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A facelift reduces wrinkles and sagging skin on the face and neck caused by aging or weight loss. The procedure removes excess skin, tightens the underlying muscles, and redrapes the skin in a higher position. The results go beyond what can be expected from wrinkle-fighting injections like Botox. Different types of lifts, such as cheek lifts or mini lifts, address specific concerns.

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Dominic Bray made me feel glamorous again! London, GB

I am booked in with Dominic bray next week for a face/ neck lift, temporal brow , & blephoplastry. I work as a fashion stylist & presenter. I'm not a beautiful woman but I am glamorous! I feel old suddenly & I'm worried my work will fade out. We live in an ageist society sadly. Any... READ MORE

Ok Turning the Big 50 This Year-wanna Have a Fresher Face - Richmond, VA

Im turning 50 this July. I am no stranger to Real Self. I did a mommy makeover in 2011. Im using the same surgeon for my brow, neck, facelift and blepharoplasty. Im worried-I don't want joker lips, and I want to stay true to me. Mainly worried about swelling and bruising- we are travelling a... READ MORE

3 Year Search and Now Finally Did It! - Houston, TX

I'm 54 have been watching my face head south at an alarming rate. My dark hallow eyes looked tired, and my jowls on an already shallow chin were a new problem. . I'd knew Id have to go for the more long lasting solutions. I starting researching on RealSelf and on other sites, back in 2014 and... READ MORE

Where Did This Long Face Come From?! - London, GB

Hi all, I've been squirrelling into my 'face lift fund' for a while now, expecting to go under the knife at around 60 but post divorce my face suddenly dropped overnight it seemed. I saw a few surgeons before meeting Dominc Bray. As everyone says - he inspires confidence. Face & neck lift is on... READ MORE

Husband and Wife Facelift / Laser Rancho Mirage, CA

I started to notice my neck area around 46 years old with loose skin and recently the jowls area. Over the past 5 years I interviewed plastic surgeons and they all had different opinions of me having a facelift. I did a lot of research and also a person who knows about the skin industry and... READ MORE

Facelift Gone Bad

Sorry but no referral from me. Had facelift and ended up with one ear longer than the other and my pierced earrings went in different directions. Revisions are like pulling teeth - you'll get the yes we will fix it but after two/three tries I am done. He does that purposely to wear you down. ... READ MORE

64 Yo, RN - Costa Rica, CR

Could not afford to look like "Babushka", because I am working nurse. My gratitude to all Doctor Lev team. It was not easy, but I am so glad I did it. And I will do it again if need. Everything is possible. Wish you, Ladies, best luck. And do not be scare. It is also great an opportunity to... READ MORE

54 Years Old Acne Scaring an Jowls

I am a 54 year old lady who as suffered with acne in the past I was left with box scars an rolling scars my confidence had plummeted over the the years an getting older did not help sagging skin mid face an jowls .i decided something had to be done I contacted mr Mahajan at spire hospital ellend... READ MORE

55 Married - Bondi, AU

I hated my face I hated looking into the mirror everyday my family would tell me I didn't need it but I did,I never wanted to look younger I just wanted to look my age 55,my opp went well not a lot of pain just uncomfortable it has only been 6 months dr nettle says it will take 12 months to get... READ MORE

Facelift, neck, upper and lower eyes and fat transfer

I went to see Dr. Rachel in Glenview and schedule procedure in June. I am working and have commitments so it is not easy to find free time and I wanted to have at least 4-6 weeks. Now I am thinking about my eyes since I will be there already and not sure about recovery. any suggestions to do... READ MORE

An Affordable ($3500 total + $200 consultation) Exceptional Facelift - Mount Sinai Hospital, NYC

I knew I couldn't afford $30,000-$40,000 for a facelift and my surgeon who had done liposuction and upper lid blepharoplasty retired. So when I read an article in passing that you could have the Chief Resident (with a LOT of experience doing them-- maybe more than most doctors around) at Mt.... READ MORE

Thrilled with Dr. Harley's Biltmore Lift! - Asheville, NC

I am one week post op from a Biltmore lift with the wonderful Dr. Harley. I lurked on Real Self for a year and gained valuable info from the great community and thought it only fair to return and share my experience. Please bear with me as this is long……… I am 51 years old and always looke... READ MORE

Time to out Myself as a Bray Babe! - London, GB

For any who have followed my saga you will have gathered that I was biding time for a face-lift. I’ve been keeping my cards close to my chest after 2 failed procedures elsewhere (excessive buccal fat extraction leading to premature drooping and failed adequate correction) so I didn’t want to ... READ MORE

Best Thing I Ever Did ~ Dr. Koelliker ~ A wonderful doctor, honest and caring! - Mexico

After having researched all manner of techniques for over 20 years, I came upon Face Lift Mexico & Dr. Koelliker early this year. I research and dug deep to find any negatives and found none. To qualify myself I will tell you that I have had several non cosmetic surgeries in my life and I had... READ MORE

39 Yr Old, Lost 70 lbs, Mini Facelift with Upper/Lower Bleph

I've chosen a Fresh Lift , which is a mini face lift that will lift the tissue around my cheeks, mouth folds and jowls. It also includes lipo in my chin and tightening up my neck. I also opted for the eye lid lift and removing the bags from under my eyes as well. I want to look like myself, just... READ MORE

39 Year Old with Saggy Neck, Poor Genes - Chattanooga, TN

For 15 + years I've said I would have a facelift before I'm 40. I've always had double chin and with weight loss and gain, history of sun exposure and cigarettes, I knew my time was near. I've researched and spoken with several who have used Dr. Shire. I had my consult in February and... READ MORE

62 Years Old, 65 Pound Weight Loss, Facelift, Necklift, Eyelids in May - The Woodlands, TX

Today, after over 2 years of planning, I finally scheduled surgery for May 9. I turn 62 this month and after losing 65 pounds, it is time to do this. I love that I lost a lot of weight (next I plan to do a tummy tuck and breast lift after I recover from this), but my face looks worse now. The... READ MORE

Jacono - Incompetent Surgeon - Great Neck, NY

In addition, I have had several more procedures (rev. rhino, bleph, cheek implants, etc.) with Dr. Jacono over the past 3 years. He has been nothing but attentive, compassionate and dedicated to my care. With every procedure he demonstrated his tremendous skill and attention to detail. All of my... READ MORE


Dr. Barbour has sought legal counsel against me with regard to my post about my experience with her surgery. She claims it is defamatory and false and is threatening to sue me. I have changed my post to reflect the facts.FACT: Prior to Dr. Barbour's surgery I was an attractive 54 year old woman,... READ MORE

64 and Dominic Bray Time! - London, United Kingdom

I am scheduled with Dominic Bray in London for July 19 and now starting to realise the enormity of my decision! I'm having face and brow lift with upper eyes. Very concerned re recovery as I do bruise and live in a really small community so definitely won't be able to go out. I also work out and... READ MORE

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