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Blepharoplasty, also known as eyelid surgery or eyelid lift, is a cosmetic procedure that removes or tightens sagging skin around the eyes, resulting in a smoother, more taut appearance. Surgery can also change the shape of the eye, such as in Asian Eyelid Surgery or to address droopy eyelidsLEARN MORE ›

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Hi, I've always had excess skin on my eyelids....it runs in my family. So I finally decided to go ahead with it two months ago and turned out visually great! My operation was at Fabjan Plastic Surgery Clinic and dr. Amadej Lah was reassuring and kindly answered my 1000 questions. Operation... READ MORE

A few years ago I needed a photo for a new passport, and the cheap drugstore photos were shocking - where did those wrinkles come from? After confirming it was more than bad lighting, I noticed more & more my wrinkled under eye area since I'm a working musician (and people like to take... READ MORE

I had the eye lid lift surgery with Dr. Mack on June 19, 2015. I am ecstatic over the results! I am 57 years old, and the surgery makes me look 10 years younger. Immediately after the surgery, my husband said he was already impressed with the results. I followed all the directions from Dr. Mack... READ MORE

I had liposculpture 6 years ago with dr yanez. I was very satisfied and came back for eyelids surgery and lipo of the cheeks. I was operated at 2 pm. The surgery went well. I left the same day at 9 pm. I wish i had them done years ago. I love the results. I am planning to go back for breast... READ MORE

My eyelids were making me look tired and older. There was also significant amount of noticeable hooding on the sides. No amount of a Botox eye lift worked for me. Dr. Richards performed lower lid surgery 10 years prior, and I was very happy with those results, so of course I went back to him for... READ MORE

I have these heavy eye bags before that bother me. They're very visibly obvious as not only my wife and my friends but even at the office my staff made some comments of my haggard looking eyes. Dr. Diaz was very friendly and approachable. As a well known plastic surgeon in our country, she... READ MORE

Hi all, I had an upper and lower blephaoplast on Monda, May 18th with Dr. Lawrence Kass in St. petersburg, FL. He is an oculo plastic surgeon and had many 5 star reviews here on real self. I am now on Day 7, Memorial day. I have my first post op visit tomororw,Tuesday, and I am supposed to have... READ MORE

I have THEE MOST awful dark circles and bags under my eyes! My eyes have always been this way, but over the last five years has gotten much worse...so it's time to do something about it! There is NO eye cream or topical solution on the planet that can give me the results I want. I am expecting... READ MORE

I had Blepharoplasty, eyelid surgery, to remove excess skin and fat from my upper and lower eyelids to get rid of the puffiness. The upper eyelid surgery went well, but the lower surgery caused chemosis, commonly known as dry eye, to develop. While I learned that this can be expected, mine has... READ MORE

Extremely happy with the outcome of my upper and lower bleph with mid face lift and couldn't imagine it turning out any better. Great doctor and good recovery. Swelling from the mid face lift took a lot longer than I anticipated, but after 3 months things settled down to normal and eye bags are... READ MORE

I have had heavy eyelids all my life and have been considering an upper-lid lift for the last several years. After seeing myself on video for work, I deciced to get serious about having a consult. I interviewed two surgeons and felt most comfortable with Dr. Catherine Winslow and her staff. I... READ MORE

I apologize for not adding any additional information into this post. I am not one for written word. As you can see from the below picture, my eyelids were sagging, which started a few years ago. Makeup and my glasses hid the issue for quite a while, but when I had noticed that a previous scar... READ MORE

I previously had lower blepharoplasty with Dr.Karamanoukian in 2013. The results exceeded expectation. I am in nursing school so had to wait for time off in order to do uppers. The results are already fantastic and it's only day 1! Dr.K and his assistant are a well choreographed team. Dr.K is a... READ MORE

I started noticing sagging skin, eyes, wrinkles about 2 years ago. When I looked in the mirror, I saw an old women. So, I started with lasers and expensive creams. I know, these are for a different review but just sharing my journey. I had genesis laser once a month for a year. I had the pearl... READ MORE

My upper and lower blepharoplasty was performed by Dr Stephen Weber, Lone Tree, Colorado. Doctor Weber’s office staff is pleasant and professional and meets the standard. I met with Dr Weber for initial consultation where he was civilized and professional. Did I care for his bedside manner?... READ MORE

So, where should I start. I'm not getting iLASLK instead I'm getting a thing called eye muscle surgery. This is to correct the alinement of my eyes. I guess I could bring up middle school, everybody was afraid of due to my outside appearance. A typical response I'd get from my peers was fear,... READ MORE

Ever since I was a young child I knew my eyes were different, I have had a heavy brow and hooded eyes from birth that have made me look older than my years. Thanks to Dr. Bryan Mendelson and his amazing team, I have amazing newly defind eyes, that is subtle, symmetrical and very natural looking.... READ MORE

I've always disliked my upper lids. I have the lovely combination of a very hooded lid and a small eye. It's gotten much more pronounced in the last few years and I really don't feel like waiting until insurance will cover it. I've looked at over 10 surgeons and spoken with several and I felt... READ MORE

I’ve spent an obscene amount of time on this website (and others) doing research for this procedure. As such, I’m going to give back by sharing my experience. I’m a healthy 32-year-old female, 5’7, 135lbs in good shape – I eat clean and exercise. My fat bags have nothing to do with... READ MORE

At 55 years old I was starting to obsess daily on the saggy skin that surrounded my eyes. I knew I had to do something about it as soon as possible. At this time of searching, I had several friends who had very POSITIVE outcomes by Dr Thomas Taylor and when I saw their results and met Dr... READ MORE

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