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CoolLipo is a laser liposuction device marketed as a more targeted means (vs. liposuction surgery) to reduce pockets of body fat. Available in the U.S. only. LEARN MORE ›

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I'm Next - Fox River Grove, IL

I'm next on the 27 of July and then Aug 2 for me back side. The Fox River office seems really far for me, but your right the office staff was great and made me feel really good about the process. READ MORE

So Worth It - Burlington, VT

I had Cool Lipo on my lower abdomen "pooch" area that I could never get rid of with working out. It is only 2 and a half weeks later and my stomach looks great! There was some pain the first day but its the type of pain that just feels like you did an intense ab workout. I was... READ MORE

Really Excited and Nervous - Illinois

I am a 36 year old mom 5'7 165lbs who has never really been happy with shape. I am getting upper and lower abs and flanks and maybe bra line if possiable. I was told I should have good results. I will post before photos soon. Dr. T and staff very friendly. I hope I am making the right... READ MORE

Loss of Senstion and Numbness to Lower Abdomen - Flushing, NY

Very painful... I am still sore 10 days after the procedure was done. loss of sesation to lower abdm, bruising is sarting to go away....will keep everyone updated I had cool lipo done to my upper, lower, and side abdomen 9 days ago. On day 7 , I lost all sensation to my lower abdomen, I... READ MORE

Loved It! But Still Healing from Cool Lipo Done 15 Days Ago....

I had cool lipo done about 15days ago now and i saw great results right away! Swelling is occurring now but i was told about it. After all it is still major surgery that my body is recovering from. But all pain is gone and im back to feeling normal :-) I don’t yet fit into my jeans but... READ MORE

Cool Lipo on Saddlebags & Love Handles; Next Up Hips & Butt

Completely worth it! I work out but have fat from the waist down that I couldn't manage to burn off.I had my saddlebags and love handles done in November and will be going back because the results were so amazing. (to me at least and that is what matters)There was a little bit of pain during... READ MORE

Cool Lipo on Face, Neck and Jowls - YIKES

Cool Lipo on face,neck,jowels 10 days ago. Worse part of procedure was the numbing. Nobody called after the procedure to see how i was feeling. I was terribly swollen,sore and bruised for several days.NOW, my neck is squishy like jello, the skin is sagging and hanging and it jiggles. i look so... READ MORE

I Made a Big Mistake by Having Cool Lipo on my Neck!

It's been six weeks since I had cool lipo done on my neck area. I am STILL wearing a bandaid under my chin where I was BURNED very badly, from the inside out! This wound does not seem to want to heal. It is very deep and the is very replusive looking. I went to a dermatalogist to have her... READ MORE

Terrible Experience W/ CoolLipo on Hips and Outer Thighs

I had a cool lipo prodecure just 2 days ago on my hips and outer tights.I still cant walk from the extreme pain or trauma. Its black,blue really bad bruising. The worst part is i have wery strong draining and looks bloody.  Its really scarry and very uncomfortable i cant even leave my... READ MORE

Full Abs, Love Handles and Bra Roles- Worth It!

I am a young college student who could not get rid of the stuborn love handles, bra roles and abdomenal fat. I was working out 6 days a week and eating healthy. I was tired of trying diet pills and failing so I looked into liposuction. Then I discovered the alternatives such as Cool Lipo.It is... READ MORE

In my 30s, Got CoolLipo for Muffin Top, Bra Roll and Lower Abs

Okay, so being in my 30's I started to get the pooch on my lower abs and the dreaded muffin top along with that ugly roll under the bra.I am very active but have problem areas just like everyone else. I decided to get this done and it was the best thing I have ever done for MYSELF.My doctor was... READ MORE

Cool Lipo on Saddlebags - St. Louis

I had cool lipo performed on the 14th of Feb. It was on my saddlebags. I weigh around 125 and am 5'6" so I am thin, but my saddlebags were a huge problem for me. I could never find clothing to fit me. It took about 3 hrs total. They took 800 cc (1 litre) of fat out of me. It was slightly... READ MORE

2 Inch Scar on Neck

I had a coolipo procedure done about 1 1/2 years ago on my neck area.  What happened to me is horrible!!!  The surgeon used too much heat with too many passes in the same area of my neck and it resulted in a terrible 2 inch V shaped burn scar.  The burn happened from inside of my... READ MORE

CoolLipo Liposuction

My face looks great, but I was beginning to get a sagging chin. I also wanted to get rid of my gut that was starting to become a problem. I went in for CoolLipo chin and belly treatment. I am so happy. The procedure and recovery was so quick. And going through the procedure, I didn't have... READ MORE

2 Weeks Post-op and Tummy Exactly the Same As Before

I had cool lipo on my lower abdomen on the 19th of June and now despite it almost being two weeks, my lower abs look as bloated as before. The experience itself was very comfortable and I felt no pain whatsoever. In fact, I felt very happy and chatted throughout the procedure. However,... READ MORE

Great Results After Just 2 Weeks...

After reading lots of reviews, I was lucky enough to find that the best doctor for this procedure is just 20 minutes from where I live. My procedure included love handles, stomach and flanks (back). At 5'8" and 165, my BMI was well within range but all of my fat was concentrated around my middle... READ MORE

Very Happy with the Results.!...It is WORTH IT!

I had CoolLipo done on my abdominal area. The treatment was comfortable and I would definately do it again! I was picky about who actually did the proceedure, as I work in the medical field. I know that most of the horror stories you hear about, such as on this site,are a result of Poor... READ MORE

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