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A breast reduction involves the removal of excess fat, skin, and tissue, which usually results in the nipple and areola being shifted to a higher position. If the areola has been stretched due to the size of the breast, it may also be reduced. Not only does this surgery result in a smaller, perkier bust, it can also help eliminate the back, shoulder, and neck pain that’s often caused by large breasts. LEARN MORE ›

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26 Years Old, Lost 6st and Finishing my Body off with a Breast Reduction / Lift - Nottingham, GB

Where do I start..... 4 years ago I visited the doctors because of my large boobs and asked them if the nhs would give me a breast reduction as was a size 38g/h, it wasn't just the size it was also the constant bad back, poor posture and not much self confidence. I was refused and got told to... READ MORE

52 Yr. Old, 38G, Austin Tx

Thanks to all who are on this journey with me. Your posts have inspired me to blog my experience. I too developed early and continued well into adulthood. After years of wanting to be free of the pain and discomfort, I was finally approved for BR. Surgery scheduled for 10/14. My PS and staff... READ MORE

61 Year Old. Much Overdue for Procedure - Jacksonville, FL

I 've thought about a BR at different times over the years but never checked it out. WHY??? I developed very early, like 4th or 5th grade. In Jr High some of the boys nicknamed me, Jungle Jugs. I'm heavier now than I want or should be, but even at a normal body weight, I'm still a 36DDD. ... READ MORE

32F/G to Amazing - Toronto, ON

Dr. Beber did a stunning reduction for a physician friend's daughter... after poking around the internet, and finally meeting him... I knew he was right for me. All the other reviews are correct... he's charming, thoughtful, patient, and professional. Before my son I was very thin, 5'9", 115-120... READ MORE

I Am Going to Heal

I just had my BR last Monday from a 36 I down to well it's hard to tell right now I asked to be a D....I am a lot smaller and they are way higher than they used to be so that is a plus. Still a lot of bruising and I noticed my left nipple has wrinkles in the way it was sown back together Im... READ MORE

41 Yrs 1 Child Currently 34DDD 140lbs Looking to Take These Babies Down - Newton Wellsey, MA

My story is pretty much like everyone else. Back and shoulder aches. I am done having kids. Had a hysterectomy in sep of 2013. Still have one ovary so have not gone through menopause. Not sure what my boobs will do then. I went in December for my consultation. Dr was very nice. I felt he... READ MORE

24 Y/O 38H +, Ready to Live Life like I Should! Oklahoma City, OK

I began developing breasts in sixth grade. Not too early compared to some, but once it started it didn’t take long for them to grow completely out of control. I literally went from completely flat-chested to a D-cup before I even knew what a training bra was. I never had the opportunity to w... READ MORE

59 Year Old That Had a Breast Reduction and Lift - Medicine Hat, AB

I suffered for many years probably 25 pre-menstrual bloating two weeks of each month. My breasts were so swollen and sore .....that it hurt to take my bra off. Then started menopause and they stopped swelling but were so stretched out of shape and one was a size larger than the other. I... READ MORE

Much Needed Body Makeover - Ohio

I have been thinking about getting a breast reduction for years. My daughter went for a consult on breast and butt aug and made me think even harder. I am currently a 44DDD and would like to be no larger than a single D cup. I mentioned wanting a breast reduction to my mother and she thinks I... READ MORE

Second Breast Reduction-32DDD - Chattanooga, TN

Hello again! After my procedure in January 2016, I was a 32DDD and wanted to go smaller. So we went back in! I am currently 8days post-op and I feel much better than I did the first go around. I took pain meds for 4 days following the procedure and stopped because they made me constipated and I... READ MORE

66 Year Young - Oak Park, IL


On July 8,2016 I had TT with liposuction in 3 areas back , flank and hips. Since that surgery was so long I couldn't get breast reduction at the same time My TT is great I am Flat Flat where I use to be Fat Fat. So here I am back 4 months later getting my Breast Reduction awesome with... READ MORE

Approved! Canadian. Size 30i, 26 Yrs, 5'2, 130lbs, No Kids - Victoria, BC

Hey, guys. I've spent hours every day reading your stories and looking at your photos. Thank you so much for sharing. I'm a petite, shy, 26 year old who had been wanting a BR since middle school. My back, neck, and shoulders hurt every day. I've weighed 115-140 lbs, and my breasts hardly change... READ MORE

29 with 2 Year Old ....Sz 34DDD to SzB - FL

Hate my long saggy Breast I ALWAYS had. I met with two doctors at two different offices Dr Tim Fee & Dr. Erez Sternberg (both Jacksonville FL area). I loved that's Dr. Fee has been doing this for awhile. However, his staff and front office ladies were extremely rude & pretentious. I Went Dr... READ MORE

20/no Kids/ 34DDD/E to a Full C Cup/CANADA BC - Kamloops, BC

October 6th was my date of surgery and everything went SO great. My surgeon was an absolutely lovely women who took care of me. Waking up from surgery I felt a weight lifted off my shoulders ( literally lol) I was a little sore but they gave me some medication to help with the discomfort. She... READ MORE

31/5'4"/230/36J to 42DD! My incredible (to me) journey!

Since I was young, I have been large-chested. At first, I didn't really know what to do with it. Today, I know what to do with it, but I have too much to do WITH. In the past year, I've experienced chronic back, neck and shoulder pain. Other parts of my body suffer as well. I have felt... READ MORE

Much Needed Reduction 38H Hoping for a C Cup! - Atlanta, GA

5 days until my procedure and i'm a little nervous with all that i have been through this year alone. Had lipo last year and needed a Breast Reduction then but decided to do the lipo first. After my consultation with my PS and information being submitted to insurance company. I got approved back... READ MORE

44 with 36DDD, in Desperate Need of Breast Reduction - California, CA

First let me say how helpful all the reviews from everyone have been. My story is like many others, it felt like I woke up one morning around age 13 and there they were. I was teased relentlessly. Since then my breasts have continued to grow. I'm 5'2 and 130 pounds, like most women my weight has... READ MORE

A BIG Weight Lifted!!! - Toronto, ON

My motivation for the Breast Reduction and Lift was after a whole life time of enduring the excess baggage! I've always had these boobs and oh boy were they the Thorne in my side, neck, shoulders, back and in my eyes! I absolutely hated them with a passion and some more! Never being able to... READ MORE

32GG to 32D (Hope) 5'7" 140lbs No Kids

After menopause boobs blew up to 32GG Want my D cup back AND be free of accompanying sore shoulders, neck&aback pain. Two visits w Dr Watts 2nd one to gain reassurances regarding procedure, size,projection and nipple placement. Though this is covered by MSP, it's my hope that Dr. Watts is... READ MORE

24 Years Old 36DDD Praying for 36B - Chicago, IL

So, I've finally taken the leap of faith and decided to do something I've been battling myself with doing for the longest- get a breast reduction. I haven't always had big breast. It was like one day, I woke up with huge breasts when I was about 20 years old. And, they've been a pain in the ass... READ MORE

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