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Blepharoplasty, also known as eyelid surgery or eyelid lift, is a cosmetic procedure that removes or tightens sagging skin around the eyes, resulting in a smoother, more taut appearance. Surgery can also change the shape of the eye, such as in Asian Eyelid Surgery or to address droopy eyelidsLEARN MORE ›

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I have been reading the many success stories for eyelid surgery on this site, and the few complications, and I am going to go forward with surgery to remove the bags under my eyes. I am 38 yrs. old, and, during my consultation on Wednesday, April 25, 2013, my oculoplastic surgeon, Dr. Paul... READ MORE

Dr Vonu was very understanding of my time crunch when I went in for my initial consultation. I had my upper eyelids, lower bags, and nose done all at once, which was a great idea to save money and recovery time by doing them all at once! Recovery was very painless and all the work Dr Vonu did... READ MORE

I decided to have this surgery when I had 45 years old. It take me a long time to evaluate doctors and I finally I decided for a Facial Plastic Surgeon. I selected Dr. Eric Adler because I had the opportunity to see some of his patients and his surgeries are amassing. I had my surgery and the... READ MORE

I love Dr. Johnson. He's the "go to" Dr. He's honest to a fault and won't do a procedure he's not confident you'll love or that will not work out for your skin type/body shape. He has done my breast implant exchange to larger, Nose job, Liposuction of lower body and fat transfer to the face. I... READ MORE

Pro's: T o look refreshed first thing in the morning. To have Dark shadows under eyes gone forever. Excess skin ( bags) removed from under eyes. To turn back time somewhat with an open eye appeal. Con's: I think the eyes are the soul of a person and that's the first thing people notice about You... READ MORE

Had upper and lower eyelids surgery done and I couldn't be happier. I had no pain or dry eyes. Yes extremely swollen for 3 weeks but then my under-eye bags are gone and uppers are wide open. Looks wonderful. People keep complimenting me on how I look and don't even know what I had done. I still... READ MORE

Having fair skin and getting older equals saggy skin. After a friend had her eyelids lifted after it was deemed to be medically necessary- in other words, starting to interfere with her vision- I checked into it. Mine were not as bad as some I've seen in my family but seemed to feel heavier each... READ MORE

I opted for upper blepharoplasty with Dr Vera Satankova at Iscare in Prague last week. I chose here for the price compared to the UK and I know that the procedure is highly popular in Prague. Dr Satakova's CV is impressive which swayed me to choose Iscare. I am only on day 8, will be having... READ MORE

I had a blepharoplasty a week ago, and my eyelids are uneven and the incision look horrible. My incision is longer than my eyelids crease. I will probably have a really bad scar when the incision healed. I am unhappy with my result and considering revision blepharoplasty with another doctor. I... READ MORE

My upper lids were laying on my eyelashes and affecting my vision. It was to the point my contacts were being pushed around on my eyeballs from the weight of my lids. I'm very happy with the surgery and the outcome. The surgery was a bit more involved than I anticipated - I think because my... READ MORE

The first time I remember noticing what I believed was a "sty" in my eye was around December 2014. It could have been there much longer, but I gave it very little thought. It looked like a small pimple on my bottom eyelid. It wasn't painful, it wasn't even that noticeable to anyone but me. In... READ MORE

I was going to go low key on this - but I thought nope " I gotta let my sisters know out there how it goes down" I also wanted to share my protocol. As you can see from the before pics I had quite a bit of hooding- which has always been my natural look. As you know it can begin to look like one... READ MORE

I am 31 and always had an Asian eye shape (even though I'm not Asian ) I hated my hooded eyelids I thought they aged me. After 10 years of procrastination I finally did it 3 days ago. So far painful, uncomfortable and lots of trouble seeing. Swelling is constant and tight. I am only 3 days... READ MORE

I am 20 years old, I have had eye bags and puffy upper eyelids as young as 10. It's genetic so No make-up, cucumbers, or uncountable hours of sleep could take this away. I decided to do it because I wanted a boost in my confidence. I was also tired of people asking me if i've been sleeping,... READ MORE

Ok so thought it was about time I started rambling. I feel like I've been stalking realself for about 6 months now trying to get as much info as I possibly can for this procedure. What an amazing site - it has answered so many questions and concerns that I have, I'm at the point now where I... READ MORE

I have always had fairly heavy lids but the past few years they just seemed heavier and bothered me. The recovery is just that - recovery, so be patient. I did not experience major pain, but it was tough having to sleep propped up. Once you can start sleeping normally, don't freak if you wake up... READ MORE

Surgery tomorrow at 7:45. I am afraid of the swelling I have seen in some people photos. I have not seen my post op instructions was told I will get them when leaving after the surgery. I've read what I can find online in order to try to prepare. I am having what is called 'twilight'... READ MORE

I had my upper eyelid surgery done on 01/22/2015. I’m not going to lie, I was terrified. But in the end, the whole thing was so easy. I had my procedure done under local anesthesia in Dr. Patel’s office. At first I was a little nervous about being awake, but it was no big deal. I used my ... READ MORE

Dr. William Guy did my upper eyelids in May of this year 2015 and I could not be more please ! It was an very easy surgery with a great outcome . Dr. Guy is very professional, compassionate , personable and made me feel like I was his only patient . I would recommend Dr. Guy to anyone that is... READ MORE

After reading so many stories of heartbreak and disappointment I was more than a little nervous to undergo an upper Bleph procedure. After all, you can't put skin back once it's removed. But my upper eyelids were interfering with my peripheral vision so I had to do something. Dr. Johl is the... READ MORE

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The typical cost for Eyelid Surgery ranges from $1,000-$6,400 with an average cost of $4,525. Costs will vary by surgeon, geographic region and the complexity of the procedure. Cost estimates are based on 2,482 patient reviews submitted on RealSelf. Learn more