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Blepharoplasty (more commonly known as eyelid surgery or an eyelid lift) removes or tightens sagging skin around the eyes, resulting in a smoother, more youthful appearance. The procedure may also be used to create a crease where one is missing, such as with Asian eyelid surgeryLEARN MORE ›

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I met Dr Hochstein when he just was taking over a practice in Hollywood and he always did a great job on my fillers. Then I booked the surgery for the chin implant and lipo. Now this week I have booked an upper lower eyelid at 46 and am very hopeful he will do the same high quality standard and... READ MORE

I have always had bags under my eyes but after losing 100 pounds they became even more pronounced. I originally thought I could get some fillers in my tear trough but Dr. E explained that surgery would give me the most satisfactory outcome. Since I was already planning to have my gallbladder... READ MORE

Hooded eyes are still manageable with makeup at 55. Not thrilled, but in a world where so many don't have the chance to even grow up, have been determined not to grumble (too much, anyway). Deal breaker was the "can't be bothered to stay fully open" attitude of the left eyelid. Philosophy gave... READ MORE

Surgery scheduled for October 27. So excited!! I've been wanting to do this for a long time. Dr. Silkiss was very personable and professional in my consultation and answered all my questions without hesitation. I am having the surgery under IV sedation at a surgery clinic in Marin County. Her... READ MORE

At 52 years old, my eyes were drooping so bad that I often would get comments about how tired I looked. My Irish heredity had a lot to contribute to this condition! I sought the advice of Dr. Geoffrey Kwitko, who was recommended to me by a friend who is in the medical profession. Here is an... READ MORE

I'm 54 and I was tired of always being told I looked tired or asked if I was sick. I constantly had bags under my eyes and very heavy top lids. I met with Dr. Schlesinger and he instantly told me he could do a Blepharoplasty with Muscle Sling that would not only help my "eye" issues, but make... READ MORE

I've always had hooded eyelids and started having unsightly wrinkles on upper eyelids in 2010-2011. I've also had congenital ptosis of right eye my whole life, but that will not be focus here. I will be sharing my experience with bilateral upper blepharoplasty at the age of 49. It is now... READ MORE

I am now 52. I came to Dr. Felder 6.5 years ago and have not stopped coming now for injections. My lower and upper lids I entrusted him with and I became a new person I look sooo good. He recommended a few years later Dysport and I have enjoyed looking young. He has been the pioneer in this type... READ MORE

I had very heavy eyelids with no definitive area, I kept getting soreness in the creases of the eye lids as moisture could not dry. I feel Dr Pope advised me in a positive manner and helped me make my decision to help eliminate the problem plus hopefully giving me a more youthful look I can... READ MORE

I have lived with ugly under eye bags for as long as I can remember. I tried everything to diminish them over the years, spent tons of money, and nothing worked. I finally decided I'd had enough. I had a bilateral lower blepharoplasty with an incision in the inside of my lower eyelid to remove... READ MORE

I highly recommend Dr. Martin for his vision, skills, and sincere personality! Background: I had upper eyelid procedure done elsewhere (Arizona) about 4 years ago. After that, I had been left with deformed contour of the upper lid margins of both eyes. The left eyelid was particularly bad; the... READ MORE

Had bottom eye lid tightened and wrinkles removed to help remove shading. Hoping I won't need filler once things settle down. Very uncomfortable. Or just irritating with the swelling and bruising. I know once I'm heeled, this is going to be perfect. By Monday I am feeling much better but... READ MORE

Upper and Lower Blepharoplasty w/Fat repositioning and Facial Fat Transfer- I guess I always had Puffy upper eyelids which didn't bother me too much. Then Menopause hit and it felt like all hell broke loose! The puffiness got worse and now all of a sudden there were bags under my eyes as well! I... READ MORE

For years I have been encouraged to have my upper eyelids reduced to improve my vision. I finally had difficulty passing a visual field test so it was time. I no longer walk around with my eyebrows lifted to help get my heavy lids opened wide enough to see clearly. So happy! Wish I had not... READ MORE

I was tired of hearing "you look so tired" ...I hated using expensive makeup that didn't work. I was PETRIFIED to have this surgery until the consultation with Dr. Rotitori who turned my fear into excitement to " get it done". I followed instructions & healed in 4 days. I'm so pleased with... READ MORE

Reason I decided to do this. I was feeling like 'droopy dog' with eyes pointing to the ground from my heavy eye lids. I also had deep half round groves under my eyes which gives me a hard look. I also have a dip in my face contour running from my inner eye to my check which left me looking drawn... READ MORE

I waited a year to share my results. I feel like I paid for nothing but 3 extra scars. Two from the surgery and an extra one from dr error. This was my second elective surgery and like the first I looked around to find the best. I wish I looked further. I am looking into redoing the surgery now... READ MORE

I was very nervous about having the procedure done, but my insecurities outweigh the need to want to look better. I had sagging, dark circles to my lower lids and fatty unattractive upper lids. This was my first cosmetic surgery experience, so i was really nervous about everything. I am now 15... READ MORE

Moved to Florida 7 years ago. I was 55 then, and looking somewhat tired, with bags under eyes. I went to my Dr. to improve my appearance and look somewhat younger again. I have always had pretty eyes, almond in shape and told I looked like Sophia Loren. My upper weren't that bad, but thought... READ MORE

I'm 51 and SO ready to finally get rid of these bags under my eyes that have bothered me since childhood! Curious to hear feedback from any of you who may have feedback/experience with doctors in my area. I've had one consultation with a San Francisco "Top Doctor" here on RealSelf, I am... READ MORE

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