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A hair transplant (also called hair restoration or hair implantation) restores hair by transplanting new follicles into balding or thinning areas. Healthy follicles are taken from other areas of the body, most often the back or the sides of the head. This can be done by removing a single strip of skin and hair or removing the follicles individually. The number of grafts needed depends on the patient and the size of the area being treated. A typical surgery involves anywhere from 1,000 to 3,000 grafts. LEARN MORE ›

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42yo 5000 graft FUE Hair Transplant, Maral Klinik - Istanbul, TR

Hi all. Just recovering from my Hair Transplant at Maral Clinic today. Have to say I found the Clinic superb in all respects and so relieved I chose it over the huge choice available, especially in Turkey! If you want a five star Hotel and all the trimmings then you pay the price and go... READ MORE

My Hair Transplant at Medispa by Dr Suneet Soni 4200 Grafts

It’s been a year and a half and so far so satisfied. I was affected with the genetic baldness of Androgenic alopecia and very much frustrated with the problem and consulted many of the Surgeons and Doctors to get the solution for life long. It’s been a pathetic episode when I had the Int... READ MORE

Update June 2017 / Excellent Result by Dr. Saraswat - India, IN

I´m preparing now for my next and final treatment with Dr. Saraswat in Agra/India. The current result looks really amazing, especially remarkable is the fact that most of the transplanted area, except the hairline, consists of beard hair. The structure is slightly different from regular hair so ... READ MORE

Arenamed Hair Transplant - Istanbul, TR

I haven't recently decided to use arenamed for my hair transplant and will be going over to have the procedure done in June. I will keep you all update with regards to the experience and results in the future. I have posted some current photos up. I am very nervous about the whole procedure... READ MORE

ESTEPRİME- Hair Clinic İSTANBUL - LUCAS 27years Old London , Beard Transplant

"This clinic has a unique kind of team who ensures precise & quality treatment. I can remember my face after beard transplant & how they fit each hair grafts precisely. Apart from this, they're providing a kind wonderful hospitality. A pick from airport, listening to patient, follow up after... READ MORE

Happy with Result at 5months Post FUE

I decided to have a hair transplant and went ahead with the procedure with Aestimed located in Turkey. It is now April 18th 2017 and I'm 5 -1/2 months into the growth stage. I am really pleased with the results so far. I would recommend this treatment to anyone that has baldness. The truth is,... READ MORE

A nice and satisfying hair transplant results at Dezire clinic, Pune

Don't come near this Doctor and his consultants. I done hair transplant, then after 1 week saw that one area was left untreated which looked reducing. It was at the crown area exactly where I asked specifically to make sure is covered. When coming back they checked (consultant and doctor) and... READ MORE

25 Year Old FUT/Strip Hair Transplant - Fort Lauderdale, FL

Just got a hair transplant! Hallelujah. I wrote two posts back in 2014 inquiring about the procedure and I have finally gotten it done. I suffered from patchy/thin spots on my hairline from damage I got by overusing perms and color/bleach in 2011/2012. I am only 4 days post op but everything is... READ MORE

42 Years Old - Turkey, TR

On my way to turkey for FUE transplant with Cosmedica. Mixed feeling....concern, excited, worried....scared due to the last attacks. Will try to keep you posted with all the information that I have been looking for in this site for the last year. Some of the questions I was able to fond the... READ MORE

38 Year Old White, 4000 Grafts, Dr.Emrah Cinik - Istanbul, TR

Hi, my name is George, i live in New York and I would like to share my personal experience. I was loosing my hair for quite a while the last few years and after i tried different hair loss treatments, finally i decided to go for a hair transplant. I live in New York, and here in USA hair... READ MORE

Hair transplant process of 6000 GRAFTS with Arenamed Istanbul

Hello everyone, i just had my hair transplant operation short time ago and would like to share all about it. Hair loss started 5-6 years ago and came up to consideration to think about a solution recently as i am 34 years old. As seen on my photos, especially the frontal part got bald and some... READ MORE

48 Year Old African American Female FUT (Strip) 2515 Grafts to Lower High Forehead - Dr. Diep Los Gatos, CA

Hello All, I finally did it. After researching and contemplating for over a year. I finally decided to have my hair transplant. I am from the East Coast and decided to go with Dr. John Diep on the West Coast (Los Gatos, CA). Initial contact was with a Skype Consultation. He answered... READ MORE

After FUT Hair Trans Plant Still Have Pain - Gainesville, FL

I had a FUT transplant in Florida. After procedure kept upright for 3 days took pain pills and slept ok.I noticed about 6 or 7 days after procedure I had pain and hurt when I slept either side and if I touched my hair on right side of my head it hurt. Igot my stiches out on june 8th and the... READ MORE

27 Years Old, Asian, 3800 grafts, Grade 6 - Istanbul, TR

Hi All, Before starting my review, i would like to thank realself and all the reviews that have encouraged me to do the Hair Transplant. I have been losing my hair slowly from 20 years old. I did try minoxidil which did work for me, gain back most of my hair, but after 3 years of using the... READ MORE

30 Years Old,FUT

Hi, I just had my FUT done yesterday. I only had about 2000graft done, and it's not enough to cover my top of my head. I was expecting more than this, but the doctor said the strip they took out from me is not enough graft honestly I was a bit upset, I remember during the consultation they... READ MORE

32 years old from New York

My name is Nat from ­New York. I m 32 yea­rs old a computer sys­tem engineer. I start­ loosing my hair in m­y late 20s . Losing h­air could be stressfu­l because hair is the­ most important and t­emporary accessory fo­r a man that we wear ­it every single day.­ Anyway, long story s­hort I m... READ MORE

33 Years Old Male, 3600 Grafts MARAL KLINIK

Ok so I've been having problem with thinning hair since I was about 22 but I didn't have a problem or very thin spots until I was about 26. I used to cover the thin spots with a concealer "Toppik" but I didn't like the fact that the color was always off and outside in the sun you could tell... READ MORE

41 male - germany

My temple areas and my thining hairline was the problem. I begun searching for a HT in tuerkey one year ago. I decided to contac Dr. Balwi in Istanbul. It was always a friendly Communication between his Office, mr. Serdar Öztürk and me. So on 23.12.2016 I had my HT in one of the best and new c... READ MORE

Want to See a Magical Surgery??? Then Refer to my Pictures from Pre-surgery and Post 5 Months Surgery!

My experience is totally amazing. There was no pain during the procedure and everything was managed perfectly since the beginning. By the time I entered at Medlinks, I found it different than any other clinics. All the staff at Medlinks are very professional and dedicated to their work. They... READ MORE

A Successful Hair Transplant with Elithairtransplant

When noticed that I am losing my hair, I contacted a hair clinic for consultation. I started with special vitamins and minerals for hair loss but it didn’t stop Also I tried some other treatments like herbal but the effect was very tiny. My hair was slowly thinning all the time and I used to w... READ MORE

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