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A breast reduction involves the removal of excess fat, skin, and tissue, which usually results in the nipple and areola being shifted to a higher position. If the areola has been stretched due to the size of the breast, it may also be reduced. Not only does this surgery result in a smaller, perkier bust, it can also help eliminate the back, shoulder, and neck pain that’s often caused by large breasts. LEARN MORE ›

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27 Years Old, No Children Yet - Perth, AU

I'm 159cm and carries overly large breast. Although i am a confident person, i am very conscious of my breast. I have asymmetry breast with the bigger one being a size G and the other a size F(if not bigger). i have my surgery booked for the 22nd of September and i have a trillion of feelings,... READ MORE

About Time I Had It Done!!! - Sugar Land, TX

Amazing procedure! If you are wanting to have a breast reduction, have it done!!! Dr. Kutty also recommended the liposuction of the bra band, I was apprehensive at first thinking I could just work it off but boy was I glad I had it done. It makes a significant difference and helps define your... READ MORE

35 Years Old, No Kids, 5'8" and 142 Pounds, Hopefully Finally Going to Get my Breast Reduction!!!

I've been doing a lot of research on this site and everyone is so helpful with showing their before and after photos, so I decided to post some before photos myself. I kind of did things a little backwards since I found a plastic surgeon that was covered by my insurance and made an appointment... READ MORE

Scared and Ready! Today is the Day - Canton, OH

Today is the day.! I am only hours away from going to sign in and have the reduction. Insurance has yet to confirm payment, I have to sign a waiver being held reliable. Anyone else? What were the outcome ? I am not going to even try to play tough, I am scared. I have slept only 2 hours and in... READ MORE

Won my Exclusions of Coverage Appeal! 37, 34G to 34B? - Chicago, IL

I've wanted a BR for years for the standard reasons - back pain, etc, etc. I have a couple of aunts who have had them and saw a surgeon a couple of years ago: I didn't like him so didn't pursue it further. I have particular issues with upper back/neck pain and nerve compression in my right... READ MORE

48 Yrs Old, Divorced, Excited and Scared to Fix These Problem Boobs! - Bay Area, CA

I am currently wearing a 38 DDD bra, though the cup size is too small. The pain is the same as so many describe...chronic migraine, neck pain, notches in shoulders and rashes, back pain. Exercise almost impossible. Plus shame, that my breasts are a cup-sized different. My self-esteem took a huge... READ MORE

40 and Finally Getting a Reduction - Canada

I'm new to this site and have finally plucked up the courage to post. I have my surgery scheduled next week ( Oct 27th ) and I can't wait...this time next week I will be on the other side lol I'm currently a size 38F and hoping for a c cup and perky. I had my pre op this morning and was scared... READ MORE

47 Year Old That is Tired of Pain and Ill Fitting Clothing! - Houston TX

I have had large breasts since I was a young mother called me "Dolly." Women of my age and older could associate the reference. My OB-GYN has been documenting for years the symptoms I have been experiencing with pain, shoulder grooving, and skin integrity issues. I am so tired of... READ MORE

I Am 56. Yr old

I am having my surgery sat. Nov 29 th. Was supposed to be the 20th. So I'm going out of my mind right now. My primary doc says don't back out. It will be worth it. I M so nervous but excited at the Same time. I just want the weight off of. My breast. They hurt and I'm so... READ MORE

Much Needed Breast Reduction

My entire experience was great from the initial office visit thru post op. Dr. Kutty and his staff answered all questions before and after procedure. I've had to call the office post surgery and my questions were answered within minutes. My anxiety was set at ease. After the procedure my back... READ MORE

Soooo ExExcited! Smita ramanadham bmc- Boston, MA

Finally mass health approved me for my breast reduction! Im 27 i have two children and after two pregnancys my breast are now a size 36ddd i think ugh its just so depressing...i cant wait to het them out lol im hoping in the end my back will feel better and i look more proportioned. Im just... READ MORE

45 Years Old - I Was over Having Huge Breasts - Sydney, Australia

Like many of you, I have thought about a breast reduction ever since I was teased on the school bus - "Dolly Parton" - yes, we have heard it all before. So it has only taken me thirty years to finally follow through with the surgery - not a decision I made lightly. There are many factors -... READ MORE

38L Hoping for Something Great - Montreal, QC

Surgery is in under two weeks. I'm excited, thrilled and a bit anxious. I had a D cup in 6th grade, and it just got worse as I hit puberty. I'm now 25 with a 38L, and I've been self conscious about it my whole life. My only worry is that they'll still be too big after the surgery. I'm hoping for... READ MORE

32 Years Old, 3 Kids, Waited 15 Years for This! - Birmingham, MI

I've wanted a breast reduction for 15 years(or more!) Ever since I became a 36DD in high school. Right now I'm currently squeezing in a 38DDD. I've waited until I was done breastfeeding all my children. I'm finally ready to be done with the daily backaches and bad posture. I'm constantly feeling... READ MORE

35, Healthy Life Style. Chico, California, CA

I have been approved by insurance to have a much need breast reduction with a lift. My main hope with this procedure is to relieve the pain in my upper back, between my shoulder blades, and neck muscles. I would love to go for a run without getting a neck and base of neck headache. I also have... READ MORE

28 Year Old with 3 Kids Looking to Get Breast Reduction.

Hello everyone, Besides having all this neck and shoulder pain and bad posture from having large breast I am just honestly sick of them... I am currently a 38DDD Is it hard to find a decent bra that don't make me look like you're a grandma. Also clothes don't fit right you have to go an extra... READ MORE

19 Years Old, Breast Reduction - London, GB

I'm 5'7 , my left boob is a 36E and my right is a 36F, I have my breast reduction operation this Saturday (5th November 2016) and I'm beyond excited and just a little bit nervous! This is the 3rd time I'm rewriting this as the first 2 times I have clicked the wrong button :( so fingers crossed!... READ MORE

40 Year Old Mom of 3 Children. Current Size is a G/H. Time for a BR! - Toronto, ON

I am looking forward to my surgery which is scheduled for mid October. For many years I've dealt with discomfort in my neck, shoulders and back. I've finally realized that exercising alone cannot reduce my breast size. I'm a little nervous about the surgery and recovery, but I've heard so many... READ MORE

19 Years Old, and Ready to Have This Weight Lifted! - Salt Lake City, UT

I haven't always had big boobs. I got my first bra in the fourth grade when I still didn't really have a chest at all. In fifth grade I specifically remember stuffing tissue into my bra to make my boobs look bigger, and always being jealous of the other girls in my class. I now know intimately... READ MORE

29 32j Cup. Alberta, AB

I've been lurking on here for months and decided I should tell my story. I am 29 and a size 32j. As most of you I dealt with large breasts all thru high-school. Looking back now tho a dd bra seems so small. My surgery date was today actually and I'm writing from my hospital room. The... READ MORE

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