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A breast reduction involves the removal of excess fat, skin, and tissue, which usually results in the nipple and areola being shifted to a higher position. The areola might also be reduced if it had been stretched out due to the size of the breast. Not only does this surgery result in a smaller, perkier bust, it can also help eliminate back, shoulder, and neck pain that’s often caused by large breasts. LEARN MORE ›

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I always had big breasts. I started growing them when I was in 3rd grade! Like most of the peoples stories I had back pain and lack of confidence. I also wanted to find clothes that would fit and not have to buy the expensive granny bras. I was just so tired of planning an outfit around my... READ MORE

Ever since I got the surgery I have been much more confident with how I look. I am able to buy bathing suits now, and wear t-shirts that actually fit me. The surgery was completely worth it. The pain afterwards was actually fairly minimal. I would recommend this surgery to anyone struggling with... READ MORE

Hi Ladies.. I have finally decided to get a Breast Reduction. I'm am so tired of carrying heavy boobs.. I had spoken with my family care physician over the past few years about my breast. I thought if I diet and exercise that would help my breasts get smaller..That may work for some but it... READ MORE

Today I had my last appointment with my doctor prior to my surgery on Friday! I have to say, he and his staff have been SO accommodating of me. I'll back up and tell my story. Since my teenage years my breasts have always been slightly on the bigger size but 2.5 years ago my OBGYN put me on... READ MORE

Hi, I had my breast reduction done on the 25th of june. I had my dressings removed today and didn't look at my breasts until I got home. The breast on the right seems to be ok but the right looks abnormal I'm very worried about this. I have tried looking at a lot of photos here to compare... READ MORE

Tomorrow morning I have an appointment for a consult for a breast reduction. I really hope my insurance will cover it without problems. This is my third time trying to get a reduction. The first time was 21 years ago (military deployment interfered), and the second was 6 years ago (got... READ MORE

One week to go! I have been on this site for over a year and it's finally my turn! I have read, laughed, and commented and just love all your stories!! I started looking at doctors last year and just was so unsure if I wanted to do this (I am afraid of looking off without my chest) and did not... READ MORE

Today, I met with Dr. Pacella for a consultation on a breast reduction. His staff emailed me the paperwork needed for my appointment prior to the appointment which I liked because then I had it all ready for them upon my arrival. When I arrived for my appointment the staff were friendly and I... READ MORE

My back was hurting very much that it was hard to exercise. I knew a friend who had a reduction performed by Dr. Namen so I decided to go there. I am defiantly satisfied with the size however not with the fat that was not removed on the sides. It clearly sticks out and is uncomfortable with some... READ MORE

My story is similar to many others' I have read here. I was a C cup in 7th grade, and I remember forgetting to put on a bra one morning and crying when I got home from school, because I had felt so gross all day. By the time I was 15, I was DDD, and I knew that I was going to get a reduction. It... READ MORE

Age: 20 Height: 174cm / 5'8 Weight; 88kg / 194lb After getting boobs extremely early they'd always been part of who I was. When I was twelve at my primary school formal I was already an Australian 12C (pictured below). At twenty I was measured as a 12J or 10K and had to buy speciality bras... READ MORE

Heading to Miami because these doctors here in Maryland are outrageous with their prices. Some of their works are just too average for me. Hope Spectrum can help me. I like their price, because am not sure if my insurance will approve, even tho I have an awesome blue cross blue shield insurance,... READ MORE

After wanting it since puberty, I have finally decided to pursue getting a breast reduction. I'm ready to end the years of emotional and physical pain. Although I measure 32G or bigger, I wear 36dd/ddd bras which fit comfortably enough but cannot make up for that my chest is far too big for my... READ MORE

Hello all! My surgery date is fast approaching and I thought this day would never come. It was a battle trying to get insurance to cover it, even though I have an extensive medical history with back pain and neck issues, also chronic headaches. 4 months later they gave in and I'm covered! My... READ MORE

After hating my breasts for more than 20 years I am finally doing something about it! This time tomorrow I will be post-op! I am so excited and also very apprehensive about the whole thing! I hope my 32G's will become 32C's! I can't wait to be able to finally find tops to fit and to stop feeling... READ MORE

I have struggled with my weight all of my life. Years of up and down took a tremendous toll on my breasts. I decided to have breast reduction surgery. I did a great deal of research and felt very confident in choosing Dr. Cohen in Scottsdale. After meeting him in person, I was even more certain!... READ MORE

Hello I had very saggy breasts so after all these years, I decided to get a breast reduction and breast lift. I had almost 5 pounds removed between both breasts. Please notice my butterfly tattoo-before/after. My left breast was a little bit bigger, I had 951 grams of fat removed. My right... READ MORE

I have wanted a breast reduction since I was 23 after the birth of my amazing daughter. I wear a 36DD Bra to would like to be a C cup (Small or Mid C cup). So I officially started researching BR in 2010. I decided to save in 2013 after visiting my aunt in Florida and seeing how amazing she... READ MORE

I'm 25 years old, and I've been considering a breast reduction since I was 17. I'm finally on a surgery wait list (I live in Canada) and hoping to have the surgery this summer. Since I was 10, I've had huge boobs. I developed very quickly and was teased about it relentlessly for most of middle... READ MORE

I've had headaches, neck pain as well as back pain for years; I was unable to exercise due to all the pain from my breast. I thought this was something I was going to suffer with for the rest of my life, then my mother suggested to seek a doctor for a breast reduction. I researched several... READ MORE

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