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A facelift reduces wrinkles and sagging skin on the face and neck caused by aging or weight loss. The procedure removes excess skin, tightens the underlying muscles, and redrapes the skin in a higher position. The results go beyond what can be expected from wrinkle-fighting injections like Botox. Different types of lifts, such as cheek lifts or mini lifts, address specific concerns.

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He's very proffesional. I think he can do that on int. level. I came from Uzbekistan to him. My three friends told me that in Astana you can find a cheap and effective plastis surger to do a facelift. I was thinking too long< then i came to idea that i gotta check the reccomendation of my... READ MORE

I wanted to do something for my neck for at least 10 years. I didn't truly believe it was a possibility until last summer when my husband suggested I go in for a consultation. I chose Dr. Harrell in Palm Harbor, FL. My consultation was in July 2015 and I scheduled surgery in January 2016. ... READ MORE

I was 43 at the time I had this operation. My lower face especially was sagging and I found it hard to look in the mirror at myself. After researching and numerous appointments with the best doctors in Sydney, Australia I discovered Dr Reid Sheftall while on holiday in Cambodia. Always... READ MORE

I had a few unexpected life events that just drained the very life force out of me. The tell tale signs of sadness, even though I had begun to heal emotionally, were still written on my face. The heavy, drawn look of being pulled down to the earth's core and gravity were present and inescapable.... READ MORE

I knew this doctor from social circles between Munich and Salzburg. HIs father is a very well known plastic surgeon who is a kind man and aided his son in a previous liposuction surgery on me that did turn out well (no noticeable scarring, indentations, etc ) - so after that experience, I... READ MORE

I'm ready! Tuesday marks the day I find myself again! I want to thank everyone here on Real Self for being so brave and kind in sharing your journeys and pics. If thats not the portrait of strong, courageous women, then I don't know what one is! You have all answered my endless questions and... READ MORE

For years I did not like what I saw in the mirror. I always said when it was time, I'd get a facelift and the time was now! I chose Dr. Mao thru Reliant Medical Group and I could not be more pleased. Aside from being an extremely skilled surgeon, he was patient, kind and honest. He was always... READ MORE

After extensive research and careful consideration, I chose Dr. Ronald Finger to perform my facelift. My initial consultation was for a mini lift. Dr. Finger explained to me that this procedure would not correct the issues I was concerned with. At age 60, my face not only need lifted but... READ MORE

Well after reading others post their experiences felt only 'fair/right' to do the same as really feel these posts help us all This whole (pending) procedure is daunting scary and quite frankly the Unknown... I've taken note of others advice and have cut out caffeine and now following low... READ MORE

I had the entire "Timeless Lift" procedure with Laser. Dr. Smyth and team were amazingly attentive and supportive throughout pre and post op. Describing the process in one word....PAINLESS! I have yet to regret this decision and I was back to work 11 days with not one person realizing what I did... READ MORE

I researched for a least a year read lots of reviews . I decided to go with James Mcadoo that's when my nightmare started . The day after my surgery I was in the emergency room with a staff infection and severely deformed surgery. I truly believe he has no idea what he is doing and truly does... READ MORE

For somebody like me ,who's been working in beauty industry for 35 years,, wasn't easy ,to see, first signs of aging....I have seen many facelifts and I have to say it,,,I really love my doctor!,,,I totally look like myself , just more refreshed!....I received; lower facelift,upper eyelids lift... READ MORE

In a nutshell: Do this! I couldn’t be happier with the quality and value of my facelift with Dr. Koelliker and with the full concierge care package offered through Casa Marino. I would have paid twice as much at home and I can’t believe my experience would have been as comfortable and safe. My... READ MORE

I was looking tired and and angry. My mouth turned down, I wasn't angry, I just looked like it. A co worker asked, "are you upset with me?" Heavens no, I wasn't . That was the day I decided to do something ! Having been to the clinic for a Gastric Sleeve, I was comfortable going back,... READ MORE

Included in the facelift was 1. Temporal forehead lift 2. Upper and lower eye lid lift 3. Mid face 4. Neck lift The surgeries were close to $15,000 USD. My tummy tuck was combined with my facelift and hernia repair. When Dr. Koelliker combines 2 surgeries he has his equally board certified... READ MORE

I never dreamed that I would have cosmetic surgery, but alas I found myself in need. Previously obese, I had lost 86 pounds and worked tirelessly to tone and sculpt my middle-aged body, but no amount of exercise could correct the sagging skin around my face, jawline, and eyes which was aging me... READ MORE

I thought about having a face lift for three years before I finally decided definitively to have it done. I had read lots of testimonials and seriously considered the advice of many women on THE REAL SELF website. The next step was to find the right surgeon. I read through about 100 or more... READ MORE

I saw Dr. Varags for a Facelift in February. She was kind and patient and helped me through the process very well. I researched for a long time about which surgeon to pick, and went with her. I felt I made the right decision. At 61, I've gotten comments saying that I definitely look 10-15 years... READ MORE

I did not want to resort to fillers, and knew a facelift was more than pulling the skin tighter. I worked for years in the Beauty industry and the amount women spent on their looks is staggering. But I still seen very sad faces and depressed ladies about their appearance. I always encouraged... READ MORE

Had a facelift 3 years ago with Dominic bray, I have posted many reviews but just wanted to post a 3 year update to show everyone just how pleased I am that I chose not only the most talented surgeon but the most caring one you could ever wish to meet. All his treatments lead to the fact that he... READ MORE

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