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A breast reduction involves the removal of excess fat, skin, and tissue, which usually results in the nipple and areola being shifted to a higher position. If the areola has been stretched due to the size of the breast, it may also be reduced. Not only does this surgery result in a smaller, perkier bust, it can also help eliminate the back, shoulder, and neck pain that’s often caused by large breasts. LEARN MORE ›

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46 Jears Old, 4 Kids, Getting Breast Reduction

First of all, normaly dutch so if i make misteaks....sorry. Always had a large chest but every kid made me grow a cup size. now i am an H-cup, i think fore you thats a DDD or a G. Sizes are different here. fore the rest i am a size 8.... 2 weeks to go before D-day. here the governement pays... READ MORE

45, 4 Kids.

Evers kid got me af bigger cup size. Ended ups on a H cup. Toekomst outfit 600 Grams soort total 1200 grams. NO pain Just bit oncomfteble. Toekomst me 20 je toch do it. Had nek and back pains, nog fitting bras, lookt waaaay bigger than i was. Was nerveus before. ...but no need. 21e folow up. ... READ MORE

22 Years Old, 34J, Hoping to Relieve Back Pain! - Portland, OR

My breast reduction is next Thursday (9/15), and I'm so excited! I have constant back pain which a year of physical and massage therapy hasn't resolved. I'm really hoping this will make a difference. I've have big boobs since I was very young, and they have always been such a nuisance. They... READ MORE

29 Yo, Mother of 4, Breast Reduction/lift

I had a breast reduction/lift with Losken on 7/11/17. I am so happy with my results so far. I was a 36HH. I asked to be a full C or D . He gave me what i asked for. I read tons of blogs before surgery. So i was ready. I bought front opening bra and sleepwear. I will make a list of things i... READ MORE

Aged 50+ Chest 32H, booked in and VERY Nervous. Full Review Pre to Post Surgery. UPDATE: 100% WORTH IT!

I loved my boobs as a young woman, they were large but always quite perky and full and it was only after pregnancy and then menopause that they seemed to droop drastically and double in size to an H cup! I also have quite a narrow back - I'm a 32 band. I remember the first time I was... READ MORE

Breast Reduction - 46 Years Old, Wish I Had Done It Sooner

I am now 7 weeks post op having had a breast reduction with Dr Richards and his team on 26th May. I highly recommend Dr Richards to anyone considering this procedure, he and his team are supportive, caring and most importantly provide exceptional standards throughout the procedure and after care... READ MORE

38H to 38D - Golden, CO

I will be having my breast reduction on January 17th. I have always been large breasted, but they became out of control after too much weight fluctuation and will not shrink a significant amount on their own. The neck and shoulder pain has increased over the past few years and I am finally... READ MORE

18 Years Old, Breast Reduction

Hi there! I am posting for the first time after years of perusing because my breast reduction surgery is 2 weeks away from today! I am 18 years old, 5'1, approximately 125lbs, and have size 30G breasts. I had my first consultation with my doctor, Dr Singh from the Plastic Surgery Clinic of... READ MORE

Lifting "The Girls" Back Up - Done ✅

I have been considering a breast reduction and lift for several years. After age 50 my breasts started to get droopy. I always had great breasts but aging changes our bodies. My surgeon did an excellent job! I have zero regrets and I'm so happy that I did it . It's been three weeks... READ MORE

39 Years Young 3 Children 17, 7, and 5. 34 E 5'2 Feet Tall 145 Pounds

Have been wanting to do this for years! Always been large chested loved then when I was younger bit after have 3 kids and breast feeding they got even larger, longer, and so heavy and saggy. I became very self conscious and always wore a bra bed..during sex... always. I waited over a year... READ MORE

Breast Reduction

Oh BOY!!!! I cannot express how absolutely THRILLED I am with my results!! Floating on air! And in addition to that, I could not have asked for a more respectful, professional staff. I put in ~30 hours of research to determine the best surgeon for me, and I am glad I did because Dr. Sattler... READ MORE

31/5'4"/230/36J to 42DD! My incredible (to me) journey!

Since I was young, I have been large-chested. At first, I didn't really know what to do with it. Today, I know what to do with it, but I have too much to do WITH. In the past year, I've experienced chronic back, neck and shoulder pain. Other parts of my body suffer as well. I have felt... READ MORE

Breast Reduction and Lift from a DD to a B/C. Birmingham, AL

Surgery scheduled for tomorrow morning . I was initially hoping for surgery with Dr. Hedden in the same office. Supposedly Dr Schaffer is an expert in the type of reduction that I am needing, he was recommended since I will need my breast fold lifted and he has more experience doing that. Very... READ MORE

36 Year Old, 2 Kids, 38J - Memphis, TN

With months of continued back and neck pain, being on pain killers and muscle relaxers I will finally have my first consultation on Jan 4th. I am currently about a 38J with the hopes for going down to either a full C cup or small D cup. Super excited but super nervous also. Not sure what all... READ MORE

20 Years Old, 34G Breast Reduction

My breast reduction was officially authorised by my insurance yesterday... yay! So I have decided to log the procedure from this moment forward as I know I have spent the last 2 weeks doing non-stop reading through, watching 500 youtube videos and reading articles online regarding... READ MORE

56 Yr Old Mother of 2; 5'2.5" 127 Lbs. 32G

I have been approved for a breast reduction after 3 denials and some PT. Now that it going to happen I've become fully aware that my neck, back posture issues are truly because of this weight I'm carrying! I have been able to find great fitting bras (Bras for slim and busty are plentiful across... READ MORE

At 5'2" and 34G/H, It's Time to Lose Some of my "Assets"! Chicago, IL

I can't begin to thank all you wonderful ladies for writing reviews and relating your stories on realself, it's been so good to know I'm not alone in the journey to smaller, more appropriately sized breasts! Similar to many of you, I developed early, at 11 I outgrew my training bra by leaps... READ MORE

23 Years Old, 1 Child, 36DD/DDD and Ready for a Breast Reduction! - Baltimore, MD

Hello everyone. I wanted to document my journey to my breast reduction. Since my breast started growing I have been really self conscious about them. They have ALWAYS sagged, my areolas are HUGE and they are not attractive. I remember the first me and my daughters father decided to become... READ MORE

47 Years Old, Married, Weightlifter, Runner, Dental Hygienist and Hairdresser - Seattle, WA

I was in 5th grade and was wearing a tube top during the summer and realized everybody was staring at my chest when I realized I was bigger busted than anyone else I knew in my school. It made me uncomfortable as I got involved in sports and had to wear expensive compression bras to stabilize... READ MORE

Breast Reduction / Reduction Mammoplasty Problems Split Wound Separation Split Stitches Fat Necrosis - Cincinnati, OH

I am writing this review to help others! It's only been 9 months since my first reduction in April 2013. After 1 week, the problems starting occurring and it was all downhill for about 8 weeks. I was grateful that I found this website, which helped me see how others went through similar... READ MORE

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