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Much Needed Breast Reduction - Nova Scotia, NS

I had been thinking of getting a breast reduction for 15 years and finally had the courage to do so. Was denied provincial coverage because I was 35 lbs over weight but otherwise very healthy. Decided to pay out of pocket as I couldn't take the discomfort of having large sagging breast much... READ MORE

10 days after my breast reduction and I'm in love with my new girls

Ok I had my breast reduction surgery 10 days ago and I think they look pretty freaken amazing!!!!!! Dr. Brown is a awsome doctor, he took time to make sure I was comfortable and satisfied before and after my surgery.....I had my first appointment 10 days after my surgery where he removed my... READ MORE

32yr Old 32J to 34B

At a 32J at the time of my surgery; so far, I have never seen anyone with a larger, more disproportionate chest size. Aesthetically, I wasn't upset at the way they looked necessarily, but they were so heavy they caused a great deal of shoulder, neck, and back pain, caused winging of my shoulder... READ MORE

41yrs Old Mother of 3 Breast Reduction Surgery

Neck, shoulder, back pain. I was hurting all the time and was in need of a breast reduction. 40dd down to a c. Just had surgery so I will keep you posted. My surgery was done at Lenox hill ears eyes and throat. I had a wonderful doctor. I was nervous but that staff was very warming and very... READ MORE

Canadian, 23, No Kids & a 36F/G - Saskatoon, SK

Okay. So. I just joined this site a few days ago because I'm starting to get nervous. I have my first consult with Dr. Carolyn Duval in Saskatoon, SK on June 21st. I got big boobs like most of all the ladies on here.. from a young age.. being stared at, jokes made, self conscious, nothing... READ MORE

Breast Reduction on the way **38DDDD/E** - scheduled for Sept.19th

I finally had my consultation I've been waiting for this consultation for 2 months I drove 1hr and 35mins to make this appt. I arrived on time at 10:45 am, my appt was at 11:00 am I arrived early to filled out a few of the papers medical history blah blah blah. I was escorted back to see the... READ MORE

Sleeping Twins

I am awaiting for the awaken of my twin 28 Jj. My breast begin growing in the 6 grade and by 7th grade I was in a DD. In 1985 I inquired about a breast reduction but I was told I couldn't breast feed and I wanted more children so I have put off long enough and the time has come to awake the... READ MORE

63 Years Old and Finally Finally Got Approval and a Date for BR

Hi everybody have been reading all of your information and I am ready to post. I am 63 years old, 5'5, 138 lbs and a 34G. I have debated BR for years...mostly terrified of the anesthesia and also got the run around on getting it approved and paid for. I have had literally decades of thoracic... READ MORE

One Week Until Surgery! - Des Moines, IA

Hey everyone!!! I am scheduled for my BR next Friday-Sept 16!! I am SOO excited to be able to breathe with ease, not have back pain anymore, and FIT INTO CLOTHES!!! I'm 5'9" and I wear a size H. I've always had big breasts but I have 2 children who have made them larger! :P I am done having... READ MORE

58 year old with a 22 year olds Boobs!! 5 FEET 8 1/2" Weight Loss Surgery 2 Years Ago Lost 130 Lbs but Boobs Stayed

So I figured I would loose the boobs when I had the Sleeve done -- but no so I had the Breast Reduction done -- ask me anything the day after I was ready to go out already -- I had the greatest Dr in the world and I only wish I did it sooner --- I am suppose to be recovering but I was fine the... READ MORE

33 Yr Old Mom, 2 Kids, Never Breast Fed, Big "Girls" Since They 1st Came in - Reno, NV

The "girls" have been large since they 1st came in. I can't remember them ever being small. I have 2 kids and they got larger every time. Past 8 years I have had severe rib pain, neck pain, gnarly back pain, and nasty headaches. I'm not a lazy person, I miss going on hikes and doing even the... READ MORE

31 Years Old, 2 Kids, Currently 28JJ

As everyone else in this boat, I have always had big boobs ever since I stopped dancing at 12. They went from an A to a C cup over a summer holiday from school and just never stopped growing! I was about a H cup before kids nearly 8 years ago and am now in a JJ so they aren't that much bigger... READ MORE

21 Year Old, No Kids, Very Large/long Breasts

I have always been quite a large breasted woman. I actually started showing late but once they started to come out they just kept growing bigger and bigger. When I 15, I remember my mom being so worried that she took me to see a doctor and get a mammogram to make sure that this was normal. I am... READ MORE

35 Years Old, Two Kids, 36DDD/F Hopefully to a C

I've chickened out once, no more!!!! I am having terrible neck pain and spasms, shoulder pains and lower back pain. I am 5'1 and 170 pounds. I've probably gained 25 to 30 pounds since the birth of my son who's almost 2. I have two children, my oldest is 11 and I breastfed both up until age 2.... READ MORE

Horrible Results

I had a breast reduction n tummy tuck n Lopo on my back. The doctor didn't do a good job and I gave him 3 chances to correct it. My breast are uneven, nipples are elongated, scars are horrible! The doctor was to give me Lipo on my stomach but it's bigger and uneven as well. My back still like... READ MORE

Here's my Story

Hi! I'm a 34 y/o mom of 1 kiddo. I've got 36e danglehoppers here, and I weigh about 147, and that's down 70lbs. My true band size is really 34 but I usually have to go up to 36 to find a cup that will accommodate my breast size better. My breasts have always been large, since I started to... READ MORE

21 Years Old No Kids

After struggling for years with back, neck and shoulder pain I made the decision to get a breast reduction. I asked my family doctor in August 2016 for a referral, and within a week received a call from the doctor for a consult on November 18 2016, from there my surgery was set for February 2017... READ MORE

46 Years old 34G - Hello New Boobs

I'm just a few days away from my reduction and can't wait ! I super excited and super scared. Want to be a full C or small D Like many of you, having smaller breasts is something I have dreamt about for so long . Whilst I suffer with neck and back pain , it isn't the main reason I want this... READ MORE

36years Old 4kids 32 DD

I have always been very top heavy An having 4kids an gravity taking over I had very long boobs which made me very uncomfortable and hard to fine Bathing suit tops An bras to actually fit. Properly, Insurance covered most of mine I experience back problems. And neck problems, my over all.... READ MORE

Needed Reduction, Lift and Liposuction.

Asked Dr. Timothy Connall for a C cup from a DD and ended up less with than a B cup, I also had liposuction that left me with a hole in my right side from him doing to much Liposuction (disfigured me) through TWO procedures. I went through years of trying to get a refund so that I could get... READ MORE

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