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A facelift is a surgical procedure that tightens wrinkles and sagging skin on the face and neck caused by aging or weight loss. The results go beyond what can be expected from common injections like Botox and Juvederm. Many different types of facelifts exist, including cheek lifts and mini-liftsLEARN MORE ›

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I had a facelift and an eyelid lift on April the 16th, 2009. I am 52 years old and was beginning to see slight jowl lines along with a double chin. My eyelids were droopy and I had big puffy bags under my eyes. I am very happy with my eyes and overall appearance of my face. My concern is... READ MORE

This was worse than I could have imagined. Pain and suffering for the first week was awful. I had very little bruising but massive neck swelling after the first 5 days. I had my lower face, platymsa and lower bleph done 6 weeks ago. I am 53 and have been wanting the neck lift for 4 years. At 6... READ MORE

I am not quite sixty. I am not looking to look younger, I'm very content with myself and my age, I just want to look the best I can. I have good genes, and I do not have many wrinkles, and I have very smooth skin. However, I have always had a week jawline. I had a chin implant about 15 years... READ MORE

Did some correcting of spelling and text beacause I could not edit the first one I put out. My English is a bit rusty:) I am 49 years old and I have recently had a facelift at Dr Dominic Bray Clinic in Harley Street. london - my operation was 7 may 23 May 2015 15 days post I am 49 and I... READ MORE

I always thought I would have a facelift around fifty years of age, and now was the perfect time. I researched many websites prior to making my decision, in addition interviewed one other surgeon. Dr. Mueller has an artist's eye which is a great benefit when doing work on your face and eyes. My... READ MORE

At age 48 my facial features started to change. I noticed my jowls were beginning to sag and I had a double chin, which seemed to grow over night. I tried exercise for the neck and face, but to no avail. After several consoltations with plastic surgeons, I decided a neck and face lift was... READ MORE

I was so tired of looking at my neck continuing to look a little worse every year - started around age 63. Then the jowels started in last year. I plan to work a few more year ....as I love my job in the corporate world....so decided to get a lower facelift and necklift. I gave this many... READ MORE

After gastric bypass, my face and neck area were loose and wrinkled and I was not even 60 years old. I just wanted to have my face show how happy and grateful I was to be given such a new lease on life after losing 100 pounds. Every one at the WIlliam's Center was professional and friendly... READ MORE

My surgery is scheduled with Dr. Michael Menachof on January 13, 2015. I am super excited.. and of course a little nervous.. but I know that I am in excellent hands... so all is good. I am 49 years young and its time for a face tune up .... my goal is a more youthful well defined neck with a... READ MORE

I am a 70 year old woman who had rhinoplasty as a teenager, breast reduction as a 40-something, and am planning for a neck lift, facelift, and upper and lower bleph. I was happy with the results of the previous surgeries, and remember wishing I had done them earlier. Why am I doing this now?... READ MORE

After joining real self I was so impressed with Dr Lev's before and after photos and the never ending wonderful reviews he has had I decided that I wanted my facelift with him . I considered Dominic Bray but I felt his before and afters weren't dramatic enough for me ;I wouldn't want to meet... READ MORE

I am a member of the fair skinned, blue eyed group--the group which shows aging faster. Having previously had eye/ brow lift and ablation treatment by Dr. Turkle, I decided to finish the process with a SMAS face lift to help reflect my true self, not the tired-looking version I saw in the... READ MORE

I am a Brazilian Canadian, I came from country where plastic surgery is popular among women. USA is the top country in cosmetic surgery followed by Brazil and Mexico. I just turned 49 years old and I am married to a man 8 years my junior. I always looked good for my age until 45 when I noticed... READ MORE

I wanted to turn back the clock and look younger. But, this surgery came out poorly. First, my lower lids had too much tissue removed. They now (for the past 2 years) drip, ooze, are red, bloodshot and enflamed 24/7. I need to get them fixed but, I'm scared that they will come out even... READ MORE

I am a Registered Nurse--specialty is OR and Plastic Surgery. I knew the kind of doctor I was looking for and I knew what type of lift I wanted. As an OR nurse in this specialty I had had the experience of seeing first hand how different surgeons perform the "face lift" in different ways. I... READ MORE

I hated looking in the mirror and seeing an old lady looking back! I'm a busy lady with my own business. I wanted to have a great natural look and not too much time off work. I found Dominic's web site and decided to to have a consultation with him. He told me I could have an upper and lower eye... READ MORE

Nerves are starting to set in. Surgery is Friday. I've been doubling up on the Arnica and pineapple to hopefully help with swelling and bruising. I did a lot of research on my doctor and after meeting with him a couple of times, I feel comfortable with putting my face in his hands. I work... READ MORE

We met Dr. Miguel J. Rodriguez at the Body Sculpture Centers Day of Beauty during Swim Week 2016 on July 18. The event took place at the 1 Hotel & Homes South Beach where the Dr. and his staff were on hand to dispense advice and make recommendations. I was so impressed I wd like to arrange a... READ MORE

Extraordinary doctor! Dr. Y. performed 2 procedures in year 2000 and in 2010 Half lift. I look at least 20 years younger and very natural. I find very important to maintain my skin after surgery by attending medical spas and perform non invasive procedures. After all, plastic surgeon is... READ MORE

Hello !! Well my face has slowly started to melt and for the last two years i have been searching for the right doctor, been on this site many times , read so many reviews and looked at thousands of before and after pictures , I have decided to go with doctor Konstantin in Upper East Side, his... READ MORE

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