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23 year old 32FF (UK) hoping to be a 32C

So I don't have the largest breasts on here but I've had rashes under my breasts, bruising/soreness from bras as well neck l and back ache sometimes over the last few years. In addition to that my breasts are saggy and uneven. Now my boobs actually don't look bad in a bra or under clothes... READ MORE

Breast Reduction - Campbell River, BC

I was expecting the process to take a long time. Turns out I can get in for surgery march 2. The surgeon seems really nice and answered all questions. Explained everything. I'm still not sure how small I want to go. I've always had large breasts and I like that but, the back pain etc is too... READ MORE

27 Year Old No Longer Willing to Live with Pain

I cannot adequately put into words how much reading about other people's experiences going through a breast reduction has helped me finally decide to go through with surgery. I knew for a long time that it was available as an option, and I toyed around with the idea, but several factors kept me... READ MORE

Oversized Double D

I was tired of headaches , back and neck hurting shoulders hurting. Due to restricted movement I gained weight Ladies this is totally worth it!!! The worst thing for me was the drain tubes on each side only because I'm a side sleeper. I took no pain medication after the procedure I had some... READ MORE

Amazing surgeon, changing lives!!

At the young age of 12, I was a size DD & required chiropractic/physiotherapy help for pain management of my back, neck & shoulders. I carried on life with constant headaches & pain, due to the size of my breasts. I have since had 2 children & breastfed both, going up to a... READ MORE

48 Years Old, 38J, Can't Take the Pain Anymore

I've been big breasted since I can remember. After breastfeeding 2 kids (now 19 and 18 years old) and gaining weight my boobs just keep getting bigger and bigger. I have excruciating back and neck pain, grooves in my shoulders, rash under boobs, self consciousness, etc. I've always hated my... READ MORE

34H, Mommy of One

I am a teacher, so I am always on my feet. I have always had larger breast and the problems associated with them. I made the decision to have this procedure done and paid the cost out of pocket. This is just to help others out who are considering the procedure. It was tough, but has already... READ MORE

60 + Years Old, 36G, Waiting for 9 Years to Do It, Now I did it!

Feeling really nervous, not sure what size breasts to ask for (still need to lose 15 pounds), just got insurance approval, now surgery date set, spoke with anesthesia, worried about post-op pain, nausea, vomiting, loss of nipple sensitivity, worried about chronic pain syndromes, have allergy to... READ MORE

30 Yrs Old, 2 Kids, Breast Reduction

Hello from Canada! I am currently 4 weeks post op to the day. My surgery was June 1st, 2017. I am 30 years, old 5 feet tall and 130 pounds. My surgery was covered by BC medical and my out if pocket cost was about $105 Canadian. (Post surgical bra and scar gel). I had the procedure done at Delta... READ MORE

35 Years Old, 3 Kids, It's Time for a Much Needed Breast Reduction

I had my pre-op today and reality finally set in. I'm having my breast reduction on June 30th. I'm excited and nervous at the same time. I'm looking forward to having smaller breast.... Breasts that I can work out with and not have pain from them moving around... even with two sports bras. I... READ MORE

22, Military, Competitive Athlete - Mount Pleasant, SC

I am 22, 5 foot 6 inches, 185 pounds, originally a 36G. Before the surgery I never wore a real bra, I always wore a sports bra to try to hide the fact I had big boobs. Plus, the sports bra seemed to decrease the back pain and spasms. I could always swim competitively without a problem, other... READ MORE

Why did I wait so long!

Boobs have always been too big for my liking since I was young and they were high and perky. After aging gravity is a bitch. Slight asymmetry is now 2 cup size difference one C one Dd. Back neck, and shoulders have always killed me. I've always wanted reduction since I turned 14 and got breast.... READ MORE

33YO 40N to 38DD

I did the damn thing!! I can’t believe it. And I can’t believe I’m sharing this with the world, but everyone else who shared their story on the internet was so helpful to me throughout this process. Life changing. Also, people loved to tell me my boobs “didn’t seem that big.” (Hah.) So I thought... READ MORE

Ready to be small chested!

Hi all, I am a Canadian in northern Alberta so I imagine my experience will be different than many on here. I am in the process of trying to get approved for a breast reduction covered under Alberta health. I have always been big chested( biggest I have ever been is an I cup)! In the last year... READ MORE

Breast Reduction and Lipo - Bogota, Colombia

I decided to travel to Colombia for 3 weeks for a breast reduction (double D cup to a C cup). Judging by the quality of the treatment and the good price I also opted for a lipo in abs, lower back and thighs. Dr. Arevalo is an EXCELLENT doctor. He has excelent communciation skills, he has a... READ MORE

I Looooooove it

I loved it this is the best investment iv made..Dr Decherd did an excellent job...the staff was wonderful..Will be doing more business soon ..and yes iv have referred a few already..Thank you I love my New Boobs READ MORE

Excited and Intrigued: 4 years post op

I'm 38 and weigh 138lbs. I have an inkling I would actually be petite if I weren't so top heavy... In the UK I have had real problems getting my GP to take my requests seriously and have been fobbed off FOUR TIMES (there was the female doctor who told me they couldn't be that bad because I was... READ MORE

38 Yo, Very Active, No Kids, 36DDD/E, Fat Necrosis

I had ongoing neck and upper back pain. I had seen physical therapy several times in my 20's and 30's. My last therapist did dry needling, which helped, but was the one who asked if I had ever thought about a breast reduction. By the way, I am an active duty Air Force medic. I have been... READ MORE

24 Y/o, 32E Thoughts As The Day Approaches

I'm scheduled, I'm ready, my insurance is covering this, but I just can't shake the feeling that I'm undeserving. My breasts have caused me trouble physically and socially for as long as I've had them, but I also don't know anything different! I've been enjoying reading others' stories and... READ MORE

Finally at Age 60, Much Needed Breast Reduction

I want to thank all of you on this forum for sharing your stories. It has helped me immensely during this process. The information I've gleaned from so many of you helped me be better prepared for my own surgery. Like most of you I developed large breasts at an early age. Between the summer of... READ MORE

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