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A hair transplant (also called hair restoration or hair implantation) permanently restores the hair by transplanting new follicles into balding or thinning areas. Healthy follicles are taken from other areas of the body, most often the back or the sides of the head. This can be done by removing a single strip of skin and hair or removing the follicles individually. The number of grafts needed depends on the patient and the size of the area being treated. A typical surgery involves anywhere from 1,000 to 3,000 grafts. LEARN MORE ›

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The beginning

After extensive research (2ish years), and some in-person consultations with other well-known doctors, I chose to go with Dr. Diep because I honestly felt the most comfortable with him (one Dr. I spoke with insulted me, another seemed to only care about me making a deposit, etc. etc.). I live in... READ MORE

27 Years Old, Asian, 3800 grafts, Grade 6 - Istanbul, TR

Hi All, Before starting my review, i would like to thank realself and all the reviews that have encouraged me to do the Hair Transplant. I have been losing my hair slowly from 20 years old. I did try minoxidil which did work for me, gain back most of my hair, but after 3 years of using the... READ MORE

Don't do hair implants with DHI international

I couldn't find DHI to write a review. However I insist plEase do not ever consider transplants with them. They ruined my hairline and when months later I finally got to meet a " specialist" )/ tried to deny there's anything wrong. The owners of the franchise Ignore me and I just want to know... READ MORE

42yo 5000 graft FUE Hair Transplant, Maral Klinik - Istanbul, TR

Hi all. Just recovering from my Hair Transplant at Maral Clinic today. Have to say I found the Clinic superb in all respects and so relieved I chose it over the huge choice in Istanbul. If you want a five star Hotel and all the trimmings then you pay the price and go elsewhere...BUT if you want... READ MORE

41 male - germany

My temple areas and my thining hairline was the problem. I begun searching for a HT in tuerkey one year ago. I decided to contac Dr. Balwi in Istanbul. It was always a friendly Communication between his Office, mr. Serdar Öztürk and me. So on 23.12.2016 I had my HT in one of the best and new c... READ MORE

3100 Grafts, 34 Years Old, Maral Clinic - Istanbul, TR

Dr. Maral and his team was very professional and i felt i am in good hands when they performed my surgery. Clinic was neat and clean. Staffs were courteous. Let me not say much at this point since there are many reviews for this clinic, actually these reviews were the reason i chose Maral... READ MORE

Hair Transplant. Dr Acar. Cosmedica clinic - Istanbul, Turkey

I Consulted a lot of companies in the UK which were very expensive before going ahead with Dr Acar at Cosmedica. Dr Acar answered all my questions via email before I paid for any procedures or flights. The results one year on are a lot better than I expected. Could not be happier with the... READ MORE

Beard Transplant /10 Months - 16 months / Istanbul, TR

I am English born professional in my mid-thirties. Since my teens I always wanted beard hair, but I have never had any apart from a few feint hairs around my chin and moustache. I always accepted the mantra that if one waited, the beard hairs would come in time. That certainly was not the case... READ MORE

Repairing (Correction) a “Wronged” 49 years old Patient, Dr Suneet Soni FUT of 1500 Grafts, Medispa Jaipur

Hello, I am Sameer from Arunachal Pradesh. I had been suffering from the Androgenic alopecia and the NW class of baldness VII, that affected my frontal portion, crown and mid-scalp. I had already received the hair transplant 2 years before elsewhere with FUE technique. And, the result that I got... READ MORE

3000 Graft FUT - Newport Beach, CA

I'm 32 and probably started seeing hair loss around 25. The past 2 years went really rapidly though. I pretty much wore hats all the time. I ended up shaving my head but I was just uncomfortable with the look. I had looked into hair transplants for a long time and was finally financially stable... READ MORE

Arenamed Hair Transplant - Istanbul, TR

I haven't recently decided to use arenamed for my hair transplant and will be going over to have the procedure done in June. I will keep you all update with regards to the experience and results in the future. I have posted some current photos up. I am very nervous about the whole procedure... READ MORE

FUT Donor Shock Loss

I had FUT 3000 grafts on Feb 8, 2017. My shock loss is concerning. I went to go see the doc at 5 weeks and the doc said I had good elasticity and my hair must just be sensitive and the hair will grow back starting in 4 months. The stitches were taken out at day 7. Time will tell but any feedback... READ MORE

28 Yo AA Female Saying Goodbye to Traction Alopecia! - Fort Lauderdale, FL

I am an AA female who has been suffering from traction alopecia since I was a young child. While the braids and ponytails that I wore as a child looked very cute they led to damage to my hairline and temple area. Over the years I have tried various oils, serums, and growth supplements but got... READ MORE

Round 2 HT journey by Dr Karadeniz.

I had my Round 1 with Dr Karadeniz and I am extremely happy with my results. So Round 2 i'm ready for my lower hairline and more density. As usual great communication with the team. Now its just time to get the party started. I have landed safely in Istanbul, a day to myself before i see Dr... READ MORE

42 Years Old - Turkey, TR

On my way to turkey for FUE transplant with Cosmedica. Mixed feeling....concern, excited, worried....scared due to the last attacks. Will try to keep you posted with all the information that I have been looking for in this site for the last year. Some of the questions I was able to fond the... READ MORE

29 Years Old Hair Transplant Crown and Temple Area - New Delhi, IN

I had consult with lot of doctors and read a lot about hair transplant procedure before i jump into this field. I got different answer from different doctors. Some doctors seem to only think about one time surgery without knowing detail about patients donar conditions. But i met doctor who gave... READ MORE


After my hairline was receeding and I had blank spaces in my beard that more & more bothered me I started research about hair & beard transplants. As the price in Germany is way too high and the doctors do not carry it out that often compared to specialists in Turkey I decided to do it there.... READ MORE

31 Year Old Hispanic Female Traction Alopecia Hair Transplant

I'm a 31 year old Hispanic female with traction alopecia. As a child I had an amazing full head of healthy curly hair but during my teenage years I braided my hair a lot and also wore really tight buns and ponytails. I wouldn't feel comfortable leaving the house unless my hair was so tight that... READ MORE

Neopel Dr. Hernandez in Mexico - Tijuana, MX

Dr. Hernandez was kind and the staff was great. I will post more photos and provide up to date reviews. The cost was $3500 and she included PRP. About 3372 grafts (do my pictures reflect this many?) concentrated in the front area. The cost includes a hotel stay and delicious lunch. Doctor picks... READ MORE

48 Year Old African American Female FUT (Strip) 2515 Grafts to Lower High Forehead - Dr. Diep Los Gatos, CA

Hello All, I finally did it. After researching and contemplating for over a year. I finally decided to have my hair transplant. I am from the East Coast and decided to go with Dr. John Diep on the West Coast (Los Gatos, CA). Initial contact was with a Skype Consultation. He answered... READ MORE

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