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A facelift is a surgical procedure that tightens wrinkles and sagging skin on the face and neck caused by aging or weight loss. The results go beyond what can be expected from common injections like Botox and Juvederm. Many different types of facelifts exist, including cheek lifts and mini-lifts.

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I’m 58 years old and have always taken good care of myself with supplements, exercise and bio-identical hormones, which I started about 3 years after menopause. I feel like I’m in my twenties most of the time. The bod is 103 pounds of toned muscle. When your mind tells you that you are sti... READ MORE

After many sleepless nights I made my appointment for a facelift, upper and lower eyelid surgery and laser resurfacing. Dr Levens and his staff are so supportive, easy to talk to and so professional that I have no regrets and am so happy with the results. I look refreshed and rested. I am... READ MORE

Dr. Gregory did my Facelift in August of 2008. He also did a CO2 laser on my face. Dr. Gregory and his staff were wonderful and I never had any hesitation. They took excellent care of me and I did not have one bruise. I was out in public in makeup looking great 10 days after the procedure. I... READ MORE

I always new I would have a facelift. Early on in life I thought I would need it at 50, but as it turned out I didn't need it until I was 60. I had upper and lower eyes, mid lift. lower lift and neck. I am extremely pleased with the outcome so far. 5 weeks postop and I still have swelling and a... READ MORE

Although it was difficult to post these before pics I feel I owe it to this wonderful community and to all of the woman that did it before me. It was those woman that gave me the courage to go and peruse something I have wanted for a while now. So now it is my turn to share my journey to pay it... READ MORE

My procedure is to take place at Jinemed Hospital in Istanbul, but other than taking my deposit I've heard nothing from the hospital, other than I am a good can't date and they will be happy to perform lower facelift and neck lift on me. I have had no medical questions asked and no follow up on... READ MORE

I've been thinking about having a face lift for two years now. I have never had plastic surgery or any kind of treatment for wrinkles, etc. So, this is ALL new to me. I've been looking at all of the courageous women (and men) who have written their stories and most all of them are so... READ MORE

I consulted with Dr. Holden for the sagging brows I had developed and for a revision of a rhinoplasty that I was happy with but wanted some refinement. This review and cost is for the ponytail upper facelift only. I was adamant that I did not want a facelift. I’m 45 and do not feel that I n... READ MORE

Not having the luxury of good genes , a mother and grandmother who both had very wrinkled faces from middle age even though neither smoked or drank alcohol , I looked into the mirror around 10 years ago and realised that I had inherited all their facial aging negatives After some research into... READ MORE

Lost 150 pounds. @ age 60 too much loose skin, especially under chin, (big flap) a nd huge flaps under both upper arms. WOW! So inspired now, I am working out with weights building arms up, very motivated with the new me. Makes me want more! (More good health, more desire to stick with my... READ MORE

I am 56 years old and was a little horrified when looking at myself in the mirror. My eyes were baggy on the top and hollow underneath. I dont think I had a neck and my chin had jowls. I wanted to look like myself but not tired all the time. I am very happy with the results. I am so glad I... READ MORE

Hello, Looking forward to my procedure on April 21st..didn't realize when scheduling that I scheduled on my birthday..I guess a rebirth on my birthday ????. April 9th Pre-op with nurse and Dr. Stanley Jacobs. If anyone has any info I should ask at my pre-op please let me know.. I'm 48 years... READ MORE

Procedures done lower facelift and upper eye lid,,,I met my wonderful doctor Dr. Wise thru real-self so I owe a review to this amazing site. Having such great reviews I decided to have a consultation with him. I had been wanting to have lower face lift for a while but just didn't know when... READ MORE

This is more of a question than a review. I have the option of having being fully under during surgery rather than sedation and shots to numb the area. The cost between the 2 options are $2,000 difference. I am afraid of hearing things, seeing instruments and dying of fright on the table, is... READ MORE

I've been not liking my face in the mirror for a while and I finally decided to look into cosmetic procedures to make things look better. I found Forever Young and Trim and Dr. Wayne Mucci and made the decision to go ahead with a face and neck lift. I'm only 2 weeks out from the surgery but I... READ MORE

I became something of a medical phobic after watching my mother go through a battle with lung cancer and lose at the age of 56. I hate even walking into a hospital, and I get nervous going to doctors. So making the decision to have voluntary surgery was a very big deal for me and quite... READ MORE

J'ai laissé mon visage dans les mains de fée du Docteur Mark Samaha pour: Un lifting frontal Liposuccion du cou Implant au menton Lift du visage Donc tout un travail à effectuer sur plusieurs heures. Docteur Samaha est entouré d'une équipe extraordinaire, en aucun temps je me suis sentie seul... READ MORE

For some time, a little lump over my right cheek bone, had been really bothering me. It seemed to have formed when I got under eye fillers about 10 years ago. Unfortunately it appears some type of permanent filler was used and may have traveled down. At the same time, it felt as if the signs... READ MORE

I began my search for a PS a few years ago. I've visited many local Dr.'s and thought I "found the right Dr. in Baton Rouge" until I met Dr. Velargo. At my first consult Dr. Velargo helped me compare different techniques and explained to me which he recommended for my face. Over the course of... READ MORE

On 23 September 2015 I consulted doctor Van der Weij. With a view to previous surgeries he had performed on me to full satisfaction I felt I had chosen the right surgeon for fixing my facelift. That afternoon he explained to me the procedure of the full facelift: the skin on the neck, the jaws... READ MORE

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