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Blepharoplasty (more commonly known as eyelid surgery or an eyelid lift) tightens or removes excess sagging skin around the eyes, resulting in a smoother, more youthful appearance. The procedure may also be used to create a crease where one is missing, such as with Asian eyelid surgeryLEARN MORE

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Upper Eyelid Lift in New Mexico - Albuquerque, NM

I didn't like the extra upper eyelid skin that magically appeared after I turned 50. It seemed like no matter how much mascara I used, my eyes were becoming smaller. I'm 3 days out from the surgery and excited to see the final results! I did a more extensive review of the procedure, Dr. Karl... READ MORE

I Am 48 Years Old and Started Seeing my Eyelids Get Heavy the Past Couple of Years. I Started Looking Tired.

I wanted to be able to put on eye makeup easier and I wanted to look refreshed. I was looking for something minor with little downtime. I did not want to look different just a minor update. My eyelids were getting so droopy that when I put on mascara i would make a mess on my eyelids. Very... READ MORE

Amazing Results!!! - Fort Lauderdale, FL

I was tired of getting up in the morning and looking not rested. I did an extensive research on this site to find the most skilled surgeon. After reading all the amazing and solid 5 stars reviews that Dr. Felder has I knew that I was going to be in the best hands. I made my appointment and to my... READ MORE

22, Adelaide, Upper Blepharoplasty for Puffy Eyes Due to Excess Skin

I was always teased about having puffy eyes in school along with my big nose.. so I decided after getting lower bleph and nose job in 2015 to get the upper lids done. I wanted to also get the lower lids done again as the first time was done internally just to remove fat but my surgeon for today... READ MORE

My Eye Lids Made Me Look Older Than I Was

I had a upper blebharoplastry surgery (eyelids) on the 5th August 2016. I am 46 years old but felt and looked older. I am so so happy with the results. My surgeon was Mr Alastair Platt who was extremely helpful and gave me all the answers to my questions. I felt very comfortable with him.... READ MORE

Ending Address

I am a 55 year old female and have been considering an upper eye lift for some time. Of course, the fear of the unknown kept me from having the procedure done. After meeting with Dr. Mendelsohn, he answered all my questions and addressed my concerns. My only wish is that I would have had the... READ MORE

82 Year Old Woman Upper and Lower Blepharoplasty

I am an 82 year old woman who recently had an upper and lower bleph performed by Dr. Jon Mendelsohn, along with some DOT Laser underneath my eyes to remove additional fine lines and wrinkles. The procedure was a piece of cake and I was awake throughout the entire procedure. The results are... READ MORE

I Can See and Looking Good Too!! - Renton, WA

Dr McKevitt performed an upper blepharoplasty and an endoscopic brow lift and I am more than happy with results. She is patient and skilled in her profession. I was having a trouble driving because of my droopy eyes. I now have no problem driving and look good also! I should have done... READ MORE

Don't Let Your Fears Prevent Something Wonderful.

I had hoped to have my hereditary upper sagging eye lids lifted for several years but afraid to go through with it. Dr. Mendelsohn and his staff eased my apprehensions I had regarding the decision to move forward. He was very thorough informing me whT to expect during and after surgery. To be... READ MORE

Incisional Double Eyelids Surgery

Dr Ho is awesome! Im so glad I went to her for this procedure. She's very skillful and detail oriented. I addressed many concerns and worries to her during the consultation, she answered them all with great patience. Here im posting my post op photos at 2 weeks & 1 month. I can't be more... READ MORE

50 yrs old female Blephraoplastsy, Eyelid Laser and Forehead Lift!

My motivation was a combination feelings I had about my eyes. After seeing others who had the eyelid surgery, I was interested in learning more. I soon discovered that the surgery went beyond what I anticipated. The laser surgery included under the eyes was remarkable as well. Not only did the... READ MORE

Worth Every Penny! - Cincinnati, OH

I had been wanting, for years, to have an Upper Eyelid Blepharoplasty. I have always had heavy eyelids, and getting older definitely hasn't helped. After a friend had this procedure and seeing how incredible she looked, I decided to look into having it done. I asked around and Dr. Mendelsohn... READ MORE

Do I Really Look As Bad As my Pics -Cancun, MX

I am almost ready to pull the trigger and really want the face to face (so to speak) consult because I had my friend's daughter take the worst pix ever to send to Costa Rica and I don't look as bad in reality!!! I wanted the eyes but everyone is shocked when I say they are all recommending the... READ MORE

horrible scarring - Livingston, NJ

Had an eye lift and wound up with giant long scars at each outer aspect of my eyes. it aged me and looks like crows feet! HORRIBLE SURGERY! I have bat wing scars! AWFUL self conscious, from a terrible job. When I asked why I had these awful stitched up eyes I got no answer. Doctors who have no... READ MORE

56 Starting With Upper Bleph & Fractional CO2 Laser - McLean, VA

I've decided to do a few things but I don't believe in generalists and I prefer to start slow. Need a primary functional rhinoplasty expert, eye person, lower face/neck, chin implant, filler work...Started with my upper eyelids when I found an expert. Added fractional laser because it was also... READ MORE

Botched Up Upper Blepharoplasty Resulting in Canthal Webbing - Bakersfield, CA

Dr. Chang I had my original upper blepharoplasty performed in March 2015 by Dr. Chang with devastating results. Not only were my eyelids completely asymmetric after the surgery, but I had severe pain in the inner corners of my eyes immediately following the surgery with very poor healing. The... READ MORE

Revision Surgery For Upper Blepharoplasty: Canthal Webbing/Epicanthoplasty. Los Angeles, CA

I wanted to thank Dr. Taban from the bottom of my heart for fixing an upper eyelid surgery gone terribly wrong, performed by another surgeon. Here is my story: I had my original upper blepharoplasty performed in March 2015 with devastating results. Not only were my eyelids completely... READ MORE

Upper Eyelid Surgery by Dr Janjua to Fix Very Tired Looking Eyes.

I recently went to Dr Janjua for upper eyelid surgery. My biggest fear with eyelid surgery was how obvious it might look and so I had put it off for years. After many great experiences with Dr Janjua I finally found a surgeon that I trusted enough to do this procedure. I am so happy to say... READ MORE

47 Years Old That Had a Lot of Excess Skin on Upper Lids, and Treatment on Lower Festoons.

I've had very heavy set eyes for the last 10 years that's aged me and decided that I now wanted to have treatment to help this problem. At consultation with Sabrina I felt confedent about suggested treatment for me. I had Blepharoplasty which was almost pain free and am so happy with my... READ MORE

Bye Bye Hooded Eye - Henderson, NV

I've always had hooded eyes but as I turned 40 they started to age me where I was always wearing dark makeup to try and camouflage it. Dr. Mitchell caught my eye with his upper eyelid special of 1349 when Dr. Higgins wanted 2700. I felt the normal apprehension that the deal was to good to be... READ MORE

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