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A facelift reduces wrinkles and sagging skin on the face and neck caused by aging or weight loss. The procedure removes excess skin, tightens the underlying muscles, and redrapes the skin in a higher position. The results go beyond what can be expected from wrinkle-fighting injections like Botox. Different types of lifts, such as cheek lifts or mini lifts, address specific concerns.

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Dr. David Harley's 'Biltmore Lift' Lived Up to All It's Positive Reviews! - Asheville, NC

Menopause hit my face in a bad way. My face started sliding down from my cheeks, to the lower half of my face and neck. I am only 52, but the look of my face made me feel much older. I started looking for a plastic surgeon who specialized in the face and scheduled a surgery date with a... READ MORE

My Bariatric Life Massive Weight Gain & Loss Ruined My Face but Dr. Catherine Winslow Made My Dreams Come True -- and No Scars!

2013 was a year of transformation for me. I had facial rejuvenation and body contouring from head to knee! It all began with a tummy tuck on April 18th. Those results we're so dramatic that I decided to follow through on my long-held dream to do a total transformation. Massive weight loss had... READ MORE

Active 51 Year Old Mom, Looking Older then I Feel - Newport Beach, CA

So, here I was at age 51 feeling great because I train hard in the gym, but I wasn't comfortable with my extra skin on my face. My best friend/training partner had Dr. Lee do her face 8 years ago. Back then I told myself I wanted to have that done one day. So now that I'm at the age she had... READ MORE

59 year old in need of minor improvement

Recovery is going well. Stitches are out. Minor black and blue areas are gone. Still swollen and a little lumpy but can definitely see where this is going and I'm very pleased. Texture/tone of the the skin is very much improved from the Obagi Blue Peel. READ MORE

Desperately Wanted/needed Birthday Gift to Myself - White Plains, NY

I am a Registered Nurse--specialty is OR and Plastic Surgery. I knew the kind of doctor I was looking for and I knew what type of lift I wanted. As an OR nurse in this specialty I had had the experience of seeing first hand how different surgeons perform the "face lift" in different ways. I... READ MORE

Lost 20 lbs, petite, always had loose skin on neck, no laser treatment or botox could help tighten

I had the Biltmore lift and stayed in a cabin in beautiful Asheville (booked a flight across the country and did a little mother/daughter trip with this) that I found on VRBO (message me if you want a recommend :) I had the lift in late August and then I stayed in extra week, I went back to work... READ MORE

52 and Hate Looking in the Mirror....Chester, NJ

So I just put my deposit down and booked the date for my surgery. I have been contemplating a facelift seriously for the last year. I was holding up pretty well I thought but once I turned 50 my face took on some serious signs of aging. I had four in person consultations with plastic surgeons in... READ MORE

Couldn't Be Happier! - El Paso, TX

At the age of 75 I could no longer stand seeing the old lady in the mirror so I made the decision to go see Dr. Sozer six months ago. I had several different treatments done, I'm a monthly VIP Member, I use their products at home and I had a full neck and facelift. Having the facelift done... READ MORE

The Best Surgeon Ever - Washington DC

When you're 57 and feel 37, you make the decision for yourself to undergo major surgery. The MOST important decision after that is choosing your doctor. Dr. Michael Olding is the most professional, talented and honest surgeon I have ever met (and I've had a few procedures!). I am forever... READ MORE


Young enough as to not start with the facelift. However, wanted something to make me look like I was not fatigued. Something other than fillers with instant results. . Hell I'm a VIRGO. INSTALIFT & Dr Sabry = Perfection. This procedure , like myself just gets better with time. Results... READ MORE

60 Yr Old - Houston, TX

Tired of looking older than I feel. I had a lifestyle lift 7 yrs ago And it only lasted about three months . then two years ago I had a blepharplasty which I am very pleased with. My surgery is scheduled January 13 and I am scared to death. Most of all I don't care for the tightness in... READ MORE

63 and Was Very Pretty Before - Bayamon, Puerto Rico

Have been quietly on this site for months,you made me decide to go ahead.my turkey neck ruined my looks and everytime I saw my pictures I hated it.I had a full facelift with upper and lower eyes.Will not say its been easy but the worse day for me has been the second.Took the bandages off and... READ MORE

67 Year Old Tired of Looking Tired, Grumpy and Old - Cape Town

I have always been a skin fanatic - protecting my skin and using sunscreens and moisturizers since I was 18. However, at 67, the acceleration in aging was becoming alarming. My husband and I recently emmigrated to South Africa where cosmetic surgery is not only cutting edge, it is way cheaper.... READ MORE

Great Experience & Great Results! - Dallas, TX

I had a facelift, neck, brow lift, and eye surgery on 12/23/2016. I was nothing but pleased with the entire experience. Dr. Standefer and his staff are truly professional and provide extraordinary customer service. Any time I needed anything, they were more than happy to help. The day of my... READ MORE

43 year old , early signs of aging

Amazing doctor who knows exactly what you need to have done. Very conservative, very detailed and attentive to your needs. First we were skeptical about full classic lift, but at the end result it was obvious that that procedure was well justified. Minimum discomfort, everything started on... READ MORE

Facelift, neck, upper and lower eyes and fat transfer

I went to see Dr. Rachel in Glenview and schedule procedure in June. I am working and have commitments so it is not easy to find free time and I wanted to have at least 4-6 weeks. Now I am thinking about my eyes since I will be there already and not sure about recovery. any suggestions to do... READ MORE

My New Face! - Sydney, AU

I am a 48 year old professional sales woman who has recently undergone extensive facial surgery by Dr Gerachi at the Face Institute and am writing this to share my incredible experience and transformation; the incredible highs and a relatively few lows so that you may gain insights into the... READ MORE

Almost 53 and Getting a Facelift and Browlift. Very Excited and Nervous Too - La Jolla, CA

Hello All, I have been wanting a FL for some time, but my bad habits were holding me back. Quit smoking in January and I am good to go. Getting a Face lift and Brow lift. PS says I am a perfect candidate for a Brow lift. I had an upper bleph and submental liposuction done by same DR in June... READ MORE

Feeling Great at 66 but Disappointed in my Aging Face! OKC

Embarrassed and saddened at the young age of 66, I have elected to get a face lift. Like many of you “real” wonderful women on this site, I have felt the guilt of pride, egotism and the fact that I will be spending a LOT of money for selfish reasons, but I just couldn’t quit obsessing over the w... READ MORE

Botched Facelift with James Mcadoo - Miami, FL

I researched for a least a year read lots of reviews . I decided to go with James Mcadoo that's when my nightmare started . The day after my surgery I was in the emergency room with a staff infection and severely deformed surgery. I truly believe he has no idea what he is doing and truly does... READ MORE

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