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A breast reduction involves the removal of excess fat, skin, and tissue, which usually results in the nipple and areola being shifted to a higher position. If the areola has been stretched due to the size of the breast, it may also be reduced. Not only does this surgery result in a smaller, perkier bust, it can also help eliminate the back, shoulder, and neck pain that’s often caused by large breasts. LEARN MORE ›

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Minimal Breast Reduction - Minneapolis, MN

I underwent a minimally breast reduction surgery and a breast lift 6 weeks ago. My before size was 38 H. Now I am a 36 D and I cannot believe how great I feel. My breasts were so heavy that I suffered from neck, shoulder, and upper back discomfort on a daily basis. After the surgery I... READ MORE

A BIG Weight Lifted!!! - Toronto, ON

My motivation for the Breast Reduction and Lift was after a whole life time of enduring the excess baggage! I've always had these boobs and oh boy were they the Thorne in my side, neck, shoulders, back and in my eyes! I absolutely hated them with a passion and some more! Never being able to... READ MORE

Final Stages of Weight Loss Journey - Highgate, GB

I have always been unhappy with my breasts from a young age but knew I wanted to have a family so out it to the back of my mind. Now at the age of 35, married and mum to 3 beautiful children I decided it's time for me to become happy with the body I am in. I have lost over 2 stone but my breasts... READ MORE

Size GG for Gigantic Girls!!!! Age 46, 2 kids - United Kingdom, GB

I have always been large busted and always hated them. I have all the usual culprits; large dents in my shoulders, which i HATE, back, shoulder, neck ache, hunchback from the weight and all the other problems that come with the largeness! I have just over 2 weeks to go and this has been a... READ MORE

40-something Needing Breast Reduction (I'm Done with the Shoulder/neck Strain) - Duluth, GA

So far, so good... Dr. Davoudi and his staff are great! I feel like a nuisance because I have a boatload of questions (because I'm a bit nervous -- especially of the pain/recovery afterwards), but they are so sweet and patient with me and it definitely eases and calms my nerves. I'm looking... READ MORE

Breast Reduction Experience with Dr Ellis Choy - Sydney, AU

I recently had a breast reduction with Dr Choy and could not be happier in my decision. As far back as I can remember I had always been uncomfortable in my appearance and lacking in confidence. Aside from the psychological aspects of having larger breasts, my body was always aching in one way... READ MORE

29 Yr Old, Size 36E. No Kids!

Welp, I'm posting for the first time because I am finally approved by OHIP for this surgery. I had my consult back in November and was expecting to have the procedure done before the summer but it took longer than that. I'm terrified of the pain post op, but reading the reviews on here has given... READ MORE

18 Year Old In Pain - Bend, OR

Warning! Extremely long text post. (Sorry everyone!) I remember the moment when it came to my attention that I needed to start wearing bras. I was in the fourth grade, and I was trying on shirts at a clothing store with my mother, and I came out of the dressing room to show her the shirt I... READ MORE

2 Days to D Day - High Wycombe, GB

It's officially 2 days before the big day. Starting to get really nervous about the surgery, so thought I would start my journey on realself. This website and the stories left by these amazing ladies is the reason why I am here today. Growing up with big boobs was the reality for me. By age 10... READ MORE

From 38J to 38C (Hopefully!) - Tampa, FL

So ladies, this is FINALLY happening! After years of suffering with neck, shoulder and back pain, I have finally made the decision to have BR surgery. I cannot believe that I waited this long to seek relief. I have read a lot of your stories, and I appreciate all the insight that your... READ MORE

28, Mommy to 1, Praying for a CHANGE! - Buffalo, NY

So, hi. Took me a while to decide to join this community but I feel like it's really beneficial / inspirational. I was probably that girl in elementary school all the boys thought about because I was the first girl in the class in a bra. :-/ (that's not exciting). Growing up I was the only... READ MORE

1 Day to Go -Seattle, WA

I'm one day out and so excited! I' have been wanting reduction surgery since I was 18. I had to stop cheerleading and playing sports because the hurt. At age twenty the girls nipples starting facing the ground. After breastfeeding two boys they got even bigger. I gained a over a hundred pounds... READ MORE

Finally Getting my Breast Reduction!!

Hi, I came across this site a few months ago and decided I too wanted to document my story. I am really excited because today I set the date of my surgery (Breast Reduction/Lift). For as long as I can remember, I've always had large breast. I've always had Full C-D Cups and was completely... READ MORE

22 Years Old, No Kids - 14G Breast Reduction - Sydney, AU

I had always been one of those girls whose boobs you noticed. Not in a good way, but in the way that they were always there. I developed extremely large and saggy breasts at a young age and struggled with my weight. It made going through my teens extremely awkward. I was very self-conscious and... READ MORE

2 DAYS POST-OP!!!! Surgery was on 9/8/16, site won't let me update

So, after being apart of this community for 2 years and choosing my Dr, after looking at countless stories and reviews, I finally have the money to move forward. I am a 23 year old Black female in the United States, and I'm getting a breast reduction. I have 36DD (prolly bigger, since they're... READ MORE

Breast Asymetry Correction - Royal Tunbridge Wells, GB

Breast asymmetry as a teenager led me to have a silicone implant in the left breast at 17yrs. Unfortunately I experienced an abscess and consequently had to have the implant removed. This left considerable scarring on the underside of this breast, which totally distorted the natural shape of... READ MORE

39 Years Old, 3 Kids, 5' Tall with DDD Breasts. Kingston, ON

I'm not one of the ladies who hate my breasts. Actually for many years I was quite proud to show them off, but now at almost 40 I'm over it! 5 years ago I was approved for a reduction. A surprise pregnancy stopped me at that time and I've had 2 more children since then. I'm finished with... READ MORE

42 Yrs Old, Kids Are Teens, Current Size 44JJ - Spokane, WA

44 JJ looking to decrease. I'm overweight, but it is difficult to exercise with supersize breasts in the way. Insurance approved surgery with documentation of back pain, physical therapy not working, deep groves in shoulders, etc. I'm excited and scared author same time. I've been quite large... READ MORE

Breast Reduction Approved by United Healthcare- Dr. JC Chang- Atlanta, GA

I couldn't have found a better doctor, I first met Dr. Chang when she was apart of Artisan Plastic Surgery. I loved her work and her caring personality from the first time I met her, but at the time I wasn't ready to have a Breast Reduction, mainly b/c I was scared to have the procedure, but I... READ MORE

38F to C - New Zealand, NZ

Posting here because this site has been so helpful in my BR journey! (especially @Topheavy, thank you!) I'm in my early 50's now, have wanted this till at least my mid 20's but was too scared of something going horribly wrong (in hindsight I think my anxiety was based on a feeling of 'not... READ MORE

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