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A breast reduction involves the removal of excess fat, skin, and tissue, which usually results in the nipple and areola being shifted to a higher position. The areola might also be reduced if it had been stretched out due to the size of the breast. Not only does this surgery result in a smaller, perkier bust, it can also help eliminate back, shoulder, and neck pain that’s often caused by large breasts. LEARN MORE ›

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Hello all, been browsing this site for a couple of weeks, trying to pluck up the courage to write a review myself lol (you know the feeling, right?) ;-) Like many of you I've always had large breasts, first bra was 34C at age 10 :o by the time I finished school at 17 I was a DD. Continued to... READ MORE

I was the girl who hid myself in group photos. I was the girl who made it a habit to fold my arms in public. I was the girl who wore jackets with every outfit....even in the blistering heat. And on March 24, 2016, everything changed........ I walked into Dr. Michael Lee's office one... READ MORE

I had been dealing with extremely large (H cup) and pendulous breasts since my late teen years. Having children and breastfeeding left me feeling deformed. I came to Dr Denk w the intention of just gathering information for later use and instead found a doctor that I hope to work with for years... READ MORE

All I can say now is the usual question.. why didn't I do it 10 years ago??.... Well I guess I was not fed up enough and my boobs did grow a lot during menopause in the last 5/6 years. Plus I always tend to do things when time is almost up.. I believe if you are younger healing is easier so if... READ MORE

Like many of you I've been wanting to have a breast reduction since college. But I was never brave enough to do it. By now my breasts are really on the way of normal existence. My posture is crap, not only from carrying all this extra weight on the front but also from trying to hide my huge... READ MORE

I had 36D before the kids and my breasts have never been perky. After the 1st pregnancy my breasts became 36DDD/E and I was hoping they would go back after im done nursing but they stayed the same... Then after my second pregnancy my size became 36F and after nursing to 36G/H. At some point I... READ MORE

I have always been big and i was a 36DDD and 5'3.5". I was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer. I opted for a reduction at the time of the lumpectomy. I'm not sure why but the plastic surgeon was three hours late to my surgery. It was scheduled for 830 but he was not available until almost... READ MORE

Hi I'm 57 years old, happily married with 2 grown up children. I have like many of you been a stalker on this site since I joined in March. I think it's awesome and gets you prepared for what really happens. I used to be a b/c cup I'm now a DD and want to be a B cup again. My belly just keeps... READ MORE

Today was the first step towards my new self! Finally was able to schedule my Consultation with Dr. Hsu on June15 with Memorial Plastic Surgery. Will post more after my consultation. Questions: Any suggestions on what to do before? Also I'm curious to know about how everyone was able to... READ MORE

I have always had big breast since middle school. Most kids got growth spurts, well the only thing that grew on me were my boobs. I hated them! I was teased and taunted all threw school because I was more developed than almost all of the girls my age. Once I got older, I grew to love them. They... READ MORE

Like many other of you ladies, I remember having a training bra at age 11, and from there onwards, it just snowballed. I was in high school in the early 70's, and already in a C-D cup. In those days, my mum and godmother used to supply me with these stiff thick white cotton bras with material... READ MORE

My boobs have been huge my entire life as a 24 year old at 5'1 with 32 G size breaths and a hair stylist my back was shot! So I started researching different Drs meeting with them to get an idea of what I wanted so I would feel a sense of relief physically and mentally! It was the best choice I... READ MORE

I am finally scheduled for breast reduction surgery on May 16, 2016 in Edmonton, Alberta with Dr. Ladak. I first saw Dr. Ladak in spring 2014 and was approved for the procedure. But I wanted to lose weight first. I am currently 5'6 and 176 lbs. But I didn't lose the weight. Then I had surgery... READ MORE

I am less than away from my surgery date! It's set for 8:30AM on May 10th. ::Aaagghhhhhhhh!!:: I am mostly anxious about whether or not this will actually help my back, as my boobs aren't terribly huge to begin with-- But they have been at least a D since the 6th grade and I have tried... READ MORE

I have been wanting to get this procedure done for several years due to back, neck, head and arm pain, however I put it off due to other responsibilities. I wish I would not have waited this long! My procedure was on Wednesday morning, I spent one night at the beautiful Serenity Center and am... READ MORE

Time has finally come to say good bye to my big boobies. Surgery is April 15th. I've always had big boobs from being 12yr and have suffered all the usual problems that come with them, from the aches and pains to buying clothes that fit, and of course they just don't look nice anymore. And I... READ MORE

I was a 36J. I started to research surgeons and read on realself about Dr. satankova in Prague. I flew on my own from London to Prague. I am 7 days post- op and already delighted and happy with my new breasts. Dr. Satankova said that once the swelling goes own, I will be a c cup. She is a... READ MORE

I'm very excited that insurance has pre-approved me for my surgery. We were on the fence about whether or not we'd be able to swing it otherwise. Just five weeks out now! I'm nervous and excited can't wait to be able to fit normal clothes - well mostly, since being 4'11" doesn't help my... READ MORE

In some ways my story is not much different than the rest of us big breasted ladies. I wore a bra at a young age and went straight from a flat chest to a Bcup overnight and just kept growing from there. In high school I was already a 36DD and then after having children a 38DDD. A few years ago I... READ MORE

I actually had no intention of documenting this process, but now I am! In a way, i really wanted to pay it forward because this forum has been priceless as I prepare- so here we are!! I'm 32, 154lb, and a 32 GG. I've struggled for as long as i can remember - and now, as I get older- it's... READ MORE

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