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Chemical peels remove old skin so that new layers can grow in their place. This controlled removal ranges in strength, from superficial peels that use mild acids to deep peels that penetrate several layers of skin. Depending the type of peel you get, you might have a reaction similar to a sunburn, which may involve scaling, swelling, and blisters. This may last anywhere from three to 14 days, after which time your skin should be smoother, brighter, and softer. LEARN MORE ›

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Chemical Peel for Dark Facial Spots - La Jolla, CA

Dr. Kolstad is a thoughtful, practical and mindful surgeon. He pays meticulous attention to what you are looking for and will ask very thorough and appropriate questions so he is able to provide the best professional feedback and most natural options. He is caring and easy to talk to! It was... READ MORE

Office Review - Sad :( Don't E-mail to Inquire About Prices - Houston, TX

For anyone who doesn't know, don't make online pricing inquiries. I e-mailed the office to find info on the TCA peel and fillers yesterday, and I got a phone call today being accused of being someone who was "price shopping". I really wasn't. I needed to know how much I needed. I guess that's... READ MORE

Great Rates, Service and Results. Dothan, AL

I can not speak highly enough of Dr. Walding and his staff. They have gone beyond the call of duty to make sure that I have been taken care of. From the professional services that I the end results of my procedure, everything has been first class. I researched all possibilities... READ MORE

Dr. W. M. Guy - Gulf Shores, AL

I had a chemical peel around my eyes. The results were amazing. 15 years ago I had the fat taken out from under my eyes. They didnt use stitches because there wasn't enough skin to take up. However after 15 years there was plenty of skin. I was amazed at how well this procedure worked. My eye... READ MORE

I Look Years Younger!!!! Chemical Peel Well Worth It! - New Albany, IN

Dr. Chatham is the most knowledgeable physician I have ever had the opportunity to discuss procedures with. He has a gift for making you feel very comfortable while discussing all procedures and expected outcomes. Was not anxious at all about the peel, only slight discomfort, but upon following... READ MORE

NeoPeel - Silver Spring, MD

Dr Beverly Johnson has been my dermatologist for 14 years. I see dr. Johnson because of her professional outstanding skilla, great bedside manners, not to mention a profeesional and friendly staff. I never have to wait to see Dr. Johnson or when I arrive for my appointment. I trust Dr. Johnson... READ MORE

Dont Go out in the Sun if You Got One of These - Bellevue, WA

I had a chemical peel and it looked real good, where it made me 1-2 years younger easily. They basically remove the skin top layer, so the younger skin on the bottom grows. I went out in the sun, and it totally messed up skin up with brown spots etc You almost have to hide inside the house or... READ MORE

45 Year Old Sun Lover - Metairie, LA

I went to Dr Mizgala office to get information on a chemical peel. Her aesthetician Robin was so pleasant and very knowledgable on skin care. I felt very comfortable with her recommendation of doing a Vi medical grade on my face and neck. I have been dealing with sun damage for years and she... READ MORE

My Face Has Never Looked or Felt So Good! - Novato, CA

I had the best experience with Dr. Delgado's office! I have been looking for something, not only to make my face look better, but feel better too, and after years of searching, It was recommended to me in a consultation with Ariel Kirk, Aesthetic RN at Dr. Delgado's office, that I get a Gloss... READ MORE

So Happy with Resuts from Chemical Peel! - New York

I decided to try a chemical peel to help with some hyper-pigmentation I had as a result of too much time spent on the beach. The procedure was quick and virtually painless and the esthetician was very attentive to my needs. Over the next few days following the procedure almost all of the... READ MORE

30 Years Old, Fair Skin with Occasional Breakouts - Melbourne, AU

As a teenager and in my early twenties I had beautiful skin however since getting into my late twenties and now 30 years old I get breakouts on my skin. I eat fantastic and look after myself. I have tried every single treatment, medication and cream possible, i even tried which left... READ MORE

Quick, Easy and Totally Worth It! Vancouver, WA

Face peels, which just by the name sounded a little intimidating to me, I found are really easy and made such a difference in the look and feel of my skin. In the last year I have had four and each time my skin improved. Jauna, the esthetician at Allen Garbriel's office, did them in conjunction... READ MORE

Thanks a Lot! The Woodlands, TX

I was contemplating getting help with horrible acne and scars and was getting very self conscious. Dr Correa made me feel at ease within minutes of my visit and answered all my questions. He was very professional and it's easy to trust him . It's been 2 weeks but I have already noticed big... READ MORE

Wow Not Even a Peel Ripped Me off - Upland, CA

I have had the VI Peel and other Peels! I haven't had a peel in a year as the plastic surgeon I was going to retired. I was open to pay whatever just wanted a good peel. I used to have them every quarter. I was told for dark spots and wrinkles it's better than a VI Peel. She did all three... READ MORE

23 Years Old and Unmarried - Chennai, IN

Hi, I am 23 years old, uunmarried Indian woman with wheatish skin tone, I got TCA 20% application on my face on 15th of May 2015 to treat my uneven skin tone, acne scars and spots. But now I got acne breakouts and itching. Please help me how to treat this. I am having acne breakout from the... READ MORE

43 Yr Old Wanting to Clear my Melasma - Greeley, CO

I have Melasma. I decided to get a chemical peel. I had two medium peels and 4 months of using Tri Luma with no results. The aesthetician recommended using Tri Luma after both of my peels! I've been using it for four months . My melasma looks lighter but is obviously visible. Make up doesn't... READ MORE

Dermaceutic Spot Peel - Saginaw, MI

Had my first Dermaceutic Spot Peel 10 weeks ago and my last. It was such a horrible experience I will never undergo a peel again. For 11 years I have had other peels done such as Glytone and Jessner to help with acne and acne scars and never had an issue. My spa tech recommended the spot... READ MORE

My Face Has Never Looked Better Thanks to Jeannel!!! - Manhattan, NY

It's been almost 2 weeks since I received my second chemical peel with Jeannel, and I'm absolutely thrilled with the results! Having battled with acne for several years and seen multiple dermatologists for treatment of existing acne and resultant scarring, I had gotten to a point where I was... READ MORE

Reve Peel the Real Deal!! - Newport Beach, CA

My skin was looking tired, "heavy" and splotchy. The texture was looking like crepe paper. Yuk! Have had 2 Reve Peels so far, a third will be be my final. However I was pretty surprised at how much improvement I had from just the first one, not to mention the 2nd one too! I had a large dark... READ MORE

Was It Worth It - Florida

I have just had a deep chemical face peel and my face looks no different. I had brown pigmention spots on my skin due to sunbathing, they are still there. My daughter is getting married next week and thought this may tighten my skin or make it look better, but no difference. Just a week of... READ MORE

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