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Blepharoplasty, also known as eyelid surgery or eyelid lift, is a cosmetic procedure that removes or tightens sagging skin around the eyes, resulting in a smoother, more taut appearance. Surgery can also change the shape of the eye, such as in Asian Eyelid Surgery or to address droopy eyelidsLEARN MORE ›

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I'm still watching to see how cellulaze turns out. It may have helped. Idk yet. Lipo on one thigh seems fair, the other not so much. 1 month post op. Well see what needs touched up there. As for Axillary..Idk about that either. Just have to see how skin settles. Kind of a mess right now and... READ MORE

I am just having the lowers down as I already did the uppers in 1999. I was starting to see creases below my eyes for the past 2 years so that's why I decided i needed the surgery. I will update after my surgery, tomorrow. ... READ MORE

My eyelids became practically closed by the end of the day. I could not stay awake reading or watching TV. 2 months after my surgery people were saying "you look refreshed ". I can now wear contacts, where as before my eyelids were popping them out. I am told I look younger. I can now read and... READ MORE

I am a 53 yo asian woman with slightly droopy eyelids which i knew will get worse as i get older. my eyelids are also very puffy below the brows. i decided to get this procedure done now rather than later as i was concerned that if i did it later, i would not have the guts to go through it, and... READ MORE

At my age I was always looking tired but still feeling energetic. People always used to say I should get more rest. I felt I could do something to improve my appearance and give me more confidence at work and socially. Having research plastic surgeons in my locality I finally decided to have... READ MORE

My family has a tendency towards heavy brows and lids (i.e. basset hound) which I have inherited. I have aunts and uncles who had blephs, but I am younger and I didn't want to have surgery quite yet, so I explored other options over the past few years (ie acupuncture and ulthera). However, these... READ MORE

In October 2013 I realized at 49 I was starting to look tired and consulted with Dr Wise bout options. He recommended eyelid surgery as well as volume by either far transfers or fillers. I get very sick from general anesthesia so I was happy to find out that his office was not using GA...but at... READ MORE

When i reached my late 30's i started noticing loose skin under my eyes.People would tell me i looked tired and i really started feeling like i looked my age! Since the eyes are the window to the soul, i wanted to keep my eyes younger looking. I started researching lower eye lid surgery.I knew... READ MORE

Uppers were saggy for 10 years, then the lowers joined them and I looked tired all the time. Thanks to all the people who posted. It was very useful to read about other experiences. Day of surgery was very smooth with attentive nurses. I was out for 2 hours roughly and apart from a thirst I... READ MORE

When my husband passed away 19 months ago I knew there would be many emotional changes in my life. I never expected the physical changes, however. My eyes started drooping to the point where I had trouble seeing out of my right eye. My whole face became old and tired looking. We had been... READ MORE

I was so impressed with Dr Kass and his staff! My eye lift surgery came out better than I ever expected. My eyes look beautiful and I can see again! Thank you Dr Kass for a job well done. I highly recommend Dr Kass. He and his staff are the best!! I'm looking forward to going to Dr Kass to get... READ MORE

After years of caring for others it was time to address my own concerns. My eye lids had bothered me forever. Dr R was extremely professional and confidant that he could correct them. I am ecstatic with the outcome. No pain, back to work in 5 days. Dr R is my miracle worker. I HIGHLY recommend... READ MORE

I had bags under my lower eyes that bothered me. I decided to do upper bleph as well for heavy lids and CO2 laser under eye. Had twilight sedative. Developed chemosis immediately. Severe swelling, not what I expected. I'm 2 1/2 weeks out and still lots of upper eyelid swelling and numbness.... READ MORE

After seeing myself in photos and having difficulty with droopy eyes lids pushing my contacts downward, I decided to do the surgery. I also was able to save some money, since GroupOn has a special for Dr. Alfredo Rodriguez, in Mesquite Texas, not to far from my home, I decided to to it. I had... READ MORE

Over the last couple of years I have lost around 3 stone in weight. I became more aware of the excess skin on my eyelids which was making my eyes feel heavy and look puffy. I decided to research local cosmetic surgeons and one name always came up (Mr Quaba). I contacted Mr Quaba's Practice... READ MORE

I had eyelid surgery done. Eyes are uneven and I was left with a stretch mark on my right eye where it was closed to tightly. I felt like I was on an assembly line at Kauffman and Clark and I paid a high price. They were all very nice there, but nice does not mean good. Dr Kauffman was not good... READ MORE

My doctor was going to do a breast reduction and offered an additional procedure for a reduced fee because I was already paying cash for the other procedure. I had wanted my upper eyelids reduced so I added that on. The day of the procedure I came home and there was deep redness at the... READ MORE

Ok, it is today. I've been researching & researching on the boards and today is the day. I stated getting consults in 2006 when I was in esthetics school, with an otolaryngologist/plastic surgeon in2010, a formal consult with an oculopast surgeon in 2011, a the head of plastic surgery in 2013... READ MORE

I saw Dr. A.J. Amadi in Dec of 2014 for my Upper eyelid surgery; He is a wonderful, talented cosmetic surgeon. I did a lot of research on the procedure, costs and the type of surgeon that I would trust to do this for me. In doing so when I saw Dr. Amadi for consultation, I knew I found the... READ MORE

I had an asymmetrical fat removal under my eyes done somewhere else several years ago. Although I had contemplated a revision, it was put off due to my apprehension for another bad outcome. Finally, I decided to do it and spent a year looking for a right doctor in the US as well as overseas. ... READ MORE

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