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A breast reduction involves the removal of excess fat, skin, and tissue, which usually results in the nipple and areola being shifted to a higher position. The areola might also be reduced if it had been stretched out due to the size of the breast. Not only does this surgery result in a smaller, perkier bust, it can also help eliminate back, shoulder, and neck pain that’s often caused by large breasts.
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Heading to Miami because these doctors here in Maryland are outrageous with their prices. Some of their works are just too average for me. Hope Spectrum can help me. I like their price, because am not sure if my insurance will approve, even tho I have an awesome blue cross blue shield insurance,... READ MORE

I have been thinking about getting a breast reduction since I was a C-cup in junior high school. I kept growing and growing and finally, at the beginning of this year, I decided that I had had enough. I was measured at a 34F, having to spend hundreds of dollars on bras, and never being able to... READ MORE

I'm am 45 and I weigh 222 and my height is 5'5 and I have a lot of back problems I'm really started to think my breast are to big so that's why I'm truly thinking of having breast reduction for health reasons I would like some feed back rather it's good or bad thank you again I haven't had the... READ MORE

Tomorrow is the big day! I'm getting my breast reduction. I'm going from a 38H to a full C cup. Three weeks ago I got my approve called. My surgery date was set for March 1 2016 yesterday I got a call that my surgery date had to be move to March 2 2016 kinda nervous about that but other the that... READ MORE

Greetings to all who come and read my introduction i'm glad you're here accompanying me through my journey. I'm sure throughout the next few months I'll have moments of ranting or venting and some posts will seem pointless but I'll try to document my experience as clearly and informatively as... READ MORE

Doctor Yager is extremely professional and nice, he explains things thoroughly and will continue to explain until you completely understand and feel comfortable with what is happening. The office staff is very accommodating and professional as well, Especially his Nurse Kristian, she made the... READ MORE

My BR is already scheduled for July. It makes me happy because it is real now. I began to prepare myself for this surgery back in January of last year. I have completed the chiropractor's 3 months routine hoping that Cigna would cover the surgery. I was very upset when I found that Cigna... READ MORE

I have a small frame, so carrying around such large breasts has been a huge burden. I'm pretty athletic, I love backpacking, running swimming ect. And having such large breasts has been a huge pain. I went to breastlink to get a small lump I found biopsyed. It ended up being non cancerous, but... READ MORE

Dr. Webb is an amazing doctor. He made me feel comfortable and secure. If the rating scale was 1-10, I would give him a 10. Because of God he is that good. Never stop using your gifts. You are the man. My cup size was a G, so Doctor Webb went in and reduce my cup size to an C cup. He... READ MORE

After years of wishing I had smaller breasts I am finally taking the plunge. I am 38DD which is big but not over the top. I just want a nice modest, small C so I can wear clothes that fit!!! I am so tired of buttons straining while too loose around the body. I am also getting my hooded... READ MORE

I have had large breast from I was a preteen. I have always been a very petite girl with large breast. This continued into adulthood and prior to having my daughter I was a 34 DD. I then became a 38 DDD. I researched long and hard and ran into a YouTuber who referenced dr.zinsser and it was all... READ MORE

Being super mom you really don't get a chance to really review your body until tragic strike's and that's what happen, neck and back pains!!! The worst, and all for overly large breast that was once beautiful but definitely needed special attention ASAP, so I search and that's when I found Dr.... READ MORE

My initial experience with Dr. Shell was wonderful, all the way up to surgery. After surgery my stitches came open. I went to Dr Shell's office the very same day. He didn't sew up the open place but put a sterile strip over it. That didn't hold it together. After a few days an infection set in.... READ MORE

I had my consultation with Dr. Kumar about a month ago. My insurance has approved my surgery and I am scheduled for surgery on June 6. I have struggled with back, and shoulder pain for years, and I think that it's time to do something about it. I'm both anxious and excited. There were no... READ MORE

I have had large breasts for the past 15 years. When I graduated from high school, I was a C cup. I remember coming home the summer after freshmen year of college and people asking me if I had a boob job...I knew I had gained a bit of weight (the proverbial freshman 15), but it hadn't occurred... READ MORE

So everyone who has had a breast reduction this question is for u:) I just had my surgery about a month ago and I love the way they look and the surgeon was great, but the pain is unbearable. Dr. Said everything is ok and the shooting pains are normal but I'm so miserable and always hurting and... READ MORE

So at first I had no interest in writing a review since there is already so much valuable information on this site, but after experiencing this procedure first hand and going through things I did not read about, I thought it best to share with you all. I'm going to try to write in order, as... READ MORE

My Large breast or breast Hypertrophy is causing me functional problems such as; chronic back, neck and shoulder pain with shoulder grooving. I am 33yrs old, my height is 5ft4in, my weight is 130lbs, my BMI is 22.3 normal, my body surface area is 1.6431m2, and my current bra size is 34DDD/F,... READ MORE

I had my consultation with Dr. Kasrai and so far so good. She's really nice and takes the time to answer all your questions (although I've been researching this procedure for years and didn't have many). I trust her and love her honesty, she wants you to have realistic expectations. She... READ MORE

I've always been a little overweight. Always had big boobs ands never the "good kind". They always been a little saggy and the more my weight went up and down the bigger and saggier they got. Finally I had saved enough money for a reduction. My size at the time was a 38DD. Although I still... READ MORE

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How much does a Breast Reduction cost?

The typical cost for a Breast Reduction ranges from $150-$14,000 with an average cost of $6,900. Costs will vary by surgeon, geographic region and the complexity of the procedure. Cost estimates are based on 3,868 patient reviews submitted on RealSelf. Learn more