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As the name suggests, chemical peels peel off old skin so new layers can grow in their place. This controlled removal ranges in strength, from superficial peels that use more mild acids to deep peels that penetrate several layers of skin. LEARN MORE ›

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After one vitalize chemical peel, you can see that the melasma (dark pigmentation) is slightly improved. I plan to do 3 peels over a course of 3 months for maximum benefit. I recommend getting it done on a Wednesday ro Thursday because you don't start to peel until the next day or day after so... READ MORE

My skin is very dry and wrinkled considering I am only 38. I used to love tanning in my 20's so maybe now I am paying the price. I ordered all my home peels from makeup artist's choice. They where very reasonably priced. I started with peels a couple years ago but never with great results but I... READ MORE

I have been a patient of Dr. Henry since December 2014, when I went to her to treat my acne/hyper-pigmentation. She suggested we treat the acne first and then move on to treating the scars. I was put on a regimen of Aczone, Atrolin and Minoclyne and after about 3 months my acne was completely... READ MORE

I recently had xanthalasma treatment and I am very pleased with the results thanks to Dr. Zachary. He was very professional, kind, and has a very friendly staff. He fixed my severe case of xanthalasma located around both of my eyes with two sessions. I consulted with more than twenty... READ MORE

After years of smoking and tanning I went to the doctor to have botox and filler for the severe wrinkles around my mouth. I was informed it wouldn't help and that I should have a deep chemical peel. The experience was incredible. The first week it was hard to imagine that beauty was... READ MORE

I consulted Dr. Dickerson about a chemical peel for my chest area, which was sun-damaged. He assured me that I would love the results. I asked him if the photo-dynamic therapy I had received four months prior would affect the peel, and he said he did not know what that was. When I told him,... READ MORE

Very pleased with the new skin that is replacing the old skin. Happy that the vertical lip lines are smoother than before I had the peel, although one of my reasons for doing this was to get rid of them forever. My crows feet that really showed when I smiled before the peel are practically... READ MORE

I am 53 years old I have had some acne scars on my face for a very long time and I've had all kinds of peelings done and not satisfied I'm looking forward into having a few Crouton Oil the doctor has a special message he said he mixes his special ingredient with the same procedure as Gordon... READ MORE

20 year old African American female and I just went through with the Skinmedica Rejuvenize Peel. I initially sought out to do the V.I peel but the doctor advised that I had this particular peel as I was seeking to correct acne scars and MINOR hyperpigmentation. Anyway, the process itself only... READ MORE

I was debating a deep chemical peel for awhile now. I had researched extensively the phenol/croton oil peel in particular because the results I saw that people achieved were incredible. I am a 36 year old female with very mild acne scarring on my cheeks, some hyperpigmentation issues along... READ MORE

Haven't done this yet, after consulting with dermatologist, I'm now planning to do it with a bit of Botox for my "11s" to follow. I had the "Perfect Peel" scheduled and had to cancel because my baby will not give up the boob, and I can't do it while nursing. You can see in the photo the white... READ MORE

Hello! I'm writing this review to detail my experiences with getting a chemical peel to correct skin issues due to acne, I hope it's found to be helpful... I had always suffered from moderate to occasionally severe acne all throughout my teenage years, but the condition was made worse after... READ MORE

I wanted a medium peel done for a while now as I was a previous smoker and was a lifeguard for 5 yrs and was obsessed with being tan. I was too scared to do it at home so I opted to pay the money to have a professional aesthetician do it. I had it done today at 2:30. It was minimal stinging... READ MORE

This is my 5th Perfection peel by Image skin care, all of which were applied by a very experienced licensed professional. Im 31 but all my years of being a sun goddess caught up with me for the worse. Dark sun spots and melsama that shows up in the summer time. I get 3 layers done and don't... READ MORE

I stupidly agreed to have a Jessners peel for acne/clogged pores with a nurse/beautician, without really researching first. I have olive, oily skin and am not normal sensitive to anything and in fact use a AHA/BHA cream on my face every night to unclog pores. I am kicking myself now for not... READ MORE

I have been a member of ClearSkinCare 'Skin Gym' and it was going really well until my therapist went on leave and started being treated by someone else. I have had peels before (glycolic) with the previous therapist with NO problems. No side effects, nothing. As these are mean't to be... READ MORE

Hi, I have done soooo much research on a tca chemical peel. I have very bad acne scars and blackheads.I decided to try a chemical peel at home using a 15% tca chemical peel. Mind u this is my first peel. Once I applied it, it did burn and I start frosting after a minute I had it on. I went... READ MORE

I got pregnant back in 2012.And my freckles got worse (in my opinion).I always like clear skin and this freckles bothers me a lot.So did so many researches and decided to do Chemical peel(since I have brown skin,IPL is not for me???? that's what I heard).I was so confused,I didn't know which... READ MORE

Ok so just to let you guys know, I have acne scarring pretty much everywhere on my face. I am certain that these are ice pick scars. I purchased a 12.5% TCA peel and applied this just 3 days ago and seems so be going well however, I was asking the seller some questions yesterday and was informed... READ MORE

I have severe acne scars and sun damage to my face. i made the decision to do a peel after alot of research and consultation with a dermatologist. I used Triluma cream for 4 months before this peel. It feels like a sunburn and I am keeping it moisturized frequently. It covers somewhat with... READ MORE

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The typical cost for a Chemical Peel ranges from $50-$1,000 with an average cost of $400. Costs will vary by surgeon, geographic region and the complexity of the procedure. Cost estimates are based on 321 patient reviews submitted on RealSelf. Learn more