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Blepharoplasty (more commonly known as eyelid surgery or an eyelid lift) tightens or removes excess sagging skin around the eyes, resulting in a smoother, more youthful appearance. The procedure may also be used to create a crease where one is missing, such as with Asian eyelid surgeryLEARN MORE

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Blepharoplasty Top and Bottom

Others had helped me decide on getting my surgery by looking at their pic's! I thank you all for sharing! I can't believe what an incredible job Dr. Leonard Prutsok did! I have had NO complications, minimal bruising/swelling and the scars are so tiny and clean, not bumpy or uneven. I'm very glad... READ MORE

Day 1 , the Day I've Literally Dreamed of for Twenty Three Years!!TO LIVE WITHOUT BAGS

I have had major eye bags since age 19 when I developed severe hypothyroidism and was undiagnosed until I just about slipped into a coma the Dr told me.Since then it's been sunglasses,no pictures with family,no eye makeup,a billion eye creams, and holding my fingers under my eyes to see what I'd... READ MORE

Upper Eyelid Time!!

After considering this surgery for a few years it was time. Today was the day!! I can already tell I'm so happy I did this. Procedure wasn't bad at all. About 4 pricks for numbing each eye was the worst part.. and that wasn't bad. . (About the same as getting Botox. ) after that you really... READ MORE

A beyond talented and amazing Doctor

Doctor Liu is beyond amazing. From the day I walked in his office I felt extremely comfortable with him, he has the unique ability to connect with you by carefully listening to your questions and concers. I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Liu by pure luck, I went to his office for a work... READ MORE

So pleased with result

So pleased with my results of my Blepharoplasty (upper eye lift) Mr Akhtar explained in detail the procedure and after care, reassured me as am afraid of needles of the general anaesthetic, didn't feel a thing. BMI Huddersfield looked after me with care. Hardly any bruising Overall 100% READ MORE

Upper Eyelids (Blepharoplasty) I Don't Feel 60, Why Should I Look Like It?

Here we go again! This time I'm going to get my eyelids done ( blepharoplasty). I've always been so careful with my eyes - being so gentle and never pulling on them, but what happened when I lost 30 lbs last year? I lost my boobs and my eyelids sagged! They were a bit saggy before, but not as... READ MORE

It was everything I would have expected and could have wished for in a surgeon, team, and outcome.

My experience has been, and continues to be, flawless. Dr. Mendelsohn AND his team are professional, patient, down to earth, and thoughtful in each detail. I am a question-asker, and it took me a while before I was ready to have my eyes done. I've been a client of this facility for a decade... READ MORE

Tired eyes-(Lower Blepharoplasty & Botox)!! - Beverly Hills, CA

I am a workaholic (nurse). The long days/nights had really taken a toll on my eyes. I thought if I would take a long two week vacation the suitcases would leave my face. I also tried mostly every over the counter product, and nothing worked! They only made my problem worse. I am thankful that... READ MORE

50 Yr Old Female Eye Lift

I anxiously scheduled my upper bleph and was very nervous but it was surprisingly painless. I have been following directions to a t and so far I think I am healing as expected. Today is say 3 (I had the surgery Friday am and today is Sunday am.) Aside from the tight feeling on my lids and a bit... READ MORE

No One Tells Me I Look Tired Anymore!

I am a 55 year old woman, and I look pretty good for my age. I take care of myself, eat right, exercise, and am young in spirit. My upper eyelids were falling, and the bags under my eyes were getting worse. It was annoying being told I looked tired even when I wasn't. I finally went for the... READ MORE

Better Than I Could Have Hoped For

When I get up in the morning it's a pleasure not to look at a tired face. I didn't pay much attention to makeup before but now I am having fun putting it on and going out knowing I look so much more alive. Every morning, when I see myself in the bathroom mirror, I am so happy to see that I don't... READ MORE

52 Yr Old, Upper/Lower Bleph for a Refreshed Look! - Las Vegas, NV

I've noticed over the last year or so that I just can't get rid of the tired look, no matter how much makeup I use. I had to raise my eyebrows to see better, or to look like I wasn't angry. I also developed bags under my eyes, both from age and (I'm guessing) stress at different times in my... READ MORE

Amazing Results - Upper Eyelid Reduction

I had been thinking about upper eyelid surgery for a few years and for a long time had it in the back of my mind because genetically my family have a drooping eyelid feature. After being asked if I was tired more and more often (and even had I been crying!) I reached the stage where I felt... READ MORE

Lower Blepharoplasty with Canthopexy and Chin Liposuction. Dr. Johnny Mao is the BEST! - Orange, CT

I am 46 years old, and in good health and in good shape. I had really pronounced lower lid bags with malar mounds as well (a plastic surgery challenge). I also had a bit of a double chin due more to genetics and a shortened jawline than to weight. I spent the last year researching surgeons,... READ MORE

had lower lid revision on the tenth of february 2017 by Dr Guy Massry

I am hoping that my doctor that I have chosen will be able to repair the experimental work of my previous sugeon.it has been the 2 year mark since the original surgery that left me looking so strange .this doctor was too embarrassed to admit what he had done to cause the inner can thus to lift... READ MORE

Instills confidence from the moment you meet him!

Highly professional, Dr. Hormozi instills confidence from the moment you meet him! Specializing in ocular-plastic patients with medical needs at first, Dr. Hormozi has years of surgical experience, which to me is a very important quality in a doctor to whom I entrust all of my beauty needs. I... READ MORE

look naturally beautiful and better than yourself

Dr Hormozi is best surgeon around. He has an artistic eye and makes you look like yourself but better. If you want to look natural and beautiful with eye lift or fillers or face lift you will not be disappointed. I have been going to Dr Hormozi for over 10 years and "when" i need a face lift... READ MORE

I look 15 years Younger!!

Dr. Yao is an expert in this business. He has done a few procedures and we were extremely please and blown away. The appointments were very informative and educational which helped me understand all of the phases of the procedures and what my expectations were. Tremendous bedside manor and... READ MORE

Exceeded my expectations and my standards are HIGH! =)

Words cannot explain how much my life has changed since the life changing procedure/surgery. I had orbital decompression, lower eyelid retraction, and orbital rim tear trough implants. I've been wanting to do this surgery for a long time and I've spent a great deal of time doing extensive... READ MORE

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