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A breast reduction involves the removal of excess fat, skin, and tissue, which usually results in the nipple and areola being shifted to a higher position. The areola might also be reduced if it had been stretched out due to the size of the breast. Not only does this surgery result in a smaller, perkier bust, it can also help eliminate back, shoulder, and neck pain that’s often caused by large breasts. LEARN MORE ›

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I've had extreme back pain for years and I haven't been able to sit up straight in Lord knows how long. Since having this surgery I couldn't be happier! My Dr. Was amazing and very helpful. My surgery went so well that it ended a half hour early. I'm in hardly any pain I'm just more... READ MORE

I am having my surgery in 2 days! I've been wanting this surgery for about 7 years and I am so excited to finally get to do this! I will post some before photos, and update everything as soon as I can :) I'll probably update the day of my surgery or the day after! I have terrible back and neck... READ MORE

I have been considering a breast reduction for a few years now, But it was the constant shoulder, back and neck pain, that did it for me. I'm 5'3 and 135lbs and F's were just not comfortable! People told me I was insane for wanting to do a breast reduction and that I would regret it because I... READ MORE

I just thought I would leave a summary of my experience of a breast reduction carried out in East Anglia, UK. I had my op in October, it was rescheduled once, I was meant to have it in early September, but the surgeon had a family emergency. I have always wanted a breast reduction, my boobs... READ MORE

Dr Craig Baldenhofer is a perfect Doctor for my breast reduction, his staff was so professional, his consultation take away my fear, he make me relaxed, he answer all my question. December 1,2015 i did my breast reduction surgery, its was the best choice i make. Dr Baldenhofer did a perfect... READ MORE

Fantastic!!!! I cannot express my love for this surgeon enough. I walked in because I am tired of the migraines, backaches, and immobility my 42G breasts are causing. He looked at them, and 1 week later my insurance approved. Was called for my pre Opp immediately..... Just completed that... READ MORE

I started developing breast right around the 4th grade, very early when I reached to about the 10th grade they became heavy and I'm a short girl 5'1 so they really just take over my body. When I was 16 I went to Dr.Weiser but I was too young and hadn't finished developing in and he told me to... READ MORE

I've been dealing with large breast for over 15 years and I finally went under the knife & let me say I am glad I did. I went from a 36 GG TO A 36 full C. I am very active with sports & my job duties. I was to the point of going to a chiropractor twice a week due to back pain. I am so happy... READ MORE

Where to begin. Well, first of all I gotta say I know it is a US site but there is no similar support site in Oz therefore I hope you ladies don't mind a foreigner coming along to the site. I have been checking up on the site for a fortnight now and every time I read a review, a blog post I was... READ MORE

I have put this reduction off for far too long. I suffer from neck, shoulder and back pain. I'm hoping this helps. I'm scared of the pain and that they will look funny afterwards. I currently wear 40 ddd. Just really depends where I get my bras. Kinda excited about getting pretty bras. As... READ MORE

My breasts began growing when I was 12, by the time I was 14 I was hearing catcalls like "boobs!" when I was walking the 12 blocks to my girlfriend's house. I was very self conscious. I was quite active in sports and would wear my sisters bra(which was tight being smaller) when I ran my events.... READ MORE

I have always been big breasted in high school I was a 32ddd but with each kid I kept growing and ended at a 32 h. I was having nerve pain, shoulder pain, I couldn't work out with out extreme sternum pain. I had my surgery on 11/16/15. I was able to have the drains removed day two and was doing... READ MORE

Hello everyone. I feel it is my responsibly to write this review, and help others to make such important decision, even after 55, to go thru an elective surgery, just for mare reason, as to look better. If it was not for this site I don't think I would have done it! So, this is my small... READ MORE

Getting a breast reduction had been a thought for several years. Wanting to have smaller breast and feel normal is want I longed for but never saw myself going through with the procedure. Although, I never publicly stated I was unhappy with having large breast and a discussion with my family... READ MORE

Okay I know you've all heard this story before - been a D cup since middle school and rocked the E/F's since end of high school. Lost weight, didn't get any smaller. Gained weights, surprisingly didn't change much either! Now I sit at 5'6", ~170# (high end of my weight usually) and a 34E give or... READ MORE

I have always had a large chest since high school, I was about an E cup but it never bothered me. After having kids, I lost a lot of weight, I got down to 123lbs and as I am only 5ft tall, my breasts which stayed at 32GG just looked way out of proportion. I had really bad back and neck pain,... READ MORE

Very excited to not look like I am all Boobs. I speak in front of small and large groups. Whenever I see a picture of myself. I look so heavy because my chest is so overwhelming. I am hoping to be able to wear a normal off the rack blazer instead of buying then tailoring everything. I am a bit... READ MORE

56 Y/O 38DDD pre-op, 5'3", 163# (25 0r so overweight), surgery was Oct 26, 2015 Doctor thinks I'll be a lovely, firm 36 B/C when all settled and done swelling (total finished result can take 6-12 months so need to take exceptional care of them and be patient) It's a huge investment: financial,... READ MORE

I was hesitant to have surgery on my breasts. But constantly suffering from back and neck pain, along with a painful pulling sensation in my breasts motivated me to at least get a consult. I was very worried about the outcome and the associated risks. After Dr. Hartley examined me and explained... READ MORE

In high school the buxom women were the most popular. How UDDER-LY ridiculous/improper. I recommend breast reduction to remove a major obstruction. This is the greatest relief of my life. I suffered for 45 years from a botched boob job. Dr. Singer is an ARTIST and I feel like a child... READ MORE

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