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Almost 53 and Getting a Facelift and Browlift. Very Excited and Nervous Too - La Jolla, CA

Hello All, I have been wanting a FL for some time, but my bad habits were holding me back. Quit smoking in January and I am good to go. Getting a Face lift and Brow lift. PS says I am a perfect candidate for a Brow lift. I had an upper bleph and submental liposuction done by same DR in June... READ MORE

Feeling Great at 66 but Disappointed in my Aging Face! OKC

Embarrassed and saddened at the young age of 66, I have elected to get a face lift. Like many of you “real” wonderful women on this site, I have felt the guilt of pride, egotism and the fact that I will be spending a LOT of money for selfish reasons, but I just couldn’t quit obsessing over the w... READ MORE

Botched Facelift with James Mcadoo - Miami, FL

I researched for a least a year read lots of reviews . I decided to go with James Mcadoo that's when my nightmare started . The day after my surgery I was in the emergency room with a staff infection and severely deformed surgery. I truly believe he has no idea what he is doing and truly does... READ MORE

The Best Ever!

As a professional photographer in Dallas I am accustom to seeing images of a lot of people. The fall of 2013 I saw a few pictures of me, I had known I was getting older, who isn't? I just wasn't prepared to see how I really looked. I was shocked to see how I had aged, I surely didn't feel... READ MORE

56 UK Lady Having Neck and Lower Facelift in Manchester, GB

Well, I am now booked for a lower face and neck lift in 7 weeks time. If anyone has any tips for me, or a list of things to buy to make life easier after the surgery, or expereinbce of a facelift themselves, please let me know :) I will post pictures on here for before and after with any... READ MORE

Best decision I ever made!

My motivation was to stay relevant and working until I am 70. My face showed my hard life as a single parent as I aged. My pretty, sweet looked turned haggard. It was hard to look in the mirror. I was looking for someone who was an artist like Dr. Brackup. Luckily, I found him. The... READ MORE

Thrilled with my Facelift Results

I am so thrilled with my facelift results that I wanted to thank Dr. Boggess publicly. I lost 100 pounds and had a terrible turkey neck. I also had eyelids that slanted over my eyes making it difficult for me to see well. Both of these deficiencies were corrected brilliantly. I was also pleased... READ MORE

61 Year Old, First Time Surgery - Grand Rapids, MI

Active and fit but couldn't fight gravity. Didn't want to look 20 or 30 but wanted to freshen up appearance especially jowls and turkey neck. Researched physicians with strong background in facial reconstruction. I didn't want a pulled face look! Very happy 3rd week out, patience and trust... READ MORE

51 Years Young - Overland Park, KS

After 12 years of Infertility, including 6 miscarriages and 7 IVF transfers...I was lucky to finally give birth to beautiful twins. I always knew I wanted to "get some work done" eventually, as my looks have always been an important part of who I am. The stress and grief of those losses and... READ MORE

67 Year Old Female Wanting a Younger Looking Neck and Face

I had a mid and neck lift combined with C02 laser resurfacing Oct, 2016. His philosophy is to recondition the damaged, aged skin at the time of the face lift as the results would be much better. I agreed as it only made sense to me not to do the lift with damaged skin full of brown spots and sun... READ MORE

Time for a Refresh for this 50 y.o. - lower facelift & revision rhinoplasty

I had my revision rhino. and facelift 3 days ago - not a lot of pain just nausea and headaches. The surgery lasted 9 hours from what I was told. So, needless to say, I've been really out of it since Wed. The 14,000 was for both surgeries by the way not just the one. I"ll post pictures later and... READ MORE

52 Yr Old Getting Revalift and CO2 Laser Resurfacing

I had a TT and lipo almost 5 months ago and the only other cosmetic surgery I really wanted after that is a lower facelift as I hate my saggy neck and jowls. I met with Dr. Nease and he suggested Revalift with CO2 laser resurfacing of the face. I have only a two week frame for recovery before... READ MORE

I Did It! - Highgate, GB

I wanted a facelift for ages. I hated my Howell and crepey neck that recently that's all I could see when I looked in the mirror. I decided enough was enough...took the bull by the horns and went for it! I went through Harley Medical as I had used them 8 years earlier for my drooped eyelids. I... READ MORE

57 and Feel Ancient. Penrith, AU

Extremely unhappy with 'at rest' face and looking tired and angry all the time. Booked in for SMAS lower face and neck lift which surgeon assures will give a very good result. I'm hopeful, excited and a little nervous. Four hours is a long time to be under anaesthetic. Really can't wait to have... READ MORE

Mini Facelift for 41 year old female

For the past couple of years I've noticed my face becoming more squarish and less heart shaped. I don't have a lot of sagging or loose skin yet, but I'm not happy with the more masculine shape my face is morphing into. I'm scheduled for a mini facelift on December 1st. I will also have lipo... READ MORE

70 1/2 Year Old Face Lift, Eye Lift, Laser, and Temple Lift

It took me 20 years to convince my husband that I was serious about wanting plastic surgery. In earlier years, I was a model, and as I saw the demons of age creeping in, it got to the point that I hated having to look in the mirror to put make up on each day. In my world, where I have become the... READ MORE

Unfortunate Facelift. now fixed. Wish the old doctor well and hope he is doing better in his life.

I knew this doctor from social circles between Munich and Salzburg. HIs father is a very well known plastic surgeon who is a kind man and aided his son in a previous liposuction surgery on me that did turn out well (no noticeable scarring, indentations, etc ) - so after that experience, I... READ MORE

45 That Had Bag Acne Sacrs

Been very self conscious for over 15 years with acne scars , when looking in the mirror and I am so very glad that I decided to have this and able to have this done. They did laser and put fat under my eyes and in my lips now that I am 45. Over it was worth it and I'd tell anyone to go here to... READ MORE

worst results

The pictures included are a final product of Dr. McHugh’s facelift surgery. I was left with these very disappointing and uncomfortable results after an expensive procedure. After having more than 7 minor procedures in the office, Dr. McHugh told me he would correct his errors but I would h... READ MORE

8/17 Facelift, Upper/Lower Bleph, Laser around mouth and maybe Fat Transfer, not sure on that yet....

I can't look anymore, I can look straight ahead and talk myself into something, but that mirror or reflection continues to baffle me, who is that woman? It is not me, its not how I feel, it doesn't portray who I am inside. I live in a very secluded area on an island. I need to travel to the... READ MORE

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