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Blepharoplasty (more commonly known as eyelid surgery or an eyelid lift) removes or tightens sagging skin around the eyes, resulting in a smoother, more youthful appearance. The procedure may also be used to create a crease where one is missing, such as with Asian eyelid surgeryLEARN MORE

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Bags Remain After Blepharoplasty

I always looked tired even when I wasn't because of bags under my eyes and heavy upper eyelids.I had an upper and lower blepharoplasty on both eyes this past March. The procedure itself was quick, relatively painless, and I did not have to have general anesthesia. I was sent home with Vicodin... READ MORE

Eyelid Surgery for Mysathenia Gravis

I have mysathenia graivs. My doc did a lid lift in hopes to help this. It did not.I had a lot of complications. I still have droopy lids. What do we do now to fix this? I assume it is the muscle that lifts the eyelid. I could not open my eyes for 7 days after the surgery, and it was not due to... READ MORE

Don't Get an Upper Eyelid Blepharoplasty if You're Young!

I am 23 and had an upper blepharoplasty 2 years ago. I had fatty lids and was worried about always looking tired and aging before my time. Unfortunately, the doctor took too much out of the upper eyelid and it is now hollow in the inner corners. I look much older now because of it.Ladies, if... READ MORE

Post Mullerectomy for Ptosis- Portion of Both Eyes Are Bloodshot Red for over a Week.

I had a great Mullerectomy to correct mini ptosis last Tuesday. I love the results. But want to get back on with my life. The left eye on the left side, dry blood is still present. Then on right eye has blood too. ?I was prescribed Acular 0.5% 1 droup ever 4/5 hours up to 5 4 days. Does this... READ MORE

Eyelid Surgery in Taiwan

Pros: - Feel more confidence - To appear more attractive to both myself and others Cons: - pain involved in anaesthetics is unforgettable - My procedure didn't give me permanent double eyelids. It's the suture method where the string holds for 6-7 years. - Having other people... READ MORE

Know What to Expect After Eyelid Surgery

Pros: Helps eliminate "tired" look; relatively easy procedure to recover from. Many experience a recovery time longer than the two weeks your PS will likely tell you to expect; looking acceptable in public and being completely healed are two different things, and many doctors don't... READ MORE

Totally Worth It. Upper and Lower Eyelid Surgery

I read a lot of the reviews before I did this and thought they were very helpful in my decision. I am 45 and started getting puffy under my eyes a few years ago. It was really bugging me. Tried creams etc....they of course did not work. I have an excellent Dr. who is very conservative... READ MORE

Lower Eye Lid Surgery/ Not Happy with Results

I feel that my doctor took a very "conservative" approach to my surgery. As a result, I do not see much of a difference at all. Im not saying that he screwed my eyes up. Im saying that I paid 3000k for pretty much nothing. I hated my eyes before, I hate my eyes now.Im a 30 year old... READ MORE

Results Lasted Only Two Years

Pros: Looked good; opened eyes for a less sleepy look Cons: results only lasted two years...maybe less. Visible scars on eyelid corners. I went in to surgeon's office for follow-up a year later, and his assistant was trying to talk me into considering other procedures. She said, "have... READ MORE

Lower Eyelids Worse Than Before Surgery

Upper and Lower eyelid surgery to make me look more awake and less tired and remove loose skin and open up my eyes. Felt it was ageing me especially after previous facelift. After surgery thought I would be fine - felt fine and upper eyes healed well. I have not got this puffiness and red... READ MORE

Lower Bleth-lump

I had lower blephoplasty 2 weeks ago to remove fat pads I am thrilled with the result.i can see and feel a lump on my right lower eyelid, about the size of a rice grain where the incision was made. READ MORE

Eyelid Surgery Richard Rand Bellevue

I didn't want to look different just better and all I saw were movie stars with strange appearing eyes, eyebrows and who know what else. I was nervous and yet looked tired all the time; it became difficult to apply eyeliner because by the end of the day the line was on my upper eyelid area... READ MORE

My Lopsided Face

An eyelift 5 years ago caused internal bleeding trickling down alongside of my nose and settling in my chin area. I was bruised for several weeks. I think he sucked out a blood vessel along with the fat. The tops were okay and my eyes opened up but appeared to be pushed closer together which... READ MORE

Upper Bleph-What YOU Need To Know

I ONLY wanted the excess skin above the creases removed; I told the doctor "conservative"-not a drastic change. They assured me that he was not one to over-do things or give you a surgical look.I was not told about the post-op: gritty, dry eye, the milia, the "buttons" along... READ MORE

Asymmetrical Healing

I had upper lid blepharoplasty due to the growth of xyanthelasmas since my late 20's, recovery seems slow but i am happier with my appearance.I had bilateral upper lid blepharoplasy about 10 days ago and i am wondering if the slight asymmetry will resolve. My right side has been more swollen... READ MORE

I have a sleepy look to my eyes - Couldn't Be Happier! - Alabama, AL

I had my uppers and lowers done 03/04/09 and there was NO PAIN...PRO! My eyes were swollen shut when leaving recovery and I was near blind for about a day, the routine of after care has been a tad bothersome, and my vision is blurry where as before I did not have this. CON! I'm currently at day... READ MORE

I Can See a Lump After Lower Bleph Surgery, Anyone else Had This Happen?

I had laser transconjunctival blephoplasty 2.5 weeks ago and upper and lower laser skin resurfacing to remove fat pads which were caused bags and wrinkles. I am thrilled with the result however now that most of the swelling had gone done, i can see and feel a lump on my left lower eyelid, about... READ MORE

Love my New Eyelids

I have always had heavy upper eyelids and as I passed 40 years old, they really started getting heavier and drooping. I found myself constantly lifting my brow to get my lids off of my eyes. At 44 yrs old I had upper bleph. I am 5 weeks out and am so happy with the decision. The scars are... READ MORE

Happy with Results but is my Swelling and Red Ichy Eyeball Normal?

I am 50 and have had heavy eyelids my entire life. Now I am noticing I look tired or mad all the time. My friend had her eyes done and she looks great. I decided to splurge on myself. I am on day 9 after my surgery. I am happy so far, with the results. The bruises are gone and the incisions... READ MORE

Still Some Bruising a Month After Lower Eye Lid Surgery to Remove Bags - California, CA

Quick, done using a local anesthesia. No pain. Sutures came out a week later. A lot of bruising. A month later still some bruising left, turning yellow. But skin directly below eyes seems discolored, as if having dark circles which I never had before. Will this go away? READ MORE

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