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A facelift reduces wrinkles and sagging skin on the face and neck caused by aging or weight loss. The procedure removes excess skin, tightens the underlying muscles, and redrapes the skin in a higher position. The results go beyond what can be expected from wrinkle-fighting injections like Botox. Different types of lifts, such as cheek lifts or mini lifts, address specific concerns.

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New Life at 69!!!!! - Rockville, MD

My motivations to choose facial plastic surgery was the failure of creams, lotions, and gels, over the years, to repair and dissipate signs of aging. I never thought, for me, surgery was an option due to, what I thought, was cost prohibitive. However, not only was my outcome truly amazing, but... READ MORE

Face and neck lift ,eyes lid surgery Bethesda, MD

I m 54 years old, Mother of 4 children, the older one 32 years old and soon to be a dad and me a grand mother , my younger one 15 ..I always though that one day i will do a surgery but i was thinking more lift breast than face, but my husband and i live abroad as an expatriate life for the gov.... READ MORE

61 Year Old Say Bye to Turkey Neck and Jowls - Bethesda, MD

I chose Dr. Jabs based on experience, honors, and reviews. I originally made an appointment to talk about the Quick Lift that he advertises. During my consultation, Dr. Jabs assessed my needs and felt that an additional neck lift with lipo would address my concerns. This would mean an little... READ MORE

Wow!!! - Bethesda, MD

I sorely needed a face lift, but was scared. Scared of having elective surgery that as my internist said, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” But, my face - in its sagging neck and lined lower face - impeded my ability to work - whether in fact, or my own projection. Dr. Richards team brought... READ MORE

I Recently Had the Lifestyle Lift Procedure and Full Face Laser Performed by Dr. Dahiya. I Am Highly Satisfied with the Results.

I recently had the Life Style Lift Procedure performed by Dr. Dahiya. I am highly satisfied with the results. I think I look about ten years younger. People look at me and tell me how nice I look and attribute it to weight loss. My Primary Physician says my skin looks great (Due to the laser... READ MORE

46 Años, 2 Hijos. - Bethesda, MD

Sólo tengo palabras de agradecimiento para Dr Richards y todo su equipo de coordinación y de recepción, siempre tan amables, tan dispuestas a resolver cualquier duda o problema que se presente. Me practiqué un Quick Lift de cuello y tercio inferior del rostro a mitad de marzo, y en vista del... READ MORE

Face and Neck Lift - Fairfax, VA

I had surgery a month ago and even though my face and neck are still a bit swollen, the difference is amazing! Gone are the unsightly wattle and jowls. Now I have cheeks, which Dr. Bitar created from the fat he pulled out of my jowls (I know it sounds icky but it looks good!). All the incisions... READ MORE

barbydoll (newer title)

Hoping for dr. harley in the future. still not sure if everything i read is legitimate! i wonder if anyone else has been fence sitting for a long time? it is surely a big decision and i am 70 yrs old! he sure gets some great press here and nothing negative. I'm impressed but still thoughtful.... READ MORE

50s, Amazing Results, Dr Vermeulen and Van Den Berge - Belgium, BE

The results of everything the Dr has carried out are amazing, but the results on my face are more than anyone could ever have hoped for, this Dr is clearly a genius , i look at least 15 years younger, and more importantly i think i feel younger and act younger as a result, most people are OMG... READ MORE

Soccer mom gets face, neck, blethoplasty, chin inplant, chemical peel, lip augmentation n Botox for $4000

First, I need to say THANK YOU to all the wonderful help I've received from RealSelf member Pradagal. If it wasn't for her I would NEVER had the nerve to do this. Also to Marcia, Dan and Gordana who had their surgeries by same doctor just before me. Your courage and encouragement has been a... READ MORE

62 Years Old, 65 Pound Weight Loss, Facelift, Necklift, Eyelids in May - The Woodlands, TX

Today, after over 2 years of planning, I finally scheduled surgery for May 9. I turn 62 this month and after losing 65 pounds, it is time to do this. I love that I lost a lot of weight (next I plan to do a tummy tuck and breast lift after I recover from this), but my face looks worse now. The... READ MORE

medical vacation in beautiful san miguel de allende – facelift by renowned plastic surgeon dr. guillermo koelliker

At only 7 days post op, there is no doubt that I've made a life changing decision. A 66 the evidence of age was quite visible. I had contemplated having a face and neck lift for a decade. Having vacationed in SMA several times over the last 2 years, I began to consider the possibility of plastic... READ MORE

60 Year Old Complete Face Makeover

I am going in this Wednesday, March 22 for a major overhaul. CO2 laser face lift, necklace tightening , upper eyes and fat fillers. I am excited but not looking forward to the long recovery. Hopefully in about 3 to 4 weeks I'll be a new person. I looked at 5 different surgeons and he was by far... READ MORE

It is Time!,……endoscopic Facelift,lower Eye Skin Pinch,co2 Fractionated Laser,silicone Bump Removal.

First of all, thank you for all of these amazing posts. This is giving me the courage to go through with this, (and watching reruns of Dr. 90210). I need post surgical corrections, and also know that i can look better at the ripe age of 53. i have kept up with little procedures over the years... READ MORE

Excited to Be Joining the Bray Babes Club!

I've done it! I've booked my surgery with Dominic Bray for July this year and I can't wait!!!! I'm so grateful to the wonderful people who have shared their personal journeys along the way. I've been considering my options for many years (seriously considering a facelift for the last couple of... READ MORE

Countdown to My Facelift and Upper/Lower Lid Lift - San Diego, CA

Well, I'm nearly a month out from having my facelift. I am ready! I am 55 years old and a professional woman in a male dominated engineering firm. I felt pretty good about my looks but had a bad bout with diverticulitis in 2015 which really knocked me for a loop. I spent 4 days in the hospital... READ MORE

Wanting to get my kids through high school without anyone asking why their grandma came to pick them up!

I have researched and perused hundreds of facelift pictures and reviews. Dr. Bitner's always look so natural. Plus he was honest with me when I contacted him years ago and he said I didn't need it yet! A little history on me - I always looked young for my age... Until I went through surgical... READ MORE

I Wanted to Look 57 Again - Tunbridge Wells, GB

I first had my upper and under eyes done at 53 and was delighted. I decided after turning 60 that everything suddenly started to change. So I started with Botox and the odd filler which was fine. I am now 67. I saw a surgeon in 2012 in Harley Street who didn't want to give me a lower face lift... READ MORE

Menopause did a number on my face.

Menopause did a number on me. I am a vibrant person who can empathize with those who don't look like they feel. I have consulted with Dr scott Green. He made me feel very comfortable. I have paid the deposit and am waiting for the ride! Surgery scheduled for March 16 2017. I had my... READ MORE

65 Years Young Looking for a Lift! - Nevada

I'm scheduled November 2 for endoscopic brow, face, neck lifts, fat transfer to cheeks, marionette and nasolabial lines, laser around mouth and tweek to my crooked nose tip. I'm soaking up as much info as I'm sure everyone does. I've had 3 consults with Dr. Bonaldi and each time he has... READ MORE

60th Birthday Gift to Me! Thank You Dr. Shah - Chicago, IL

I don't like getting older, and I certainly didn't like looking older. For me, 60 sounds old, but I love it now when people are stunned by my age. After I retired, the only thing I wanted was a facelift--no parties, no presents just a turning back of the clock. I do spend a lot of time and cash... READ MORE

Thrilled with Dr. Harley's Biltmore Lift! - Asheville, NC

I am one week post op from a Biltmore lift with the wonderful Dr. Harley. I lurked on Real Self for a year and gained valuable info from the great community and thought it only fair to return and share my experience. Please bear with me as this is long……… I am 51 years old and always looke... READ MORE

I Feel 40, but Look 70 - Spartanburg, SC

I am expecting to not look like I have had a face lift. I don't want people asking me who my PS is. I expect to just look refreshed and well rested. I have reached the point to where I hate pictures of myself. My fiance has learned that I like pictures better when he holds the camera higher and... READ MORE

Happy at 71! - Puerto Vallarta, MX

At age 71 I was spending the winter in Puerto Vallarta and, after four wonderful tours to places in Mexico and Cuba, I thought, why not try to research plastic surgeons? My "marionette lines" and a sagging chin were looking at me in the mirror every morning and I found that I was smiling... READ MORE

64 year old - Facelift and breast reduction in India

I am very happy with my results. I've had no pain and minimal bruising. Dr Karkhanis has worked wonders. I also had upper and lower blepheroplasty included with the smas procedure. In addition prior to the facelift I had a breast reduction on 3 March. Also decided last minute to have upper... READ MORE

damaged for life by plastic surgeon - Sarasota, FL

I am writing this review to let everyone know how much Dr. Holly Barbour damaged me both physically and emotionally on April 6, 2016 after performing a very botched face lift, neck lift and upper eyelid surgery. Physically: Dr. Barbour cut (compromised, nicked, disturbed, grazed, punctured,... READ MORE

Needed Facial Rejuvenation to Gain Confidence.

Just didn't see myself in the mirror anymore. Love the results. I had thought about this procedure for years but when I met Dr. Rohrich I knew I was ready. I am a physician myself and I wanted only the best surgeon to do my work. Rave reviews from other physicians about Dr. Rohrich. So glad... READ MORE

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