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Blepharoplasty (more commonly known as eyelid surgery or an eyelid lift) removes or tightens sagging skin around the eyes, resulting in a smoother, more youthful appearance. The procedure may also be used to create a crease where one is missing, such as with Asian eyelid surgeryLEARN MORE ›

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49 Year Old - Best Decision of my Life, Eyelid Lift - St. Louis, MO

I am now 9 days post op, it was rough for the first week but results are amazing, worth every bit of pain. Still some swelling and itching of eyes, but I went out the past two night with friends and no one even noticed the swelling and scar. It is remarkable how quickly you go from swollen and... READ MORE

Revision to Upper Right Eyelid with Brow Lift - Winter Park, FL

I estimate that it has been about four months since my revision surgery to my upper right eyelid. I also had a browlift on this side of face. I still have quite a bit of hooding and also puffiness. I do have a more prominent brow bone on this side of my face and was asymmetrical to begin with... READ MORE

Looking Refreshed! - New Orleans, LA

Having my eyelids "done" was on my bucket list. I just hated that skin flap. I am more than happy with the procedure I had!! I think Dr. Velargo did an excellent job. At all times I felt very comfortable, never nervous with his abilities. I do highly recommend him for any and all services he... READ MORE

Tired Eyes, 45 Year Old Male

After making excuse after excuse for always looking tired in photographs, I decided to consult with a plastic surgeon about the possibilities of improving my tired looking eyes. My upper eyelids were very heavy with extra skin partially covering my eyes. In addition, my lower eyelids had lost... READ MORE

Domestic Violence Survior Finally Able to Look at Her Face Again - Tampa, FL

Dr. Kwitko is one of the most talented, kind, caring, and patient Doctors that I have had that I have had the pleasure to work with after my x-boyfriend decided to bite my eyelid. Dr. Kwitko fixed my eye lids with such care, concern & was so compassionate to my situation as a Domestic... READ MORE

Upper Eyelid Surgery - San Antonio, TX

I found Dr Shah and his staff to be very professional, kind and reassuring. The office is very nice, clean and inviting. I especially like the fact that Dr Shah took the time to fully examine me and describe in detail what he would do. I appreciate his genuine concern for me as a patient and... READ MORE

45yrs Old, Fed Up Looking Tired - Switzerland

So im finally going ahead with my upper eyelid surgery in 2 weeks time. This is something I never really thought about having done, but a friend who is also a dermatologist said to me "you have such pretty large eyes, the droopiness is making you look tired". Since that moment 4 years ago,... READ MORE

My Eyes - Sarasota, FL

I have worked as a RN in OR for 16 years and know these surgeons well. I witness pre-op, surgery, and post-op. I'd let any of them (and have) perform surgery on me. I chose Dr. Derby, deciding I needed someone who will not retire as I approach my senior years. As years passed, bags and wrinkles... READ MORE

So Glad I Finally Did This for Myself! - Spokane, WA

I have wanted this almost my entire adult life, I couldnt wear eye makeup because it was lost in the folds of my eye. Dr Chesnut is amazing in what he can do, such intricate work with such beautiful results. He is the absolute best and would trust his judgement on any procedure. I am so glad I... READ MORE

53, Brow Lift, Eyelids, Midsection Lipo. - Tijuana, MX

On the early morning of my 53rd birthday, I find myself on a flight south to San Diego, where I will cross the boarder into Tijuana and meet the talented surgeon, Dr Juan Fuentes, whom I hope will turn back time a decade or so for me. I have never been happy with my droopy eyes, even in my youth... READ MORE

Upper & Lower Eye-lid (Bleph)/ Plus CO2 Laser to Tighten. Age 45, Tampa, FL

Have seen my upper eyelids droop and get wrinkly in last few years and was making me feel old. The skin on my face has gotten much more loose and crepey around the eyes and cheeks. Made an appt with Premiere Cosmetic for upper eye-lid consultation. Dr William J. Welsh suggested I have both upper... READ MORE

Upper and Lower Bleph with Fat Transfer to Face - Chicago, IL

I am having my surgery on Friday. I've been researching for a long time and finally found a surgeon who I really like. I've had my pre op appointment and she really made me feel comfortable. I got a little Botox that was included in the costs and I love it. Dr. Christopoulos is really amazing... READ MORE

46yr Old with Heavy Lids - Beverly, MA

My eyelids were so heavy that it was an effort to keep my eyes opened wide. I had done Botox and it helped a bit, but with age my lids kept getting worse, so decided to have an eye lift. Interestingly, I didn't even realize how much effort I was putting in to keeping my eyes open until after I... READ MORE

Upper and Lower Blepharoplasty

I had surgery Tuesday January 20, 2015 so as I begin this review am at 11 days post op. This experience is just too crazy not to write about it. I can't tell you how many times I looked in the mirror last week and said "What the hell did I do to my face?!" Thankfully I thought to prepare my 12... READ MORE

Upper bleph...It Was a Breeze!

My eyes have been looking saggy for over a year now and I was petrified to get an upper eye lift. The idea of having skin cut so close to my eyes was scary and also frightened that it would somehow change my eye shape. (It didn't.) I will need a lower bleph too eventually but taking things one... READ MORE

41 and Tired of Looking Tired | Eyelids and TCA peel - Columbus, OH

I noticed in my mid to late 30's that I started to look tired all the time. Even though I was refreshed, I would still have family members and coworkers ask if I was tired. My upper eye lids were looking more heavy and hooded, and the bottoms were developing bags. No creams, serums, lotions or... READ MORE

43 years old. Lower Bleph, Juvia CO2, Lip Filler and Chin Implants.; - Orlando, FL

I have always been bothered by the bags under my eyes. I have always known i had allergy shiners, no matter how much sleep I can get then they don't seem to be any smaller. The were wrinkles I get under my eyes when I smiles also have bothered me that last couple of years And my chin....oh... READ MORE

26 Years Old with Hereditary Under Eye Bags - Lower Blepharoplasty + Fillers. Boston, MA

Ever since I was ten years old, I was self conscious about my puffy eyes. As I grew up, I tried everything to improve them: creams, cold presses, tea bags, etc. but nothing could help their appearance since they were just naturally there. It made me absolutely miserable. I was young, yet... READ MORE

Eyelid surgery endoscopic brow lift My Doctor Took TEN Years off my Life!!! I CAN SEE, Too!!! - Ocala, FL

My Doctor, DR. Nijher, is a miracle worker! He and his staff were PERFECT from beginning to end!! I LOVE this guy!!! I had seen other docs for consults (dr. mack in tampa....but he did the bait and switch pricing...it turned me off).... I TRUSTED Dr. Nijher and glad I did. I got eyelid... READ MORE

52 Yr Old Has Upper Eyelid Surgery - Charlotte, NC

I had wanted to have upper eyelid surgery for almost 10 years and finally did it. My PS used a local pain medicine and there was a little bit of pulling but nothing was painful. I am at Day 5 and beginning to see myself healing. I still have my stitches and bruising is still with me but... READ MORE

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