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A facelift is a surgical procedure that tightens wrinkles and sagging skin on the face and neck caused by aging or weight loss. The results go beyond what can be expected from common injections like Botox and Juvederm. Many different types of facelifts exist, including cheek lifts and mini-liftsLEARN MORE ›

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Well, like many on real self, I have been thinking about this for many years, and my husband has said.." Just go for it". I have been researching back and forth and finally decided on Thailand. I met with plastic surgeons here in Australia and the cost is just exorbitant, although I wish I could... READ MORE

I have always heard how beautiful I am but no matter how much you hear it, if you don't feel it then it you will never see it. I did a lot of thinking and research before making the decision to have surgery, and couldn't be more happier with the results. The Dr. and his staff were so caring and... READ MORE

Extremely unhappy with 'at rest' face and looking tired and angry all the time. Booked in for SMAS lower face and neck lift which surgeon assures will give a very good result. I'm hopeful, excited and a little nervous. Four hours is a long time to be under anaesthetic. Really can't wait to have... READ MORE

I did research for a year. Finally concluded that Dr. Lev in Costa Rica was the best. I went a week earlier so that I could enjoy some touristy stuff. It is a beautiful country. First contact is his assistant Didi. She was fabulous and very informative. She assisted me with everything from... READ MORE

Hi all, I've been squirrelling into my 'face lift fund' for a while now, expecting to go under the knife at around 60 but post divorce my face suddenly dropped overnight it seemed. I saw a few surgeons before meeting Dominc Bray. As everyone says - he inspires confidence. Face & neck lift is on... READ MORE

Well, I've been following several of you for the past few months and I am so grateful for your courage, honesty and willingness to share your journey. Thank you!! Your results have been fantastic and I can only hope that mine are, as well. I know many, maybe even most, don't understand why we... READ MORE

My motivation was that I was getting injectables every year and I noticed that the results were not quite what I needed. I am in the public for my job and my eyes were looking tired an my neck was showing the signs of an aging woman. My bags were getting bad under my eyes and I try very hard... READ MORE

Done with taken care of everyone but me. I always put my husband and 4 adult children on the list of things to do My oldest of kids is 26 my youngest is 20. Anyway, It's my turn!!!! This is not a walk in the park. Girls if you get this done it great. But you must have someone there for you.You... READ MORE

I am 49 years old. I needed to improve my face. My husband is younger then me and my child is 9 years old. I wished to look younger. I made facelifting SMAS, bleforaplastic upper and under eyes. Neck liposuction and botox I also whited to reduce my breast. I am quite thin and my breast was no4.... READ MORE

I had wanted a facelift for so many years. I had been hiding physical things about myself for so long that affected my mental and spiritual state and took away my freedom. I felt I had a black cloud over me. I had gone to many places and talked to many doctors but nothing seemed right. Finances... READ MORE

I was recommended to see Dominic Bray by a well trusted friend. Apart from his wonderful reputation, the appealing part for me was that I would not be under anaesthetic. (Which in the past had made me feel quite ill for many days after) Off I went to meet Dominic Bray, he came up to the... READ MORE

My motivations to choose facial plastic surgery was the failure of creams, lotions, and gels, over the years, to repair and dissipate signs of aging. I never thought, for me, surgery was an option due to, what I thought, was cost prohibitive. However, not only was my outcome truly amazing, but... READ MORE

I want to have a long life without a long face.! I had wanted to do this for a long time. When I told my husband, he said he would find the best doctor. We went in for a free consultation and quickly made the decision to do it. I did not dream it would turn out so well. The first night was very... READ MORE

I went for a consultation about a droopy right eyelid. At that time I had a high pressure very responsible job. I traveled, did presentations, developed agency regulatory compliance programs, created and appeared in training videos, chaired meetings and committees. Dr Miller told me my insurance... READ MORE

I recently gained 30 pounds and it all seemed to be in my tummy and chin.... I researched and decided a TT and FL for me.i felt younger than 61 and wanted to look younger. I feel like I look 15 years younger now. Very grateful to Dr Koelliker and his staff. I do not look like I had a facelift, ... READ MORE

Once I turned 40 things almost changed overnight, had fillers once, didn't last long, looked into thread lift, and turns out it wont help much , so opting for a face lift...... Bottom of my face is almost square now, and when I lean down, it's like the face is about to fall off!!!! I am 44... READ MORE

I was looking tired, wanted to have a few more yrs of NOT looking tired! All in all a good experience, final cost after surgery, recovery hotel, meds, flights etc 10,000.00! The care by Fabiola was above & beyond and she is a nice person in general. Thanks everyone for your help! All went... READ MORE

I'm at the very nervous stage. I think I am most concerned with the bruising after and that I may be cooped up for weeks. Whenever I have gotten fillers there has been a lot of swelling and bruising. I can't even imagine what this may be like. I can't wait for the final results , however. Any... READ MORE

Here I am - 1st pic is before. Next pics are after. Like: less jowly, somewhat younger looking ( but not one person has told me how much better I look unless they knew about the procedure beforehand!). Hate: scars. I can't cover up the under chin scar with makeup and have it disappear. Under... READ MORE

I had my consultation with Dr. Ivan Wayne and feel very confident with my choice. He has two board certifications and glowing reviews. I had planned on doing this years ago and just never got around to it. My surgery date is July 23, 2015. I am very nervous about all the things that could go... READ MORE

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