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A breast reduction involves the removal of excess fat, skin, and tissue, which usually results in the nipple and areola being shifted to a higher position. The areola might also be reduced if it had been stretched out due to the size of the breast. Not only does this surgery result in a smaller, perkier bust, it can also help eliminate back, shoulder, and neck pain that’s often caused by large breasts.
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I'm struggled many years with low self esteem because of my huge saggy breast. I have had tremendous back pain and herniated disc in my next. Dr Mark Feldman in Linwood, NJ was quick precise and had excellent bedside manner. I'm so happy with my results! My pain levels are very low, no bleeding... READ MORE

First of all I have always wanted to do this I just always changed my mind. I have been approved and will have my surgery in Tupelo Ms w Dr Craig on 4/20 I'm so scared and nervous. I have heard that the pain is the worst. And I'm an hour away from my doctor office. I'm trying to be prepared... READ MORE

Tomorrow at 5am I will be having my breast reduction. Im 26 years old, and always had larger breast than everyone in my family. I had back problems since I was 21 and over time with gaining weight my problems worsened. I was rejected by doctors at Geroge Washington Hospital, they told me to... READ MORE

I have been contemplating breast reduction surgery for about 8 years. I guess I was a "late bloomer" as I had a normal C cup until about senior year of high school when I skipped right over a D and became a DD. At the time it seemed ok as I was getting more attention from guys, but as they got... READ MORE

I've had large breasts since middle school. I went from a C cup to an E cup almost overnight. I started trying to get a reduction when I was 15 but after frustrating doctors, difficulty matching schedules, and multiple changed in insurance, I was finally able to get the reduction at age 21. My... READ MORE

So I'm scheduled for surgery May 5th I'm really nervous I'm currently 221lbs and I work out but the pounds just seems to not shed not to mention my back and neck pain I'm just hoping this procedure helps with my weight loss 1 week prior I have to get cleared from my Dr other than that I'm ready... READ MORE

I actually had no intention of documenting this process, but now I am! In a way, i really wanted to pay it forward because this forum has been priceless as I prepare- so here we are!! I'm 32, 154lb, and a 32 GG. I've struggled for as long as i can remember - and now, as I get older- it's... READ MORE

I always asked myself of I could do that surgery. I was always aware of my breast as I am a "small" girl (5'3" - 120lbs) with E-Fcups. It was ok to live with it, until I started doing more exercises (yoga and running). When I do yoga my breast is always in the way, when I run it bounce even... READ MORE

In some ways my story is not much different than the rest of us big breasted ladies. I wore a bra at a young age and went straight from a flat chest to a Bcup overnight and just kept growing from there. In high school I was already a 36DD and then after having children a 38DDD. A few years ago I... READ MORE

I've got my first consultation on 2 march 2016 (2 days time as I post this). background: always been top heavy: 5'2"tall and around 120-130 lb and 32E. Then 2 years ago I started gaining weight and now I'm + 25lb and 34GG. I started looking at BR reviews on youtube a few weeks ago, and think... READ MORE

This will be my second time trying to have a breasts reduction surgery. Last year around this time I was scheduled to have the surgery but for reasons beyond my control it had to be cancelled twice. After the second cancellation I lost my insurance and gave up on pursuing the surgery. A year... READ MORE

I have wanted this since being a teenager. My mother talked me into waiting till after I had kids. At 37 I finally decided enough is enough, why suffer with back pain and headaches and awful droopy breast. I never liked my breast growing up so I hope that not only will the pain go away but that... READ MORE

So I had my surgery on Wednesday. I have always been big chested and was extremely worried about the size after surgery. I started off as a 36G and I now think I am a big B or C which is smaller than what I wanted. I know my boobs don't define me but having a big chest all my life if is going to... READ MORE

It's time! I can't take the pain/discomfort any longer. I've entertained the idea of a breast reduction for twenty years. I put it off, making hopeful excuses that they would go away if I lost weight, or I should wait until after I have children, or insurance probably won't pay because I'm... READ MORE

I had 36D before the kids and my breasts have never been perky. After the 1st pregnancy my breasts became 36DDD/E and I was hoping they would go back after im done nursing but they stayed the same... Then after my second pregnancy my size became 36F and after nursing to 36G/H. At some point I... READ MORE

Hi ladies, I have been on here reading everyone's reviews for months now and been wanting a reduction for 30 years. I have had big boobs from the age of 14, I am 5' 3" and always been very petite (I am carrying an extra stone at the moment, too much cake and not enough exercise plus menopause!)... READ MORE

I'm having a breast reduction from 32DDDD (Chantelle bra size) to C, abdominoplasty, flankplasty, diastasis recti repair, ventral hernia repair, and hip lipo on Wednesday. I keep meaning to post about but the time keeps slipping away! I have been wanting a breast reduction since I was 22... READ MORE

Well I am on this path again. In 2013 I meet with a surgeon who I felt really put me down, he convinced me that I would just be happy with a lift and brushed off the fact that I wanted smaller breast. So I meet with Dr Andrade after that and went ahead with a lift. I am really really happy with... READ MORE

Hello! I am 21 yrs old and I have absolutely hated my tits ever since I've had them. I developed early and I'm pretty sure I was the first one of my classmates. I've thought about doing it before when I was about 16 and I even called some places to ask questions. As much as I wanted to do it... READ MORE

Like everyone else, I have dealt with large breasts since middle school. I am currently 31, 5'7", 167 lbs and a 32HH. Despite gaining and losing weight, the breast size has really never changed so about six months ago I began the process of getting insurance approval. Referrals, four months of... READ MORE

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How much does a Breast Reduction cost?

The typical cost for a Breast Reduction ranges from $150-$14,000 with an average cost of $6,900. Costs will vary by surgeon, geographic region and the complexity of the procedure. Cost estimates are based on 3,867 patient reviews submitted on RealSelf. Learn more