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38 Yo, Very Active, No Kids, 36DDD/E, Fat Necrosis

I had ongoing neck and upper back pain. I had seen physical therapy several times in my 20's and 30's. My last therapist did dry needling, which helped, but was the one who asked if I had ever thought about a breast reduction. By the way, I am an active duty Air Force medic. I have been... READ MORE

24 Y/o, 32E Thoughts As The Day Approaches

I'm scheduled, I'm ready, my insurance is covering this, but I just can't shake the feeling that I'm undeserving. My breasts have caused me trouble physically and socially for as long as I've had them, but I also don't know anything different! I've been enjoying reading others' stories and... READ MORE

Finally at Age 60, Much Needed Breast Reduction

I want to thank all of you on this forum for sharing your stories. It has helped me immensely during this process. The information I've gleaned from so many of you helped me be better prepared for my own surgery. Like most of you I developed large breasts at an early age. Between the summer of... READ MORE

40 Yr Old

So I had breast reduction where they took out almost 500cc from each side. Surgery was in June, and went relatively well. The doctor put in drains which caused me lots of pain and discomfort. The right tube had to stay in longer because it was still pulling out lots of liquid. My breasts look... READ MORE

If Its 2B...Its Up to Me 38 G/H to a 38 D

Surgery is set for Monday 7/17. I met with the doctor for final consultation and I had more questions I had gotten from Real Self ladies who have had BR and his words were... I don't know exactly what size you will be but "Im going for pretty and smaller"... Those were his words . after... READ MORE

44 Years Old 52i. With No Kids

On the the 6/27/17 i had my breast surgery done been waiting 24 years to get them done i was a 52i all kinds ok problems ok. So the week ok 7/12/17 my left breast start to open up i go back to the Doctor how did the surgery and he says your going to be fine and he sent me home. So the next week... READ MORE

24 Years Old, Current - 32 FF/G

6 weeks today until my op. Currently a 32 G hoping to go down to a C/D. Surgery with Dr Ben Chew Ross Hall Glasgow. More worried at how my scarring is going to look and how weird I'm going to look with smaller boobs but can't wait!! So happy with my surgeon choice even more so with reading... READ MORE

21 Year Old, 32F-32C Breast Reduction; So Ready For Smaller Boobies

I have wanted a breast reduction for several years now. In high school, I got a lot of unwanted attention due to the size of my breasts. Attending catholic school, the uniforms were already modest, and therefore there was not really much I could do in order to hide them. After my boyfriend's... READ MORE

Finally doing something for me... at least wanting to! (42, 5'6", 215lbs, 2 kids)

I'm going for my third consultation for breast reduction surgery this coming Thursday. The first time I went it was with my surgeon of choice when my first child was one. I had started struggling with back, neck and shoulder pain and was clearly top heavy. At that time, I weighed somewhere... READ MORE

Finally Decided to Do It - Reading, PA

I have been contemplating a BR for many years, but don't like pain, so couldn't make the decision to have the surgery. After dealing with health issues with my hubby (5 surgeries in a little over a year), I figured if he could do it, so could I. I proceeded to do some research and had a... READ MORE

24 Years Old, 32 G, Approved for a Breast Reduction Finally!

I've been wanting a reduction for a long time. Like everyone else here I developed at a very early age (around 10) and I remember being a DD by 7th or 8th grade :( I started having sever back and neck pain about 2 years ago and decided I needed to do this. After a year of fighting with my... READ MORE

No More Hassle Boobs - Pittsburgh, PA

Best decision of my life! I'm so grateful that my surgeon is as awesome as he is! No more pinched boobs or boobs in armpits. I was a DD/DDD now I'm not sure what cup size I am but I'm assuming around a C cup. I have only been wearing sports bras or those elastic ones that goes around our boobs.... READ MORE

23 Years Old, 32J, and Counting Down to My New Life! - New Hampshire

Ever since my PCP referred me to a PS for a breast reduction (5/12), I have been online looking for all information (and reassurance!) - and this site has been a huge help to me, so thank you all! I've decided to start recording my own journey, especially as how I have tons of questions (that... READ MORE

20 YO, 145 Lb, 5'3 with 34H Breasts Applying with BCBS

Hello everyone. This site has been so useful and meaningful to me over the past few years. I have wanted a breast reduction for years and I have been waiting for the right opportunity. This past year I got a better insurance plan that doesn't specifically exclude breast reductions (like my... READ MORE

49 Yrs., 32 DDD, No Biological Kids, Can't Wait!

My story is slightly different than other people's. I was flat-chested as a kid, when all the girls in my class were developing. I prayed to God to get breasts, and he answered my prayers! I got breasts when I was 15. Well, he never stopped answering my prayers, because now I'm a DDD! I'm 5'... READ MORE

Brest Reduction & Lift - New York

I am 28 years old and I've considered getting a breast reduction for maybe 10 years now. Fear always talked me out of it. I've had chronic back and neck pains my entire life. I am also a hairdresser so you can imagine how much more of a strain that was! I finally got to a point when I realized... READ MORE

52 and Not So Sure Their As Good As New - Green Bay, WI- Update- 100% Happy!

I just had my breast reduction 4 days ago. Yesterday I took my first shower. I actually took a bath so I could shave my legs and then I sponged bathed my breasts and under arms. I feel fine. I only took the prescribed Vicodin three times and then decided that it made me groggy and went to Extra... READ MORE

It Started with my Big Boobs...

I went to a DB seminar in Perth late 2016 on my GFs recommendation, with the intent of getting my breasts reduced. After far too many years of carting them around, dented shoulders, not fitting tops, dresses, I can finally afford to have it done! Did I mention the tummy tuck & liposuction?... READ MORE

37 Years Old, 2 Kids, 32gg/34H, 5'4", 138 Lbs - Birmingham, AL

I have had a large chest since 9th grade. It has only gotten bigger since having my children, who are now 6 and 8. One of my breasts is noticeably larger, I have fibrocystic breast tissue with several abnormal lumps (one benign, removed via lumpectomy), and bad shoulder grooves. The size of my... READ MORE

A million times Thank You Dr DeWolfe!

Nine years of pain gone in less than 6 weeks thanks to this amazing PS. Not only is Dr DeWolfe kind, he's funny and listens!!! He answered all my questions no matter how many times he must've answered the same ones. His staff is also so amazing and friendly and they always kept me posted. Highly... READ MORE

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