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Chemical peels remove old skin so that new layers can grow in their place. This controlled removal ranges in strength, from superficial peels that use mild acids to deep peels that penetrate several layers of skin. Depending the type of peel you get, you might have a reaction similar to a sunburn, which may involve scaling, swelling, and blisters. This may last anywhere from three to 14 days, after which time your skin should be smoother, brighter, and softer. LEARN MORE ›

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I decided to have a chemical peel because my skin was starting to show signs of aging. I am developing some sun spots and my pores are getting bigger and my skin is just a little more dull than usual. Dr. Karamounkian suggested that I have a chemical peel and I agreed. It peeled for a little... READ MORE

I had the procedure done to clear up my skin. It barely caused any pain more like a light stinging sensation. Every time i have gotten the procedure done my skin looks better every single time. There really was not any cons to the procedure because the results came out what was expected from... READ MORE

A friend referred me to Dr. Alfred Randall Moss at Moss Medical, and I should have immediately been suspicious that he was treating her for weight loss and Botox (Xeomin). I didn't research this doctor properly. I went in for large pores and blackheads, and the aesthetician recommended a... READ MORE

Doctor Moyer is professional and makes you feel very comfortable in his hands, he is calm and always has an answer to your questions. I have had several chemical peels done, I'm never worried despite of how my face looks the following days after, I know Doctor Moyer knows what he is doing. I... READ MORE

I've been researching various peels lately and decided on the Perfect Derma Peel. It seemed easy enough based on the tutorials on YouTube. You can get it done at a medical spa and pay around $300, or you can buy from Amazon or other skin care sites and do it yourself. I got my own from Amazon... READ MORE

Dr. Sam Most is one of the best, and most ethical, facial plastic surgeons in the United States. I found him because I had gone to a dermatologist, not a board certified plastic surgeon, for laser skin resurfacing, and ended up with scars that took two years to fade. Dr. Most tested both laser... READ MORE

Since they day I had acne, i have had acne scars. Granted, I caused and perpetuated them by my picking they were still a struggle for me. As I have gotten older and the scars have built up I have reached a point of frustration where all i wanted was for them to be gone forever. I started... READ MORE

Worst experience. I went for a consult to get rid of my freckles on my face. He recommend a "Weekend Peel" I was told I would have the procedure on a Thursday and by Monday I would be good as new. Well 2 weeks later I still looked like a giant strawberry. When I came in for my first checkup I... READ MORE

I decided it was time to start taking care of my skin. Having a chemical peel was a great place to start. I was happily surprised with the pealing process. It wasn't as bad as I thought. I was able to continue my daily routines and not have to hide out. I have noticed the glow that has come... READ MORE

I started coming to Dr. Barone for "sun spots" on my face. I completed 3 fraxel laser tx 9 years ago and have not needed further tx. However, during the tx it was highly suggested that I start caring for my skin with one of Esthetician, I have faithfully used the skin products suggested and... READ MORE

Trying to stay ahead of the aging game in terms of pigmentation due to regular sun exposure. I had a 3-step ZO Peel performed on 10/8 as a birthday present. I was in and out of the office within a hour. I was able to go to a social function that evening. Slight yellowish tone to skin for about... READ MORE

My face had so many age/sun spots when I started doing microderm and then did 2 chemical peels (the VI peel). The results are just amazing. My skin has cleared up so much and feels great. I highly recommend at a very minimum a skin consultation to get you started on skin care to improve your... READ MORE

Where to begin...Michele Green is my absolute skin (possibly even life) savior. I had tried other dermatologists and numerous skin care lines before visiting Dr. Green's office a few years ago. My skin was both breaking out and far too dry at the same time, and I lost a great deal of... READ MORE

I went in to consult with Dr. Nazarian about a breast procedure. I had a previous surgery and needed it revised. She was amazing in every way and thoroughly examined me and gave amazing suggestions. I also consulted with her about my skin and now I am going to her for botox, juverderm and... READ MORE

I had undergone many treatments for pigmentation and I was given creams and few treatments done too. I had lost hopes of it going. I checked online and found this place. I met the doctor and how she told me, made me decide to do the treatments immediately. She very honestly told me how it will... READ MORE

I was referred to Ann Yacullo, by a friend. Ann took the time to hear my concerns, and came up with a treatment plan. We decided that I would receive a series of peels to address my aging skin, blotchy ness, and old acne scarring. I have done my first peel and am happy to say, that some of my... READ MORE

I had both a laser treatment and a chemical peel. Both with outstanding results. No longer have to put on make up before I see someone in the morning. This is amazing and so appreciated. The staff was very professional and sensitive to my needs and they gave thorough instruction regarding... READ MORE

Elaine asks what your goals and hopes are for better and healthier skin and then gives suggestions and helps you move forward to achieve that goal. My skin has improved greatly thanks to Elaine! I have sent several friends to see Elaine for skin services and all have been very impressed not... READ MORE

I saw Dr. Taher for information on chemical peels ( I have mild acne & texture on my cheeks and forehead). I had previously gone to a spa where the Esthetician told me she wouldn't administer a peel because my skin was to dark. I know ethnic skin is delicate but I've had friends got them so I... READ MORE

I just received my peel this morning. I have been wanting to try a more advance peel (I have had the illumize done 2 or 3 times prior) to help battle my adult acne. Last week, I received an e-mail about a peel special going on and knew this was the perfect time for me to try it. Since the... READ MORE

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