

I had gone to my plastic surgeons office yesterday to cancel an apt for a tummy tuck and get my deposit back. The ladies there talked me into getting my lips done. We decided on Juvaderm for a full and pouty lip. I didn't necessarily have thin lips to begin with but I was hoping to get a little... READ MORE

First Time Lip Fillers and Non Surgical Nose Job

I received a non surgical nose job and lip fillers with juvederm from doctor Adam Scheiner in Tampa he is truly an artist I was nervous when I got the fillers at first because I've never had any work done I had some swelling and bruising and both areas but the swelling went away and I just have... READ MORE

Juvederm Nightmare

I was a model for an aesthetic medical training facility where they had an instructor assist medical students with dermal fillers. I was their first model it took a very long time and with some students I experienced a lot of pain. I had horrible bruising and swelling which I understood was a... READ MORE

My First Juvederm / Botox! - Lips and Lines! - Dallas, TX

Hello, RS friends! I haven't been on here since my TT in 2015, but I go in for what is likely to be my first juvaderm/botox treatment tomorrow morning and figured I would blog it so other women have one more story to compare. I found Dr Daniel Beck throughly friend/hairstylist who apparently... READ MORE

Love my Lips! - Atlanta, GA

I love, love, love my new lips. I told Dr.Castillo what I wanted and that is exactly what he gave me. I have a naturally full upper lip so I just got filler in the lower lip. I can't stop looking in the mirror. I got a syringe of Juvederm ultra and had a little left over. My experience was so... READ MORE

LOVE My Lip Injections!!! - Atlanta, GA

I would give 10 stars if I could! I can not say enough good things about Dr. DeJoseph. I wanted more volume in my lips, but did not want "duck" or "fish" lips that I see so often. Dr. DeJoseph did an amazing job and I didn't feel a thing during the process!! I would recommend him to anyone that... READ MORE

Curious About Lip Injections

Had 1/2 syringe of Juvederm Ultra added to lips. Most was put in top lip but had a tiny amount added to bottom. Debate adding more but happy with size and shape and want a natural look. Side profile is much improved. Lips look larger when wearing lipstick or gloss and have a pouty look. I'm... READ MORE

Juvederm XC Lip Augmentation

I started to get my lips plumped once a year starting two years ago. The first time was with half a syringe of Restylane, the second with a full syringe of Juvederm, and now, my third time with a full syringe of Juvederm XC. I get about 80 percent injected into the bottom and 20 percent injected... READ MORE

Asymmetric lips corrected with fillers

I was always self-conscious about my lips as they are uneven. My left lip side drooped slightly compared to my right. I quite liked my lips in general and I didn't want big lips, just getting them more symmetric and just a teeny tiny bit more plumper. I was really nervous about getting them done... READ MORE

28 Years Old, Juvederm for Thin Upper Lip

I have thin lips, especially the top lip with some a-symmetry. Also somewhat of a gummy smile. The injections weren't painful at all. I did have some bruising right away but nothing too bad. I'm extremely happy with the results! My lips look symmetrical and I have so much more volume... READ MORE

Lip Injections - Omaha, NE

Today has been 5 days since I got the juvederm lip injections, my top lip is still somewhat swollen. Is this normal? Will it go down at all or is this how my lips will actually look like? What can I do for the swelling to go down? I'm not happy with how it looks as of now, What can I do to fix this? READ MORE

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