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A facelift reduces wrinkles and sagging skin on the face and neck caused by aging or weight loss. The procedure removes excess skin, tightens the underlying muscles, and redrapes the skin in a higher position. The results go beyond what can be expected from wrinkle-fighting injections like Botox. Different types of lifts, such as cheek lifts or mini lifts, address specific concerns.

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Countdown to My Facelift and Upper/Lower Lid Lift - San Diego, CA

Well, I'm nearly a month out from having my facelift. I am ready! I am 55 years old and a professional woman in a male dominated engineering firm. I felt pretty good about my looks but had a bad bout with diverticulitis in 2015 which really knocked me for a loop. I spent 4 days in the hospital... READ MORE

54 Years Old Acne Scaring an Jowls

I am a 54 year old lady who as suffered with acne in the past I was left with box scars an rolling scars my confidence had plummeted over the the years an getting older did not help sagging skin mid face an jowls .i decided something had to be done I contacted mr Mahajan at spire hospital ellend... READ MORE

Happy with the results so far! Facelift and Armlift in Costa Rica

Well I have been on RealSelf for about a year now. I started checking it out when I got a gastric bypass because I knew I would need some plastics done. Iv lost about 100 lbs and still have another 30 or so to go, hence the Nov date. I have chosen Dr Arguello in Costa Rica. He has fantasic... READ MORE


Dr. Barbour has sought legal counsel against me with regard to my post about my experience with her surgery. She claims it is defamatory and false and is threatening to sue me. I have changed my post to reflect the facts.FACT: Prior to Dr. Barbour's surgery I was an attractive 54 year old woman,... READ MORE

64 and Dominic Bray Time! - London, United Kingdom

I am scheduled with Dominic Bray in London for July 19 and now starting to realise the enormity of my decision! I'm having face and brow lift with upper eyes. Very concerned re recovery as I do bruise and live in a really small community so definitely won't be able to go out. I also work out and... READ MORE

Dominic Bray made me feel glamorous again! London, GB

I am booked in with Dominic bray next week for a face/ neck lift, temporal brow , & blephoplastry. I work as a fashion stylist & presenter. I'm not a beautiful woman but I am glamorous! I feel old suddenly & I'm worried my work will fade out. We live in an ageist society sadly. Any... READ MORE

My Littlelift

I am turning 60 this year and in the truly fortunate position financially of choosing any plastic surgeon I wanted to perform my facelift. After 2 years of research and consultations with two top Canadian plastic surgeons I chose Dr Alejandr Lev for my procedure. This has been a very personal... READ MORE

59 Gift to Self After Kids Done College Facelift, Neck lift w/ muscle tightening, Nose Tip, Fat Transfer

Enticing but I still had reservations after reading reviews. I interviewed many doctors. I was pleasantly surprised at the cost, experience,facility & decided to proceed with. I scheduled my surgery for May 12th 2017 one week after my vacation to Florida. here are my before and after... READ MORE

barbydoll (newer title)

Hoping for dr. harley in the future. still not sure if everything i read is legitimate! i wonder if anyone else has been fence sitting for a long time? it is surely a big decision and i am 70 yrs old! he sure gets some great press here and nothing negative. I'm impressed but still thoughtful.... READ MORE

65 Years Young Looking for a Lift! - Nevada

I'm scheduled November 2 for endoscopic brow, face, neck lifts, fat transfer to cheeks, marionette and nasolabial lines, laser around mouth and tweek to my crooked nose tip. I'm soaking up as much info as I'm sure everyone does. I've had 3 consults with Dr. Bonaldi and each time he has... READ MORE

Face,eye and Neck Lift What an Amazing Result

I had my surgery at Bella vou clinic with Dr Amir Nakhdjevani. What a fantastic result.I am 62 but only 12 in my head ! I was petrified but Dr Amir calmed me down with a diazapan. This is not an old fashioned face lift with bandages and drains. I walked up 3 flights of stairs carryjng my... READ MORE

47 on the outside BUT still 17 on the inside!

After silently watching and contemplating the last 2 years I finally decided it was time. I am terrified but ready. I am having a traditional facelift, brow lift, upper eyelids and revision rhinoplasty. I had a bad fractora treatment a couple of years ago that destroyed the texture of my skin... READ MORE

70 Yrs Old Dance Teacher Growing Old Gracefully! - San Jose, Costa Rica

When I first started thinking about facelifts, it was only a mild interest. After my brave brother returned from Costa Rica with a new facelift which only cost him one-third the estimates I had received in my home country of Canada and hearing how pleased he was with his experience, it... READ MORE

I Said "Never" but at 66, Am Having a Biltmore Lift - Asheville, NC

After having read and benefitted from dozens and DOZENS of reviews on this site, writing my own review seems like the least I can do in return. I started reading reviews on this site almost 2 years ago but didn't start commenting until a few months ago, around the time I'd settled on actually... READ MORE

64 year old - Facelift and breast reduction in India

I am very happy with my results. I've had no pain and minimal bruising. Dr Karkhanis has worked wonders. I also had upper and lower blepheroplasty included with the smas procedure. In addition prior to the facelift I had a breast reduction on 3 March. Also decided last minute to have upper... READ MORE

58, Praying for a Better Face - Bethesda, MD

Greetings to all you wonderful Real Self-ers. I can’t thank you enough for sharing your experiences and photos. I am addicted to your stories. Perhaps my story will help someone else. I am 58 and hate looking in the mirror. Commuters on trains offer their seats to the elderly - I s... READ MORE

Thrilled with Dr. Harley's Biltmore Lift! - Asheville, NC

I am one week post op from a Biltmore lift with the wonderful Dr. Harley. I lurked on Real Self for a year and gained valuable info from the great community and thought it only fair to return and share my experience. Please bear with me as this is long……… I am 51 years old and always looke... READ MORE

Three Years out from Facelift and Revision -- Still Totally Thrilled at 62

Wrote this whole darn thing out and lost it. I'll try one more time. Four years ago I looked tired and irritable all the time. In fairness, sometimes I was, but not always! I'd always had a chubby neck and jawline, but now I was getting jowls and a generally droopy face. I am 100% in... READ MORE

medical vacation in beautiful san miguel de allende – facelift by renowned plastic surgeon dr. guillermo koelliker

At only 7 days post op, there is no doubt that I've made a life changing decision. A 66 the evidence of age was quite visible. I had contemplated having a face and neck lift for a decade. Having vacationed in SMA several times over the last 2 years, I began to consider the possibility of plastic... READ MORE

No More Jowls! - Manchester, GB

The visual signs of aging are something we all go through sooner or later and whether we like to admit it or not most of us would like to turn back the clock at least a few years. I never had any issues with my appearance until gravity took over my face and neck. The jowls really aged me also... READ MORE

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