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Chemical peels remove old skin so that new layers can grow in their place. This controlled removal ranges in strength, from superficial peels that use mild acids to deep peels that penetrate several layers of skin. Depending the type of peel you get, you might have a reaction similar to a sunburn, which may involve scaling, swelling, and blisters. This may last anywhere from three to 14 days, after which time your skin should be smoother, brighter, and softer. LEARN MORE ›

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Great Results with the GORGEOUS TCA PEEL - Malibu, CA

I have been wanted to do a chemical peel for a while now, but was always scared by the downtime and to burn my skin like so many of my girlfriends. I needed to treat wrinkles, fines lines, sun damage and uneven skin. After meeting a women in her 60s with an amazing skin, at my country club, in... READ MORE

24yo, Hormonal Acne, Superficial Chemical Peel with No Benefit - South Brisbane, AU

I have had acne since my early teens although it got significantly worse when I turned 23 (bad diet and old bad habits catching up to me I think). The nurse at the skin clinic I went to said it was hormonal cystic acne and that we would try superficial chemical peels and hopefully that would... READ MORE

Love the Melanage Peel! - Saint Louis, MO

I have always had acne prone skin with lots of dark spots. I never went anywhere without makeup on, and my makeup routine took way too much of my time. I recently got a Melanage Peel at Avani Day Spa/Nayak Plastic Surgery and love, love, love the results! The tone and texture of my skin has... READ MORE

Amazing Results! - New York, NY

I find it hard to believe that we are talking about the same dermatologist on some of the reviews posted! I came to Doctor Halem because I was bothered by my big pores, brown spots and I wasn't happy with my face at all. She recommended me a chemical peel which worked out amazingly! She... READ MORE

Chemical Peel - Norwalk, CT

Had phenol/croton oil peel. left me with hyperpigmentation and worse ...hypopigmentation . when i had complications i was told to go to a dermatologist. created far more problems than it solved. In retrospect it was not indicated for me and i should have been steered another direction by this... READ MORE

66 Year Old Baby Skin Complexion - Palm Bay, FL

The outcome was fabulous and I am so pleased. The staff is professional and well educated in the latest methods. My results was more than I expected and my husband even said something about my skin. I can't say enough about the procedure but go ahead and try it. The procedure erases years... READ MORE

Getting Rid of Rough Spots - Palm Bay, FL

I had my second chemical peel done. It stung and my skin felt very tight for a few days. Then the peeling began and the tightness decreased and my face started looking pretty bad. After about a week, most of the peeling ended and my skin looked amazing. For signs of sun damage, it is definitely... READ MORE

Skin REdarkening After 25% TCA Chemical Peel - Edmonton, AB

Hello, My underarms have been stubbornly dark for a very long time and almost nothing (lemon juice, potato, hydroquinone whitening products) has helped. I bought the 25% chemical peel by Yavonae Skin Pharmaceuticals to try peeling it. I performed the peel on my underarms on the 10th of July... READ MORE

Sun Damage and Pre-cancer - Vero Beach, FL

I have been seeing Tanya for over a year now and I have seen such a difference in my skin as I have been working on getting rid of sun damage (some pre-cancerous) and using products that now protect my face. The staff is very nice and takes into account your life style and openness to... READ MORE

Help for Sun Damaged Skin - Vero Beach, FL

As a mature adult who spent most of her childhood and teenage years on the beach or in the ocean my skin shows the signs of this abuse. I have been a patient of Water's Edge Dermatology in Vero Beach for over one year. With close monitoring of my overall skin and targeted chemical peels my skin... READ MORE

A Recent Followup Visit - Tampa, FL

It is such a pleasure to meet with Dr. Castellano. I feel as if I am the only one he is concerned with despite the fact that the office was filled with patients. He took the time to talk with me, explain his recommendations and answer my questions. I value and trust his opinion and know that he... READ MORE

Amazing Lunch Time Chemical Peel - La Jolla, CA

My daughter and I got our "lunch time" light chemical peels together by Dr Kolstad. Needless to say, we are over 21 years apart. And regardless of the age gap and in difference in years of skin damage, we both had such a wonderful result. Not only is the peel pain free, it is actually... READ MORE

Heavy Chemical Peel from Bottom of Nose to Chin and Light Peel Under Eyes - Bethesda, MD

After 5 weeks my face is still dark pink from bottom of my nose to chin where heavy chemical peel was done. I read on a review where Sudocrem , which is made in Ireland, after 5 1/2 hrs. reduced redness by 50%. This is NOT true! My face got redder and not lighter. I tried it twice to make... READ MORE

Smooth Skin After Chemical Peel - Manhattan, NY

I went to Dr. Michele Green for a chemical peel after she did the best Botox I have ever gotten. The chemical peel was amazing! Dr. green cleaned my skin and then put on the peel, she explained the amount of stinging that would happen while her assistant used a fan to alleviate the "stinging".... READ MORE

20% Lactic Acid Peel with Petra

I had a great experience with Petra! I explained to her that my skin has been damaged by previous treatment (IPL - which was done by a different esthetician at a different place - not that I recommend this treatment to anyone *see my story* even if it is done by the best of the best) and that I... READ MORE

Went to a Quality Dermatology Clinic and Got a Wonderful 40% Glycolic Peel Done - Toronto, ON

I have had cystic acne from age 12-25, but through extensive testing with my diet have been able to identify the food that have been causing it for me (dairy, all grains and starches) and have been able to prevent it from occuring. However the acne left me with some less than perfect skin, with... READ MORE

Skin Culture Peel 4000-AMAZING RESULTS :) REALLY PLEASED!!! WORTH THE PAIN I THINK! - London, England

Skin culture chemical peel 4000-best thing i've done! Okay guys :) I'm 18 years old and have suffered with acne all throughout my teenage years. For the past year I've had acne scars (medium-deep) all over my face and small pimples, ice pick scars AND hyperpigmentation. I've tried a nonablative... READ MORE

Chemincal Peel - Thousand Oaks, CA

Dr. Costanza is a true professional who recommended a Chemical Peel for a problem that I was having with my eyes, as opposed to surgery. It was amazing, the chemical peel cleared up the excess skin under my eyes and solved the problem that I had. I believe it took years off of the look of my... READ MORE

Chemical Peel to Remove Brown Spots from Face - New York, NY

I wanted to remove or lighten the brown spots on my face. After a brief consultation with the doctor, the chemical peel was performed. Was very happy with the outcome as spots were visibly lighter in color and the complexion had evened out. Would recommend it to all customers who are looking to... READ MORE

Chemical Peel -Gainesville, FL

Several months ago I received a VI Peel to my face and chest. This experience was awesome. Since having this procedure, I am very cautious about having sun on my face and chest. I love the outdoors but now I take the extra effort to make sure I have the right SPF on my face and body. It is... READ MORE

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