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Blepharoplasty (more commonly known as eyelid surgery or an eyelid lift) removes or tightens sagging skin around the eyes, resulting in a smoother, more youthful appearance. The procedure may also be used to create a crease where one is missing, such as with Asian eyelid surgeryLEARN MORE

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Upper eyelids / blepharoplasty and Bellafill below eyes, age 53 - amazed at results - Kirkland, WA

I was worried at the 1 month mark, eyelids didn't seem like they would improve correctly. And then at 1-1/2 months a major improvement - scar tissue probably thinned enough to allow eyelids to sit correctly, with gradual improvement after that. I am very happy with results at 3 months, and the... READ MORE

Upper Eyelid Surgery at 54

My eyelids haven't been an issue until the last few years. Both of my parents have the issue, and it affects their vision, so I could see where it would end up if I didn't address the problem. I contemplated having both eyelids done, but I don't have noticeably large eye bags. I do have... READ MORE

35 Yr Old with Bags for the Last Four Years. - New Mexico

I have always had dark circles and a huge fan of concealer but I had to draw the when I got the bags. I finally decided to do the surgery after seeing a picture I took over the weekend. I had been doing a ton of research and had some different opinions from different doctors but I went with the... READ MORE

Lower Blepharoplasty with Canthopexy and Chin Liposuction. Dr. Johnny Mao is the BEST! - Orange, CT

I am 46 years old, and in good health and in good shape. I had really pronounced lower lid bags with malar mounds as well (a plastic surgery challenge). I also had a bit of a double chin due more to genetics and a shortened jawline than to weight. I spent the last year researching surgeons,... READ MORE

38 Yrs Old Lower Lid Surgery Was Worth It

I was tired of everyone saying how tired I looked. A lot of people that saw me on a regular basis probably never noticed. I did I woke up every morning hating my bags especially when they were puffy. I decided to have the surgery. I read and reread all the reviews. I was scared embarrassed and... READ MORE

29 Years Old, Upper Eyelid Surgery

I am 29 years old and have always had hooded eyelids, whenever I felt a little tired my eyelids always felt so heavy and saggy! I have never been able to wear any eye make-up as it just gets lost. I always knew it was only a matter of time before i would have it done but i kept putting it off... READ MORE

43 Year Old with Very Heavy Eyelids

I've been wanting to have upper & lower lid surgery for some years. I have hereditary heavy eyelids, tea troughs & also bags under my eyes. I'm constantly told I'm looking tired! When I look in the mirror I don't look like me anymore! I'm a confident person but this has definitely... READ MORE

SO Pleased to Get Rid of my Eye Bags - Sterling Heights, MI

I had my upper lids done about 5 years ago by another surgeon and was very happy with the results. My only regret was not having done the lower lids at the same time, as I had significant bagging. I read a review of Dr. Berkowitz's results combining lower lid surgery technique and decided to... READ MORE

45 Year Old, Eyelid Surgery, Upper and Lower Blephs - Hawthorn, AU

Well after years (7) of contemplating Upper and Lower Bleph I finally did it but not without hesitation. I have been having Restlynne injected in the tear trough for the last 6 years to disguise the look of the small puffy bags and it has been great, however over the last few years have found... READ MORE

So Happy with the Results

I'm a 44 years old cosmetic registered nurse. I have been looking into blepharoplasty for the past couple of years, upper eyelids becoming increasingly heavier. It gave me more and more a tired looking face. From the initial consult to post op review I have been very pleased with the whole... READ MORE

Lower Blepharoplasty (Eyelid)

I had a lot of noticeable herniated fat under my eyes that had been bothering me. Since it was not swelling, no type topical treatment helped. I looked tired all of the time. I decided to get the lower blepharoplasty. Following surgery, I was a little alarmed at the amount of droopiness of my... READ MORE

64yo That Has Never Seen Her Eye Lids Until Now - Southlake, TX

I have never been able to wear eye shadow or mascara because the fold over my eyes actually touched my eye lashes. I am so excited that I had this surgery. I wish I had it done years ago. When I talked to Dr Van Halen he looked at me and that it had to be done. He was right. My eyes are still... READ MORE

40 Year Old Woman Lower Blepheroplasty with Dr Frank Plovier, Beclinic - Belgium

I've always looked pretty good for my age but when I was about 33 I noticed the start of puffy under-eye bags. They've got worse as I've got older and so last year I looked into tear trough fillers. I was quoted over £1000 and since they're not permanent I decided to look into having lower ... READ MORE

Lower Blepharoplasty

Like many of you, I've noticed and strongly disliked my bags since a very young child (seriously). Having my bags removed was something I was interested in so I would read and research without taking any action. I'm now 34 and it seems these bags persist to stick around. Some days are better... READ MORE

45 Year Old Female - Becoming Increasingly Unhappy and Self-conscious About Eye Bags - United Kingdom, GB

For the last 4/5 years I had become increasingly unhappy about looking so tired all the time. Ironically, the more rested I was the more tired I looked (from lying down for longer, which increased the tired look on top of the fat pads under my eyes). After giving it a lot of thought over the... READ MORE

Upper Eyelid Surgery Still Delighted 16 Months on

I had the eye lift by Mr Ric Caesar at Cheltenham under local with sedation. The recovery was a bit scary as once the stitches came out my eyelids swelled and the incision line opened a bit. After two weeks they were healing really well and every morning when I put my make up on they make me... READ MORE

40 Year Old Lower Bleph - Hagerstown, MD

I decided on lower eyelid surgery due to the fact I had a lot of loose skin under my eyes from years of smoking and not taking care of my skin. I felt like I looked really good for my age except my eyes looked 20 years older. I am 3 days post op and am enduring lots of itching and soreness.... READ MORE

Bilateral Congenital Ptosis Repair

I was born with ptosis or 'droopy eyelids' and was made fun of my entire life, which hugely impacted my self esteem and sense of self. I never imagined that I could 'fix' this problem, but after seeing cosmetic surgery procedures on TV, I started researching eye-lift surgery. I posted a question... READ MORE

Can Eyelid Surgery Help Me? - Helsinki, FI

Hi. I use eyelid tape on my eyes to achieve a higher fold on my eye. I think it makes a huge difference and i don't really leave our house without it because i really hate them without the tape. But the tape makes my eyelid dry, and it is really time consuming to apply. I'm considerin some kind... READ MORE

Finally Getting Rid of my Bags! - Toronto, ON

I finally decided to do something about my heavy eyelids. I have had these all my life thanks to my dad and they are getting worse as I age. I have been getting botox on my forehead above my brows to give me a bit of a lift but was getting tired of paying for that. I researched many PS thanks to... READ MORE

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