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63 Year Old with Rolling Acne Scars

Hello ladies Well my journey's just beginning. I'm joining "The Bray Babes" on Thursday when Dominic will hopefully perform his artistry and magic. I'm having facelift, necklift, plasty, temple brow lift, and upper blasphemy. I've followed the salicylate diet strictly bar 3 zero cokes but hey... READ MORE

55 y.o - searching for the fountain of youth!!

So- I've been trolling around RealSelf for a month or so. I came upon this site when googling for a plastic surgeon to see if I could afford a facelift. I've wanted this for at least two years. But, no way to justify spending that kind of money. However now it's changed- I work in my husbands... READ MORE

60 Year Old Face After 50lb Weigh Loss Needs a Lift!

Well I had my pre-op apt with my plastic surgeon on Wednesday. I have to be honest I was starting to have second thoughts about spending so much money for vanity etc. But now that I have had my pre-op apt and paid for the surgery I am excited about going forward and looking forward to a... READ MORE

Less than stellar results from lower facelift / necklift

Well, its been 4 months since I had my lower facelift and my feelings have definitely cooled about the procedure. I've noticed that almost everyone posts immediately after surgery and looks awesome for the first few months, but then you tend not to hear anything after that. Initially I got a... READ MORE

51 Year Old Executive with Damaged Neck

Great results, no pain, minor yellow bruising only on neck that lasted a few days. Back to work in 2 weeks. Look refreshed and younger but still look like me. Outstanding surgeon I would highly recommend. Originally thought I only wanted a necklift due to bad damage from a neck injury and a... READ MORE

Good Bye Jowls, Saggy Neck and (Hopefully) 20 Years! Hello Lift & Fat Insertion.

Since I'm 3 days out from surgery, outcome is yet to be determined. I am still swollen and sore/stiff. My doctor was voted the best in my city for the third year running and studied under one of the best doctors in the world - period, so I have every confidence that once the swelling is gone,... READ MORE

Best Decision Ever!

I am 58 year woman who over the years had lost about 60 lb and was a sun junkie. Because of this, I had excess skin and sun damage on my neck and face and made the decision that I wanted to do something about it. After some research, I made an appointment for a consultation at  Advanced ... READ MORE

Booked Facelift with Dr. Lev in Costa Rica for July 5th! - Costa Rica, CR

After doing months of research on this site and several others, I have decided to book my facelift with Dr. Lev. My surgery is scheduled for July 5th 2017. I plan to stay at Verdeza. Thanks for all the ladies for sharing your experiences, pictures and adventures. I plan to do the same for the... READ MORE

An Affordable ($3500 total + $200 consultation) Exceptional Facelift - Mount Sinai Hospital, NYC

I knew I couldn't afford $30,000-$40,000 for a facelift and my surgeon who had done liposuction and upper lid blepharoplasty retired. So when I read an article in passing that you could have the Chief Resident (with a LOT of experience doing them-- maybe more than most doctors around) at Mt.... READ MORE

64 Years - Facelife - I Love the Results - Thank You Dr. P!!

My face was falling off and my neck was reaching my chest. I always knew I would need to take care of it since my mother's neck drooped. Dr. Peterson is outstanding. I consulted with three other plastic surgeons in Honolulu for some facial surgery. Each of the other doctors had something that... READ MORE

Countdown to My Facelift and Upper/Lower Lid Lift - San Diego, CA

Well, I'm nearly a month out from having my facelift. I am ready! I am 55 years old and a professional woman in a male dominated engineering firm. I felt pretty good about my looks but had a bad bout with diverticulitis in 2015 which really knocked me for a loop. I spent 4 days in the hospital... READ MORE

Great Personal Customized Approach!

Dr. Lee was very personable, took the time to really study my case and give me specific and knowledgeable recommendations. My final product was far better than I ever could have imagined. I highly recommend his services! READ MORE

57 Years Old. Two Grown Up Children.Fitness Addicted ☺.. Had a necklift and SMAS facelift

I had noticed sign of aging for a few years, especially on my neck and some lines from my mouth and down to my jaw. My jawline was straight and no bags or obvious laxity, but in unflattering light I noticed the first signs of bags in development. I live in Norway and our plastic surgeons I... READ MORE

Surgery at Mt. Sinai's resident clinic

I have been reading reviews and researching many procedures. A lot of courageous women on here. I have had one consult so far. It was at Pittsburgh's Upmc clinic. Their hospital fees were very high as they don't have a clinic. I have been considering having my facelift done at New York's Mt.... READ MORE

Happy Camper

When I turned 50, my jowls went south, and my neck looked like a turkey. That year I got so much pre-jowl filler, I was beginning to get a Quentin Tarantino chin. The next year, I decided it was time to quit wasting money on short-term fixes and get a facelift for the long-term results. For me,... READ MORE

Subhas Gupta, Loma Linda University Plastic Surgery


Dr. Standefer

He is a perfectionist!!!! Highly recommend this Doctor everyone in his office are like family once you meet them. Not only is he awesome he is by far the best plastic surgeon he takes just enough to make you look natural I had the works on my face I'm 46 and gained a lot of weight and then lost... READ MORE

FABULOUS results from Dr Hanikeri

5? years ago, and at the age of 45? and after several years of gaining and losing weight and becoming less confident or particularly happy with myself, I finally made the decision to do something about it. I met with Dr Hanikeri to discuss my concerns with the tired and sagging look of my face... READ MORE

Facelift - Outstanding Results in St. Louis MO

I had a facelift with Dr. Ridenour a month ago . It's so hard for me to describe how much better I feel about myself. I look like me but a much more refreshed version of myself, My results are better then I ever imagined. To be honest, when I look at myself now, I see what I always saw. I've... READ MORE

barbydoll (newer title)

Hoping for dr. harley in the future. still not sure if everything i read is legitimate! i wonder if anyone else has been fence sitting for a long time? it is surely a big decision and i am 70 yrs old! he sure gets some great press here and nothing negative. I'm impressed but still thoughtful.... READ MORE

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