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A hair transplant (also called hair restoration or hair implantation) permanently restores the hair by transplanting new follicles into balding or thinning areas. Healthy follicles are taken from other areas of the body, most often the back or the sides of the head. This can be done by removing a single strip of skin and hair or removing the follicles individually. The number of grafts needed depends on the patient and the size of the area being treated. A typical surgery involves anywhere from 1,000 to 3,000 grafts. LEARN MORE ›

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Happy Hairy Guy Thanks to Almost 2,000 Hair Grafts Transplanted Dr. Diep in Los Gatos, California - Los Gatos, CA

I started to notice my hair loss a couple of years back. Hair loss had tremendously lowered my self-esteem, both physically and emotionally. I attempted to hide my hair by wearing hats at all times. This method, in turn, worsened my condition. I had tried many different medications and natural... READ MORE

27 Y.o. Considering Hair Transplant for Frontal Density - Toronto, ON

27 year old male, began thinning at the front around 23 but no or very little recession. Have been in 1mg finasteride for 10 months. Crown and top have experienced no thinning. How many grafts will it take to restore my old dense frontal area? I really want to do the procedure now but a part of... READ MORE

Traction Alopecia-2600 FUT Transplant-Los Gatos, CA

Hello All, My name is Vay. As promised I told you all I'd write a review on my experience with Dr. Diep out of Los Gatos, CA. I am only 2 days post surgery, and I must admit that I am recovering well. I will break it down in much detail. So if you don't have much time to read, come back... READ MORE

Great Great Experience! - Pasadena, CA

Wow Wow Wow!! That's what I want to say after my hair transplant surgery at "Los Angeles Hair Transplant Clinic" It was a prefect experience!  My friend had his hair transplant done in Malaysia and I saw him in pain and agony covered with bandages on his head for months.  With that in mind my co... READ MORE

32 Year Old Male Hair Transplant. Turkey, TR

..started losing some hair since age 26, so i got to the point where i can't control my hair style. So that was a time for a change. Made some research and found clinic with the best reviews. And of course it's Maral's clinic. Wrote to them, got quick response, explanation and so on. Then wrote... READ MORE

My Experience with Dr Alp Aslan Istanbule

My name is Anood 26 year old from Qatar makeup artist The target: implanted 2000 Grafts to close the forehead area Dr Alp Aslan from the first time welcome and ask about my expectations. and draw the new hair line with possibility to correct under the natural rules it was incredible day we... READ MORE

Aestimed Clinic Beard Transplant - Istanbul, TR

Because I had very little beard hair I undertook a beard transplant at Aestimed Clinic in Istanbul. The operation took around 12 hours total (around 5000 grafts). The staff was very friendly and during the process before/during/after the transplant there always was a very personal approach,... READ MORE

5800 grafts Dr John Diep . Go to Turkey Instead - Los Gatos, CA

I am currently 2 Days Post Op and will hopefully get the opportunity to share a couple of pictures with this forum when time permits. After almost a year of extensive research and consideration I took the leap an went with Dr. Diep and his staff. They have been really patient with me and the... READ MORE

A Excellent Experience for Me - Istanbul, TR

I just had my transplant on 16/3/2015, impressive 5000 grafts, what a team with such dedication. Dr.Ahmed and the whole team did their best to get me what I wanted in term of results. As a doctor I had a lot of worries but I was reassured from the start, we started later in the day and operation... READ MORE

My Brilliant Experiace with Dr Alp Aslan - Istanbul, TR

My Name is Khaled I'm Doctor from Eygpt .I chose Dr. Alp Aslan after a long search for online process was as I expected it was wonderful in the process. I implanted 3000-3500 Grafts to close the front and increase the density to the upper area the first expression was amazing aspect? Punctuality... READ MORE

FUT 5397 Grafts with Dr. John Diep - Los Gatos, CA

This is a very belated review of my experience of FUT surgery with Dr. Diep. But better late than never, I guess. This is based on notes I took right after the surgery. I was age 56 the day of surgery and roughly Norwood 5.5 to 6 pattern. I did a free in-person consultation with Dr. Diep in... READ MORE

40yrOld - Honolulu, HI

Super excited but scared to have this done. Always wanted this done since I noticed losing my hair in my early 30s. Told some friends I'm doing this and got some mixed reviews. Anyway doing something just for me and excited to see where this journey will take me both physically and... READ MORE

2 Amazing Procedures and Wanting a 3rd! - Beverly Hills, CA

I had a first procedure in Dubai with the wonderful Dr Antonio Armani in 2009 (7 years ago) and I am still happy with the results. When I wanted to have a 2nd procedure it was a no brainer to go with the same company with Dr Baubac performing it, being personally trained by Dr Armani. So this... READ MORE

Hair Transplant Norwood 6/7 at Cosmedica. Istanbul, TR

Hi All I was meaning to write a review from a couple of months now, but due to a hectic lifestyle with work and family I was unable to, but low behold I have made time today. Right where do I start?, basically I lost my hair at the age of 24, I am (or shall I say was ;) Norwood 6/7. I did try... READ MORE

20 Year Timeframe and Best Hair Transplant Doctor Ever As Well As Kindest Doctor Ever! - Toronto, ON

First met Dr. Paul Cotterill in 1991. After 20 years of transplants and a scalp reduction, I KNOW this was/is the best doctor and greatest results I could have ever wanted. To simplify my journey, I have made a blog. Hair transplants for some are not a one time surgery. For me I would be with... READ MORE

3 Hair Transplants, 4,200 Grafts in Total, Over 9 Years - Atlanta, GA

My first transplant with Dr. Cole was in 2007. I was about 32 years old at the time and had some thinning in my temples and hairline. At the time I wasn't sure what to expect. I chose Dr. Cole because he was performing procedures that had little to no scarring, as opposed to the strip procedure... READ MORE

The Most Customer Centric Doctor and Associates I Have Come Across - Beverly Hills, CA

Dr. Baubac & his associates, including his patient coordinator Eric, were above and beyond excellent when in came to focusing on my needs as a patient. Regardless of my financial situation. Having had two procedures with Dr. Baubac, both totaling over eight-thousand grafts, I have to say... READ MORE

Receding Norwood 2a from Temples. Turkey, TR

Hi all, I recently had a hair transplant in turkey. I'm very positive after 6 days post op. I had in total around 2200 grafts applied to the front areas of my forehead, with a new hairline. I've used some good products to stimulate early growth and to help the healing process. My donor area is... READ MORE

My Best Hair Transplant with Dr. Cinik in Istanbul Turkey 4400 Grafts. Istanbul, TR

My name is Abel. I live in France. I had hair transplant in Turkey in Istanbul last August. My doctor Dr. Cinik was really professional and friendly. Till now he asks my hairs from me. His team was really best for me. They are really kind! For your jugdment I will post my pictures. You will see... READ MORE

Hope for new hair - Columbus, OH

I had become numb to dealing with hairloss for about 10 years, I have had alopecia since I was about 17 years old.... I can think of several things that have triggered it to not getting enough nutrients to bad styling choices. I started losing my hair at 17 after reinstalling micro-braids for... READ MORE

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