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Chemical peels remove old skin so that new layers can grow in their place. This controlled removal ranges in strength, from superficial peels that use mild acids to deep peels that penetrate several layers of skin. Depending the type of peel you get, you might have a reaction similar to a sunburn, which may involve scaling, swelling, and blisters. This may last anywhere from three to 14 days, after which time your skin should be smoother, brighter, and softer. LEARN MORE ›

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This Process Really Worked!

I've had some stubborn brown spots on my face, some hereditary and some from the sun, that just didn't seem to go away after trying other things. Dr. Lincenberg suggested doing a "spot" chemical peel on JUST these spots, since the rest of my face was doing well on skin care I was using. After... READ MORE

39 Years Old with Lots of Sun Exposure

I got medical-grade chemical peel from Dr. Chen's office, Acacia Dermatology & Skin Care Center. I had many facial peels before but Dr. Chen's peel is something else! After a week's worth of peeling and healing, all of my friends, family and co-workers were astonished at how good I look now.... READ MORE

Chemical Peel

I would give this experace a 5 star . This was my first visit at the Golla Center and found it a warm and wonderful experence . The staff were all very frindly Had a chemicle peel with Julie and was so happy to have her, She is so experenced in her work. I Looking forward to more sessions... READ MORE

The BensiPeel Gave My Face a Second Chance

Beyond my expectations Having grown up in San Diego, CA and being a “sun worshiper” my entire life, I had heavy sun damage. I had many sunspots, crow’s-feet from a lifetime of squinting in the sun, heavy lines around my mouth and as I was aging my eyelids were becoming heavy giving me a tired... READ MORE

47 year old in need of first Chemical Peel, 7% TCA with Retinol

I'm 47 years old and decided to have my first chemical peel to help with dryness, fine lines, discoloration and skin damage over the years. I was recommended by a dear friend to have Kathy at Hunstad/Kortesis MedSpa in Huntersville, NC to apply my chemical peel. She decided I needed their... READ MORE

TCA burn...

If you are going to have this TCA Chemical peel, a dermatologist grade peel is dune at a If you are going to have this TCA Chemical peel, a dermatologist grade peel is dune at a dermatologist office. This is the strongest peel you will get. Any other spa will not and CAN NOT give you this grade... READ MORE

Smooth Skin with Jessner Peel - Upland, CA

I found Paradise Laser Institute by Amazol local deals for microdermabrasion . I wasn't ready for a drastic procedure, I also schedule to get a Chemical peels. The front desk lady Graciela did my Chemical peels. The down time for the Jessner peel was over 10 days. My skin peeled a lot but it... READ MORE

Croton Oil Peel--Best Decision I Ever Made. Dr. Kass is Amazing!

As a teenager, I did not take care of my skin. I wore too much make up and never wore sun screen. I was extremely self-conscious of my skin, I felt like I looked like I’m I was in my 50s, and I’m really in my early 30s. I came across Dr. Kass on Realself, and saw the wonderful results from his... READ MORE

Chemical Peel Done By Dr.Anup Dhir.

My Wedding was Planned for Nov. and I wanted to improve the condition of Skin of my face. I consulted Dr.Anup Dhir & he advised me a series of six Peels, which improved the Pores & pigmentation of my Facial skin. I found him experience in the field of Cosmetic skin grafting improvement... READ MORE

Chemical Peels by Rebecca Weston = Best Cosmetic Decision Ever! - New York, NY

Rebecca has changed my skin for the oh so better. I have had two chemical peels administered by Rebecca with the most recent just two weeks ago. I have always wanted to enter the world of having professional procedures done but was always so hesitant (aka, scared). I have heard of and seen... READ MORE

I Am 44 Years Old. Mother of a 13-year-old Autistic Son. Full-time Service Industry Employment - Pittsburgh, PA

This summer I spent a lot of time in the sun and landscaping I was in desperate need of a deep poor cleansing. The staff at Aestique is always friendly and informative. Donna consolidated me on my skin and recommended a stimulator peel. I loved how gentle the peel and procedure felt on my skin... READ MORE

chemical peel - today - Melbourne, FL

I have pretty bad scarring on my cheeks from acne and i am hoping that this chemical peel will reduce the scarring and rejuvenate my skin. my face could seriously use some livening up. i had the peel today and the whole process only took about 20 minutes. i thought i would feel burning but it... READ MORE

Chemical Peels Are my Key to a Youthful Look!

I'm 33 and have been getting glycolic and lactic chemical peels since I was 26 to improve my skin's appearance and for preventative anti-aging benefits. They are well-worth it, but you want to make sure not to use any retinols 7 days prior to your treatment and to stay out of the sun days... READ MORE

Rebecca Weston is my Skin Guru!!!! New York, NY

As a guy in his early 40s, I have skin condition concerns. I was feeling like my skin was dull and had lost some elasticity with skin texture flaws. I did plenty of research on the benefits of chemical peels and the made the attempt of trying to find the best place to go for the best person to... READ MORE

Chemical Peel

There is absolutely nothing right with this business. Went in for a chemical peel, came out with the worst skin of my life that is still healing almost a year later. The aftercare from the nurses was incompetent rude and they simply didn't care. An alternative to going to this practice would be... READ MORE

Yearly Body-check Up for Skin Cancer and Recommended Chemical Peel

I saw Mindy today & I for one don't like going to the Dermatologist because I have lots of issues & procrastinate like many men do. I am a 68 yr. male with much sun damage. I was so comfortable & at ease talking to her that I was totally comfortable talking about my problems. Her... READ MORE

I'm 70 Yrs. Old. I Love Feeling and Looking Fresh and Especially Happy! Tigard, OR

I've spent my whole life taking care of others. Now I'm taking care of me! Bridge Port Laser and Wellness is helping me navigate my journey! I walk in the door and I know immediately I'm in good hands. I've been going to Bridge Port Laser and Wellness for several years and I know you won't be... READ MORE

Acne on Chest and Back

As a 26 year old who has had severe acne on my back and chest since I was a teenager, I never went out in public without a shirt. My chemical peel helped clear up my back and chest and has given me a new found sense of confidence. I want to thank Natalia at Bridgeport Laser & Wellness for... READ MORE

My First Chemical Peel Ever!

I am one who has always been leary about treatments to my face. I have the luck that if anything can go wrong it will go wrong with me. That changed once I met Candace Brogdon at Bullock Center for Aesthetics. Candace has educated me on the pro's of skin treatments. My experience with the peel... READ MORE

50yr Old, Needed Help with Uneven Texture on my Face.

I was 49 when i started my series of chemical peels at Dr. Goldman, in Beachwood Ohio in May. I wanted to even out my complexion. Stacy, the Aesthetician, told me about the Perfect Peel. I've done 3 peels, over a 3 month period. I'm so happy with how the peels have evened my skin tone out. I... READ MORE

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