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Into the Light

Wow, I am so happy I had this procedure done, totally astonished with my results. The first thing I noticed was how much brighter the world seemed and my peripheral vision had dramatically improved. It is as if I was looking throw binoculars and now I have taking them off. My wife said she... READ MORE

Consummate Professional

What can one say about the consummate professional? I had been experiencing difficulty with my upper eye lids obstructing my vision. After a consultation with Dr. Gordon, it was determined that the upper eye lids did in fact partially block my vision and Dr. Gordon perform the surgery to... READ MORE

My eyes look great

Dr. Brackup is amazing doctor. I am a 43 year old single mom and looking tired is not really what I wanted. I had my lower lids done about a month and a half ago and I went from looking sad and tired to loving the reflection that I see. Thank you Dr. Brackup. READ MORE

Amazing experience with Dr. Sidle - Chicago, IL

I was seeking out a doctor to perform cosmetic repair my on upper eyelid due to an eye infection. After visiting doctor after doctor to find a plastic surgeon that was qualified and trusted, I found Dr Sidle. He became the obvious choice for me for a number of reasons but what stuck out at me... READ MORE

Cosmetic surgery in the Mexican Caribbean.!!

I'm a 44 year old from Ohio I had planned a getaway with my partner for a long time and we were excited to visit Cancun for the holidays, we planned on staying down there for at least 6 weeks, we were in it for good! And while we were in Cancun i wanted to feel somewhat rejuvenated besides... READ MORE

Great experience, like a breeze

I had my eyes done with Dr. Singer, it was a breeze!! I went and had my consult with him as I wanted my uppers and lowers done as I am 53 year old stud and wanted to remain that way as long as possible:) I felt comfortable enough to jump right in... A few weeks later I took the Metro North in... READ MORE

Eye Lift - Should Have Done This Years Ago - La Jolla, CA

Heavy hooded eyelids is a family trait. Approaching 50, my lids were beginning to droop to to the point where it affected my peripheral vision at times. Rather than continue to deal with it, I decided to research surgery. The surgery was only about 30 minutes, done under general anesthesia. I... READ MORE

. Upper bleph. An honest review from a patient

Honestly, she was in Dr. Chen for and upper blepharoplasty was the best decision I have made regards to choosing the right plastic surgeon. I had consulted with two other doctors regarding the same surgery. One was a well renowned plastic surgeon from LA and the other one was an equally... READ MORE

Upper Blepharoplasty and Left Ptosis Repair - Hawthorn, AU

Hooded eyes are still manageable with makeup at 55. Not thrilled, but in a world where so many don't have the chance to even grow up, have been determined not to grumble (too much, anyway). Deal breaker was the "can't be bothered to stay fully open" attitude of the left eyelid. Philosophy gave... READ MORE

I Can Drive Safely and That's All the Matters - Saint Petersburg, FL

I woke up one day last September and discovered my eyelids had sank. It was seriously that drastic. My eyes looked as if I had been crying all night. My eye doctor recommended a surgeon who I immediately took a liking to. He tried different medicines thinking I was allergic to something but... READ MORE

Simply the best surgeon

Such a talented surgeon and a gentleman to. So glad I did my research and found the best, thrilled with my results. Had procedure under LA, painless and actually a pleasant experience knowing the end results. READ MORE

Great amazing experience

She make you fill very comfortable. Great bed side manner. Very sweet person.Very gentle. I would highly recommend her. Her staff are very friendly. Very prompt with her appointments. Office is very clean. READ MORE

Great doctor, great results!

Dr. Maggie stood out from the 3-4 other cosmetic surgeons I met with for my eye lift bc of his caring and genuine interest in my concerns. I was a little hesitant to select him bc he looks so young, but he is truly a master of his profession. I was 53 when I planned to do my uppers bc of... READ MORE

Best Decision EVER - Beverly Hills, CA

As a single woman of 55, living in Los Angeles, the land of pretty people, I found myself looking in the mirror more and more, thinking "Gosh, I look so old and tired, how can I compete with the beautiful women here in this city"...and it actually started to take a toll on my self esteem and my... READ MORE

55 Year Old Female with Hereditary Hooded Lids That Have Become Worse with Age - Malvern East, AU

It was something that was always on the cards and my surgeon said to be 10 years ago that I should hold off for a while, as it's not something that can be done over and over. So I waited ten years and it was well and truly time. In all honesty I should have gone earlier but was hesitant to... READ MORE

27 Y/o Had Bags/dark Circles - Baton Rouge, LA

I Have suffered with undereye bags and dark circles my whole life. I always thought there's was no solution. Thank god for Realself. Well I said that to say I had lower bleph with skin pinch today. It's only been a couple of hours. I'm pretty swollen. No pain. A little bruised. Looking forward... READ MORE

35 Old . No Kids

Since I was teenager I always dreamed to have my cris defined. I could not wear make up that I liked cuz my lids were hiding. I always was jealous of those girls who was able smoky eyes make up lol. But most importantly my hooded eyelids gave me Asian look. Even though I always thought that... READ MORE

64 Years Old,career Woman & Mother of 4 Adult Children - Rockville, MD

I also had my neck lifted along with some laser work on my face as well as the upper eye lids. You know that you have a GREAT SURGEON when your friends have NO IDEA what you had done, but most everyone asks if you changed your hair cut, changed the color, and you get remarks such as "you look so... READ MORE

Upper Blepharoplasty For Lid Skin Removal Newburgh NY

I'm a 60 yr Black female and for many yrs I've wanted to have eyelid surgery to have a more dramatic eye which would allow me to wear eyeshadow and mascara without a struggle. In the past 5 yrs I've noticed my lids have made me appear tired and they are always puffy in the a.m., so I began... READ MORE

Cheek Implants and Lip Lift, blephoplasty

I've never really felt pretty or feminine due to my square face, small hooded eyes, hollow cheeks and long upper lip. I've wanted to do something about this for some time now and finally got the opportunity to do it. I have genetically more hooded upper eyelids, which have been getting heavier... READ MORE

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