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Hair transplant (also called hair restoration or hair implantation) is the process of permanently restoring hair by transplanting new follicles into balding or thinning areas. Healthy follicles are taken from other areas of the body, most often the back or the sides of the head. This can be done by taking a single strip of hair or removing follicles individually. The number of grafts needed depends on the patient and the size of the area being treated. Anywhere from 1,000 to 3,000 grafts is average for a day of surgery. LEARN MORE â€º

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If you are considering getting hair transplant surgery DO NOT look any further than Dr.Michael Meshkin in Newport Beach in California. Dr.Meshkin and his staff are simply the BEST. I travelled all the way from Houston for my hair transplant surgery and I feel that I have made one of my wisest... READ MORE

I had been thing about doing this for a long time .I look on RealSelf for a good Doctor near by. Thats where I found Dr. Omeed Memar, MD. Im very excited to be at post 5 months but a little nervous what do you guys think. picture will be 10 post and 5 months post. I been waiting for the hair... READ MORE

I've been suffering from hair loss around my hairline A.K.A EDGES for over 8 yrs now do to my poor choice of hairstyles like tight braids and lace frontals etc. I've been searching for a solution for awhile I've tried nature's plus with hair pills my hair was growing but of course my edges... READ MORE

I wanted to do a quick review. I August 2014 I decided to get a hair transplant for my 30th bday. I suffered from traction alopecia, I started wearing weaves very young and ended up paying for it in the worse way. I did alot research on Dr.diep before I decided to go with him. The main thing... READ MORE

Hi Hair specialist, i am 29 years old indian.i did my second hair transplant on 23 Aug15 from first transplant happened on 20October15. after first hair transplant results was very covered my frontal area very nicely.after 6 months i got a great result.but my hair fall was ... READ MORE

I had a hair transplant 25 years ago that resulted very pluggy looking. I had to use my cap everywhere I would go in order to hide the not so natural results. I met with Jose and Dr. Gallagher for a consultation in April/2015 and felt very comfortable with both. Jose informed me of the... READ MORE

Hi, I`m 46 years old and I live in New York over the last 16 years. I`ve always thought my hair was the strong point of my look. Few years ago I noticed significant hair loss. This made me feel uncomfortable about the way I looked and affected my relations with women and my professional... READ MORE

Here are my results after undergoing a hair transplant operation with Bosley Medical. Hehe.. it was definitely humiliating and humbling to work hard and save for this procedure, only to get poor results (which i humorously call the trifecta). 1) Received a very visible - wide strip scar 2) Out... READ MORE

Hi I always thought my forehead was too large for my small features inherited my dads forehead shape! I did not want to do the forehead reduction surgery decided I would go to turkey for hair transplant as seen good reviews, I will keep posting my progress as months go,if you are doing hair... READ MORE

Hello, For many years, I have suffered from receding hairline since the age of 17 (now aged 26) due to relaxers, braiding and weaves. Throughout the years, I covered up my receding hairline by installing more weaves until I began educating myself on how to care for my natural hair (thank God... READ MORE

I am not happy about my experience with the DeYarman Medical Group. I got 5400 grafts more than 3 years ago (FUT). I'm very disappointed and dissatisfied because 5400 grafts should create a significant cosmetic improvement and I didn't get that significant cosmetic improvement. See before/after... READ MORE

Hi its really neede a lot of courage for me to take this decision. I have done it through Longevita,Turkey. This agency is affiliated with Astethica Clinic. I had 3200 grafts in a single session,today is 7th day post operative. So far no bleeding,minor swelling but still got little pain. So far... READ MORE

I've been a victim of hair loss since I graduated high school. The corners of my hair have been progressively receding ever since. Now at the age of 25 i don't like to leave the house without a hat to cover my head. I use a product called black ice to help hide my hair loss but I was not... READ MORE

I went to Dr. Pearson for some problems caused by my past radiation treatments which made my hairline to recede. When I met him, I felt at ease and it felt like I’ve known him for years. With this said, it takes a lot for me to trust any doctor with my medical history, but with him, it was a... READ MORE

I've had two hair transplants at Dr.Mohebi's clinic and unfortunately the results were quite bad each time. Imagine the shock and horror of having your newly transplanted hairs falling out in random spots on your head and then NEVER growing back. That's right, the procedures at Dr.Mohebi's... READ MORE

African American female, traction alopecia. Want to be free from wigs and weave and being preoccupied with my hair. My experience has been positive so far. Polite, professional staff. Assuring when I'd call nervous, asking questions. Educated me on what to expect and it happened that way exactly... READ MORE

Dr. Mark Bishara and Paragon Plastic Surgery and Spa made me feel very comfortable and put me and at ease. Which was very important to me. They were very accommodating to my schedule and Dr. Bishara was expkainingn to me step by step what was happening as the procedure took place. It's been... READ MORE

Hello friends I also wanted to share my hair transplant story with all my friends. 3 years back I was completely fed up with my hair loss I became 35% bald at my age 24.My situation was at that point that I felt I was at a dead end and all hope was lost. I cannot even count how many times I have... READ MORE

I am an Asian American 44-year-old man with a class iv to v hair loss. I've been searching for the best fit hair surgeon for me for about a year now and found the impressive Dr. Turowski's New Horizons Center. My overall review is of highest regards: Dr. Turowski and his medical team are... READ MORE

Greetings, I am a 29 yr old with thinning/balding hair at my hairline and crown. On 4/23/15 I underwent a HT with Dr. Timothy Carman, MD. His office and staff are very nice, the entire operation was 13 hours and Dr. Carman made it a very comfortable process. The goal was to harves 2,700 hair... READ MORE

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