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Our best Adventure yet ! ! !

Both my wife and I had the best experience with our facelift adventure in Mexico with Dr. Koelliker. Our procedures were similar, with the exception of an unexpected earlobe lift for myself. Dr. Koelliker had noticed my left earlobe hung down about 3/8 of an inch below the right and so with a... READ MORE

Turning 47, Looked Tired and Older Than I Felt. Full Face Lift - Chin, Brow, Temple Plus Fat Injection to Lips and Cheeks

I was feeling depressed about the way I looked. For many years, I held my age very well but in the past 24 months noticed that I was aging much faster. I couldn't bear to look at myself in the mirror and even going to the hairdresses and being forced to sit in front of a mirror became unbearable... READ MORE

68 Years Old, Tired of Looking Like a Soviet-Era Bus Conductor - Asheville, NC

I decided to write my review on Thanksgiving Day because I am so very thankful this year that I am finally embarking on this long planned for journey. I've battled a weight problem (avg. 50-60 pounds overweight) virtually all of my adult life and I promised myself that once I was able to... READ MORE

A realaxed and reassuring experience

Dr Kirwan is such a professional. He also has a great bedside manner making you feel relaxed abd reassured. Laurence has carried out facial surgery on me in the past and if I decide to have more procedures I would only go to him. I would be happy to recommend him to anyone considering cosmetic... READ MORE

Am Thrilled with the Results of my Facelift from Dr. Chris Maloney, Tucson!

I am a 55 year old female who just underwent face-lift surgery at Maloney Plastic Surgery in Tucson, AZ. My issues were my neck and sagging jawline. I had the good fortune of being familiar with Dr. Maloney's reputation for exceptional, natural and beautiful results and that's what I got! The... READ MORE

Wanting to Turn Back the Age Clock - Costa Rica

I researched medical tourism in Costa Rica. I followed several patients of Dr. Liv and viewed many beautiful transformations as well as read many of their reviews. As for me, I turned 50 and my face and neck have slid south, very rapidly it seems LOL. I am a union ironworker who has worked... READ MORE

I am amazed with the results

Dominic was brutally honest with me about the possible out come of my surgery because I had no definition around the neck and chin. At 63 years this was something I had lived with since my late twenties but had always had a double chin even as a child. Dominic is an extremely skilled surgeon and... READ MORE

Menopause did a number on my face.

Menopause did a number on me. I am a vibrant person who can empathize with those who don't look like they feel. I have consulted with Dr scott Green. He made me feel very comfortable. I have paid the deposit and am waiting for the ride! Surgery scheduled for March 16 2017. I had my... READ MORE

40 Year Old Unwanted Baggage - Salisbury, MD

At 40, I changed careers and realized that I had really neglected myself. Years of caring for others and not sleeping well had taken their toll on my eyes. I decided to have juvederm injections in the tear trough. I should've asked more recovery questions because I wasn't prepared for the amount... READ MORE

Fabulous FaceLift

I had an amazing experience with Dr. Essie Yates. I received first-class treatment and I am 100% satisfied with the results of my surgery. She answered all of my questions, addressed my concerns and gave me her cell phone in case I needed her. READ MORE

Life's short, live it the way you want.

After two previous consultations, I scheduled a facelift, trachea shave, and fat transfer. Couldn't be happier with the treatment, Dr. Weston and supportive staff, especially the outcome. I love it. READ MORE

49 yr old getting a Facelift, Necklift, Platysmaplasty, and Smart Liposuction of the Neck & Jowls.

Tomorrow is my procedure and I can't wait!!! I have been disliking my neck for a few years now. Also, my lower face is bothersomely saggy with lack of tone. Well, I finally decided about two months ago to do some research and have a consultation with a board- cerified plastic surgeon. Dr.... READ MORE

Facelift - Good Experience and Great Results (2.5 Weeks Post Op)

There's only that much creams and a healthy lifestyle can do. I'm now 2.5 weeks post having this operation and so far very happy with the results. The recovery was not so painful, the bruising minimal, though I was swollen for a good week and a half. My scars have started healing now and almost... READ MORE

Face Lift, Neck Lift, Endoscopic Brow Lift and Fat Transfers - 60 yr. Old

I have like most other thought about having this procedure done for several years. I was half joking, half serious when I would say I am going to wait until I am 60 and then I am going to have a facelift thinking that by waiting until then I will only need to do it once. Well here I am 60 and... READ MORE

Neck and Facelift. Upper and Lower Eyes - Houston, TX

Highly recommend and can honestly say this was pretty pain free. Dr. Patronella and office Staff were so wonderful and professional. He also did breast implants 9 years ago. I did not have a brow lift. I'm 6 months out now and can still tell when I've had too much salt. It's a good reminder... READ MORE

55 Yr. Old Facelift, Platysma Plication, Pre Jowl Implant, SMAS Transfer, Fat Transfer - Scottsdale, AZ

I decided last year to get a facelift after reviewing this site, and speaking to friends who had a good experience. Unfortunately my friends were out of state so couldn't give me a local referral . I decided i wanted to do this locally as I know there are plenty of great doctors in the... READ MORE

Facelift by Dr. Robert Freund in Manhattan- Scared and Excited. Manhattan, NY

Had my eyes done (upper and lower) in 2007 and now I decided to do my face. My husband claims I don't need it along with many others. I'm told I'm aging well for the ripe young age of 68. It really doesn't matter what anyone thinks. I'm the one who has to look in the mirror everyday. It would... READ MORE

Best experience with Dr Sameer Karkhanis in India

Top doctor, marvellous work, cares about the quality of his work, cares about his patients. Visits his patients mostly twice a day. I am very happy with the outcome of my three procedures - facelift, breast reduction and upper arm lipo. Highly recommend Dr Sameer's work to anyone who would like... READ MORE

58 Year-old suffering from RBF, Facelift, Necklift, Browlift, Lower Blepharoplasty and Fat Graft to Lips - Cleveland, OH

I have spent several months thinking about having this performed. My work involves travel and much face to face customer contact. I work with so many younger women and when I look at my pictures I feel I look much older than I feel. In fact, I hate pictures of myself anymore. I am a happy... READ MORE

59 but looking older, not matching how I felt inside.

I decided to have a concept face lift and neck lift with Amir after doing a lot of research into facial surgeons. I spoke to former patients and read reviews on Realself which helped me make my decision. The team at Bella Vou are very attentive and nothing is too much for them. A lovely nurse... READ MORE

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