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Blepharoplasty (more commonly known as eyelid surgery or an eyelid lift) removes or tightens sagging skin around the eyes, resulting in a smoother, more youthful appearance. The procedure may also be used to create a crease where one is missing, such as with Asian eyelid surgeryLEARN MORE ›

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The Best Cosmetic Surgeon in South Florida. Jupiter, FL

I had several surgeries with Doctor cooper and every one I felt that a family member was taking care me but it was Doctor Cooper. He has the best bed manners , he know to listen and pay attention to his patients. He knows to do his art. He is and artis with a women body. And an upper eyelid... READ MORE

48 Years Old Post Op Orbital Decompression HyperThyroid Etc.

Surgery went well. I did not, so far, get double vision....i was extremely sick after surgery from the anesthesia and had to be admitted for observation. It is just super swollen and doesn.t throb. It hurts really only when i try looking around. I have to move my head over to what i am trying to... READ MORE

Upper and Lower Eyelid -- Blepharoplasty - Omaha, NE

Doctor Richard Bruneteau MD performed a complete facelift on me. This included a brow lift and eyelid surgery. Everything seemed okay but here it is almost five months later and I'm not happy with the upper lid results. I took pictures of my face beginning with the day of my surgery and every... READ MORE

32yrs Bilateral Upper Blepharoplasty. London, GB

I had been very concious of my hooded eyelids for over the last 3years. I felt that I couldn't apply the makeup styles I wanted & I also felt I looked very serious and tired all the time. I finally took the plunge and had a consultation with Dr Dunaway on the 15th July 2015. I spent a lot of... READ MORE

A Bit Scared but Hopeful. Glasgow, GB

After being unhappy with my hooded eyelids for the last 3 years, I have had a consultation for upper eyelid surgery in Harley Street. I was happy with the surgeon I saw and made sure I asked all the questions I needed answering. My procedure is booked in January and although a big part of me... READ MORE

Eye Bag Repositioning - Aliso Viejo, CA

Waited all my young life for this procedure glad I waited on Gods timing. I have always looked older and tired nothing ever helped. I was interested in Dr. Timothy's because he does not remove the fat but relocates it to a better position and if needed removed excess skin which I needed..... READ MORE

46 in Need of Eye Rejuvenation. Webster, TX

Well, were to start... I have been following so many ladies that have gotten a neck lift and eye lid fix, so I was sure that is what I wanted to do; and the research begun. There are two Dr that I have been impressed by their work here in RS; one is in Costa Rica and the other in NC, both in... READ MORE

46 Years Old. Looking for Good Results with Revisional Eye Ptosis Surgery - New York

Had eye ptosis surgery more than a year ago. The surgery helped with the height of the eye lid, but it still didn't give me any eyelid definition. Unhappy with the experience and want to go for a revision with a skilled "artists"! Ive seen some great results on realself, and would love just to... READ MORE

56 Yr Old, One Eyelid Droopier Than the Other, but Both Drooping. Wellesley, MA

I first saw Dr. Kapadia for removal of a growth on my lower eyelid. It was a great experience, and he suggested I think about having an eyelid lift in the future. I had thought about it before, as it is a family trait, but thought I would have to be put to sleep and it would be alot of money.... READ MORE

So Glad I Finally Did It - Westport, CT

I've wanted to have my upper eyelids fixed for the last 12 years and either never had the time or the money. I saw several doctors for consults and finally picked Dr. Ellen Mahoney in Westport, CT for a number of reasons. The first, and most important, is that I felt immediately comfortable... READ MORE

Upper Eyelid Surgery - Cincinnati, OH

Not at all happy with the results yet! The better looking eye has a hole that seems to be staying open as it heals. Stitches were in for less than five days. The other eye seems to have less skin removed and it's purple and puffy. Scars are raised and bumpy. The entire process had been traumatic... READ MORE

50 This Year and Time to Ditch the Eye Bags! - Lower bleph with fat repositioning. Manchester, GB

Ok here goes. I will try and tell you as I have found it with the procedure itself and post op. I had a bleph transconjunctival fat repositioning. I had twighlight sedation. So the anaethatist put a canula in my hand, then the surgeon marked up my face. I was given the anasthetic and to be... READ MORE

Revisional Eyelid Surgery Including Scar Revision, Skin Pinch, Canthopexy, Zplasty and Fat Transfer - Dallas, TX

Ok...so...this is the first review I have ever written but I wanted to share my experience so that hopefully I can help others in their journey and keep them from making the same mistakes I did. Unfortunately, I had not heard of Realself until after I was botched. But I hope this will at least... READ MORE

Hollow Eyes Fat Repositioning - London, GB

I would absolutely recommend Dr Shah Desai for any eyelid treatment. From the first time I met her, she took her time in explaining all possible options for my hollow eyelid following ptosis surgery on the NHS. A number of different options were discussed and considered - both surgical and... READ MORE

Follow Up After a Year

My Lower blepharoplasty resulted in stitches bursting near outside corner of right eye. Doom & gloom after posting my photos here but in fact it healed itself. There are still a couple of indentations, not as aesthetically successful as the other eye but no need for any reconstructive surgery at... READ MORE

45yr Old Tired of Being Told "You Look Tired" - Michigan

I contemplated getting something done to remove and/or the bags and dark circles under my eyes. After several consults, I finally decided to do an upper and lower blepharoplasty. I was told everything from needing only a lower bleph to just use fillers to do the upper/lower bleph plus fat... READ MORE

Touched by MICHELANGELO! - Schererville, IN

I had a double blepharoplasty. Yesterday I went back to Dr. Galante for the 3 mo. checkup and he took the "after" photo. Then he showed me the "before" photo. SHOCK!!! Why didn't anyone tell me I was walking around all this time with my eyes half-closed? I looked like the Walking Dead! ... READ MORE

45 Year Old Female - Becoming Increasingly Unhappy and Self-conscious About Eye Bags - United Kingdom, GB

For the last 4/5 years I had become increasingly unhappy about looking so tired all the time. Ironically, the more rested I was the more tired I looked (from lying down for longer, which increased the tired look on top of the fat pads under my eyes). After giving it a lot of thought over the... READ MORE

Revision Upper Eyelid Repair SUCCESS! - Chicago, IL

Dr. Geroulis far exceeded my expectations in revision upper eyelid repair surgery, done by an occuloplastic surgeon years ago. The original surgeon had left me with asymmetry, a lot of scar tissue, extra skin, and fat that should have been removed. It also appeared one eye didn't close all the... READ MORE

It Was "Curtains" for Me, Till I Saw Dr. Lee [Eyelid Curtains] - Newport Beach, CA

When I saw Dr. Lee 4 years ago for my Lifestyle Lift procedure, he was reluctant to perform an eyelid surgery, since I am congenitally blind in one eye. I appreciated his conservative approach and his concern for protecting my vision.My facelift experience was fantastic! I returned to him... READ MORE

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