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A facelift reduces wrinkles and sagging skin on the face and neck caused by aging or weight loss. The procedure removes excess skin, tightens the underlying muscles, and redrapes the skin in a higher position. The results go beyond what can be expected from wrinkle-fighting injections like Botox. Different types of lifts, such as cheek lifts or mini lifts, address specific concerns.

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Excellent Facelift + Neck Lift Done by Doctor Luis Pedroza - Colombia, CO

7 months ago I had a Facelift and Neck Lift done by doctor Luis Pedroza and I loved the results!! He is a wonderful person and a very good facial plastic surgeon! The day I met him before surgery, he took over an hour with my consult taking my pictures, doing the photo studio and answering any... READ MORE

My Facelift and Bletherplasty - Syracuse, NY

I joined realself about 8 years ago when I underwent abdominal liposuction and breast implants. I went to the best cosmetic surgeon in our area for these procedures. I was not happy with the outcome as he put in implants that were much larger than I requested so I had them removed a month... READ MORE

Where Did This Long Face Come From?! - London, GB

Hi all, I've been squirrelling into my 'face lift fund' for a while now, expecting to go under the knife at around 60 but post divorce my face suddenly dropped overnight it seemed. I saw a few surgeons before meeting Dominc Bray. As everyone says - he inspires confidence. Face & neck lift is on... READ MORE

Young 63 Year Old - Face, Neck, Brows and Upper Eyelids

Nerves are starting to set in. Surgery is Friday. I've been doubling up on the Arnica and pineapple to hopefully help with swelling and bruising. I did a lot of research on my doctor and after meeting with him a couple of times, I feel comfortable with putting my face in his hands. I work... READ MORE

50 Years Old, Needing a Fresh Face and Neck Lift - Novi, MI

I wanted a fresh younger look and did not like the droopiness that was happening to my jowls and eyes. At that time I did a lot of research on surgeons but did not know about Realself yet. I would of liked to have gone to one of the other surgeons after seeing their results. I found Dr.... READ MORE

Wanted to Look Younger and More Vibrant and Found the Perfect Doctor to Make That Happen - Charlotte, NC

I had been planning and looking forward to having a facelift for some time. Seeing the improvement that Botox and filler made my goal became to get rid of my loose neck and my "chipmunk" jowls. After having my tummy tuck with Dr. Bednar several years ago, there was no question who I would trust... READ MORE

Facelift Surgery. Ontario, CA

It was very convenient and accessible to make an appointment and the staff was very courteous. The instruction was given to me after my procedure was easy to follow. Jeffry was very friendly and did follow up on my case. I was very satisfied with my result. I will definitely recommend Dr.... READ MORE

I Was a Young 50 Year Old That Looked 60 - Nashville, TN

This was the best thing I could have ever done! I absolutely love the outcome. Dr Boggess was the best in every was possible. He and his staff was only concern in me and my needs. Even after a year we still communicate. There wasn't any bad times after the surgery, yes you would have a little... READ MORE

42 Years Old, Silhouette Facelift - Toronto, ON

The procedure looked simple, felts simple, I knew what I was going in for, simple, quick. as if I was in the dentist office. The issue seems to be mainly with the left side of my face, completely bumpy, deep dips for each exit hole, bumps near the top of the ear, I look worse then Frankenstein.... READ MORE

Best Facelift by Dr. Beiskenov

He's very proffesional. I think he can do that on int. level. I came from Uzbekistan to him. My three friends told me that in Astana you can find a cheap and effective plastis surger to do a facelift. I was thinking too long< then i came to idea that i gotta check the reccomendation of my... READ MORE

56 Years Old and I Look Like my Grandmother - Palm Harbor, FL

I wanted to do something for my neck for at least 10 years. I didn't truly believe it was a possibility until last summer when my husband suggested I go in for a consultation. I chose Dr. Harrell in Palm Harbor, FL. My consultation was in July 2015 and I scheduled surgery in January 2016. ... READ MORE

S Lift - Cambodia

I was 43 at the time I had this operation. My lower face especially was sagging and I found it hard to look in the mirror at myself. After researching and numerous appointments with the best doctors in Sydney, Australia I discovered Dr Reid Sheftall while on holiday in Cambodia. Always... READ MORE

Gently Refreshed My Face of Sadness and Woe - Beverly Hills, CA

I had a few unexpected life events that just drained the very life force out of me. The tell tale signs of sadness, even though I had begun to heal emotionally, were still written on my face. The heavy, drawn look of being pulled down to the earth's core and gravity were present and inescapable.... READ MORE

Early 40s and Left Way Too Young with Horrible Facelift Scars.Dangerous Doc, Careless, Egoist , and Arrogant - Austria

I knew this doctor from social circles between Munich and Salzburg. HIs father is a very well known plastic surgeon who is a kind man and aided his son in a previous liposuction surgery on me that did turn out well (no noticeable scarring, indentations, etc ) - so after that experience, I... READ MORE

Ready to find myself and my face! Baltimore, MD

I'm ready! Tuesday marks the day I find myself again! I want to thank everyone here on Real Self for being so brave and kind in sharing your journeys and pics. If thats not the portrait of strong, courageous women, then I don't know what one is! You have all answered my endless questions and... READ MORE

Took 10+ Years Off My Face! - Worcester, MA

For years I did not like what I saw in the mirror. I always said when it was time, I'd get a facelift and the time was now! I chose Dr. Mao thru Reliant Medical Group and I could not be more pleased. Aside from being an extremely skilled surgeon, he was patient, kind and honest. He was always... READ MORE

Facelift, Bilateral Lower Lid and Fat Grafts to Face. Savannah, GA

After extensive research and careful consideration, I chose Dr. Ronald Finger to perform my facelift. My initial consultation was for a mini lift. Dr. Finger explained to me that this procedure would not correct the issues I was concerned with. At age 60, my face not only need lifted but... READ MORE

46 and Early Menopause Has Caused Premature Aging. London, GB

Well after reading others post their experiences felt only 'fair/right' to do the same as really feel these posts help us all This whole (pending) procedure is daunting scary and quite frankly the Unknown... I've taken note of others advice and have cut out caffeine and now following low... READ MORE

54 Year Old C Level Professional in Need of C Level Confidence! Cincinnati, OH

I had the entire "Timeless Lift" procedure with Laser. Dr. Smyth and team were amazingly attentive and supportive throughout pre and post op. Describing the process in one word....PAINLESS! I have yet to regret this decision and I was back to work 11 days with not one person realizing what I did... READ MORE

Botched Facelift with James Mcadoo - Miami, FL

I researched for a least a year read lots of reviews . I decided to go with James Mcadoo that's when my nightmare started . The day after my surgery I was in the emergency room with a staff infection and severely deformed surgery. I truly believe he has no idea what he is doing and truly does... READ MORE

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