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A chin implant is one of two ways the chin may be reshaped through surgery. The other, called sliding genioplasty, uses your own bone to augment the chin and therefore doesn't involve inserting a synthetic implant under the skin. Chin augmentations are often performed at the same time as rhinoplasty to have the most impact on your profile. LEARN MORE ›

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Chin Implant Removed!! ıf Anybody Dıd This Please Comment Your Healing Processes. ı Need Some Information

I got a chin implant 6 days ago. ?t was extended anatomical type, small size 5mm, silicon implant. incision made under the chin. ? felt numbness and t?ghtness ?n the r?ght s?de of my lower lip and chin right away. also right side of my lower lip was sore. ? cloudnt talk or eat or laugh. after... READ MORE

My Chin Implant

I never liked my profile felt I wanted to do something about it for a long time finally did and I feel good about the final result :-)! Post healing some swelling very little pain for two days. I was concerned that I not would look like myself but it was a natural fit and it looks just like I... READ MORE

24 Yr Old, Chin Implant, Neck Lipo, Buccal Fat Removal - Chattanooga, TN

Hey guys! first time posting on here, I am super excited for my surgery that is coming up in 2 1/2 weeks! It's been scheduled for 3 months now.. so I am more than ready. My small chin and profile has always bothered me since I was 16. Can't believe this is actually about to happen! Any tips I... READ MORE

Asian, Chin Implant and Buccal Fat Removal

Dr. Jeannie Chung achieved exactly what I wanted, a slimmer face. She absolutely did an outstanding job on improving the balance of my face and I am definitely satisfied. She was easy to talk to and absolutely professional and sweet. I have a round face with chubby cheeks and no chin and the... READ MORE

Ffs - Boston, MA

Worst surgery I've ever had. It's been almost 5 month and it's still a discomfort tightness in my chin. Feels like the chin is being place too high with screws. Also it's really crooked. I've mention this to Katie the person who have been handling my paper work with the surgery. But they have... READ MORE

Wanting This Forever!!! - Fleming Island, FL

I've always been self-conscious of my weak chin and unbalanced profile. I've hidden behind my hair for years, and micromanage every photo opportunity so that I'm always smiling (makes my chin appear bigger) My younger sister took the plunge two years ago and got hers done and I was so impressed... READ MORE

42 Lower facelift/ neck lift small chin implant

Friends call me Mari, after a 80 lb weight loss, I have had breast augmentation, TT, and now I am considering a face lift. I haven't decided on doctor yet. But the last one advised on neck lift with chin implant. He says I'm too young for face lift. My main concern is recovery time n advise on... READ MORE

19y Male, Chin Implant + Chin Liposuction - Sweden, SE

In 5 days I am having a chin implant inserted through my mouth, combined with a liposuction. This will be the end of a process that begun with braces at the age of 12. I had a huge overbite (Almost 1cm) that was corrected with Twin Blocks. Still, my chin is very far back. I also have a large... READ MORE

Rhino, Brow lift, platysmsplasty, and chin implant...

The chin was recommended due to weak profile. I can appreciate it in certain lighting, and angles. But, I can feel it every day. Very tender even after a year and hurts the most when I sleep on it by accident (roll over in the night). I'm having it removed tomorrow morning. My surgeon thinks... READ MORE

Chin Augmentation

After a lot of research of doctor's portfolios, reviews, costs and consultations I decided to go with Dr. Michael Elam out of California. About me: I had a upper jaw surgery and a sliding genioplasty in 2005 in conjunction with orthodontics to correct overbite/overjet. Although the procedure... READ MORE

Chin Implant with Liposuction, 35 Yr Old Female - Raleigh, NC

I can relate to so many people's reviews here on Real Self. The first time I remember realizing that I hated my profile was probably back in middle school when I could see my reflection in a sideways mirror. I vividly remember that moment. From then on, I always tried to raise my chin up to... READ MORE

I Need a Chin (And a New Nose Too) - Folsom, CA

I inherited an unfortunate mouth/chin situation. I've been through multiple sets of braces, retainers, headgear, etc. My orthodontist as a child wanted my mom to commit me to jaw surgery, but she knew that would have been like moving a mountain so we opted to attempt to fix my overbite with... READ MORE

24 Year Old Chin Implant Before and After

My profile always looked odd in pictures and until a friend pointed it out. I couldn't work out what it was. The surgery was a success and my PS was incredible. I couldn't think of anyone better to help me out. I really do recommend him. I've still got a while to go until I can see my final... READ MORE

40 Years Old, Chin Implant. Small Size.

I'm 39 but will have my surgery the day after my 40th birthday. I have always hated my weak chin and the associated fleshy appearance that it gave me. I'm hoping the surgery will tighten the neck skin in addition to fixing my weak chin. My doctor said that it would, and I believe him. I'll... READ MORE

Looking Forward to an Improved Profile with a Chin Implant and Submental Lipo - Westake Village, CA

I've always felt my face was "off" just a bit, especially when I catch a glimpse of my profile or when I look down at my phone and see my chin completely disappear in to my neck, yuck! I'm hoping I can achieve more of a contour in the neck with a chin implant as well as submental liposuction... READ MORE

Considering Chin Implant and Would Love Opinions!

Hey y'all! I have been considering a chin implant for a while now and would like to hear from people who have gone through the procedure. My issue is I have a very petite face and I feel like my chin is out of proportion to the rest of my face. I also have a high hairline but feel like I should... READ MORE

Chin Implant & Rhinoplasty - Mexico

After having done a buffalo fat removal and upper blepharoplasty with dr. Carmona in Cancun Mexico and being happy with the results I decided to get my last surgeries I had on my list done with him I have had a rhinoplasty before because I had an ENORMOUS hump on my nose. I was 16. There was... READ MORE

Just a Slight Definition. Greenwood, IN

I have always wanted a little definition on the bottom portion of my face, especially when I smile. I had my consultation with Dr Hamilton in February and scheduled my surgery the day after! I felt so confident in his assessment and work, that I didn't need to consult with other doctors. Along... READ MORE

Receded Fat Chin Fix - 25 Yo Female

I have scribbled over my images for privacy concerns, though you can see exactly the changes made. The reason I went for a chin implant was due to the irreversible changes I made to my body post childbirth. I was the very slim and athletic body type before becoming a Mum, very little body fat... READ MORE

28 Yrs, Seeking Chin Implant - London, UK

Hi everyone! I have wanted a chin implant for quite some time now - been playing with the idea for a few years after seeing a picture of myself from the side on facebook. My chin is not very badly weak/recessed but it is enough that I have a (to me) very unappealing profile. I am also happy for... READ MORE

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