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A breast reduction involves the removal of excess fat, skin, and tissue, which usually results in the nipple and areola being shifted to a higher position. If the areola has been stretched due to the size of the breast, it may also be reduced. Not only does this surgery result in a smaller, perkier bust, it can also help eliminate the back, shoulder, and neck pain that’s often caused by large breasts. LEARN MORE ›

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24 Years Old, Current - 32 FF/G

6 weeks today until my op. Currently a 32 G hoping to go down to a C/D. Surgery with Dr Ben Chew Ross Hall Glasgow. More worried at how my scarring is going to look and how weird I'm going to look with smaller boobs but can't wait!! So happy with my surgeon choice even more so with reading... READ MORE

My Reduction Story (21 yrs, 30GG)

I choose the Allure Clinic in Toowoomba after much research because a) Dr Magnusson has multiple 5-star reviews, b) he has a few short youtube videos about various procedures that allowed me to actually see what he was like (at least on camera) and c) it's the closest clinic to my home town... READ MORE

20 Years Old, 34G Breast Reduction

My breast reduction was officially authorised by my insurance yesterday... yay! So I have decided to log the procedure from this moment forward as I know I have spent the last 2 weeks doing non-stop reading through, watching 500 youtube videos and reading articles online regarding... READ MORE

29, "I Have 1 Desperate Need of a Breast Reduction"

Hello, i been reading reviews on here for a month or two, debating if i wanted to join in on my journey and i decided to do so... I am a 29 year old female who been battling with breast since maybe 12 years old, around 16 they just grew out of nowhere to the point where i was going through... READ MORE

37 Years Old, 2 Kids, 32gg/34H, 5'4", 138 Lbs - Birmingham, AL

I have had a large chest since 9th grade. It has only gotten bigger since having my children, who are now 6 and 8. One of my breasts is noticeably larger, I have fibrocystic breast tissue with several abnormal lumps (one benign, removed via lumpectomy), and bad shoulder grooves. The size of my... READ MORE

20 YO, 145 Lb, 5'3 with 34H Breasts Applying with BCBS

Hello everyone. This site has been so useful and meaningful to me over the past few years. I have wanted a breast reduction for years and I have been waiting for the right opportunity. This past year I got a better insurance plan that doesn't specifically exclude breast reductions (like my... READ MORE

39 Years Young 3 Children 17, 7, and 5. 34 E 5'2 Feet Tall 145 Pounds

Have been wanting to do this for years! Always been large chested loved then when I was younger bit after have 3 kids and breast feeding they got even larger, longer, and so heavy and saggy. I became very self conscious and always wore a bra bed..during sex... always. I waited over a year... READ MORE

34 Years Old 32 DDD Breast Reduction/Lift Dr Yeon-Jeen Chang Atlanta

So I think it is about that time... Since I was 12 years old I have big breast and as I get older my breast are getting bigger and I am having a lot back issues. I have one child after I had my daughter my breast has gone up 2 cup sizes. I am now at 34 DDD well Dr Chang says I am at 32 DDD. I... READ MORE

26, No Kids, 36 HH NY,NY

So here starts my journey I'm finally approved for my reduction! I'm so excited ..I'm the only one in my family with these obnoxious sized boobs lol aside from them being painful to my back and's very frustrating with my wardrobe, nothing fits..or barely does people see my boobs... READ MORE

Why did I wait so long!

Boobs have always been too big for my liking since I was young and they were high and perky. After aging gravity is a bitch. Slight asymmetry is now 2 cup size difference one C one Dd. Back neck, and shoulders have always killed me. I've always wanted reduction since I turned 14 and got breast.... READ MORE

Here's my Story

Hi! I'm a 34 y/o mom of 1 kiddo. I've got 36e danglehoppers here, and I weigh about 147, and that's down 70lbs. My true band size is really 34 but I usually have to go up to 36 to find a cup that will accommodate my breast size better. My breasts have always been large, since I started to... READ MORE

48 Years Old. Current Breast Size: 38L - Canada

I have been thinking of getting a breast reduction for a couple years now. My chiropractor suggested it several years ago, but it didn't sink in that I should get one until a year or so later. I finally clued in why my neck, shoulders and back where always aching and often had headaches. ... READ MORE

32H breast Reduction Booked June 30

Hi everyone! After so many years of insecurity discomfort and back pain, I am booked for June 30, 2017. So excited and yes nervous. My doc told me that I can likely go down to a D with the lollipop scar. If I want a middle C I will need anchor. Just not sure what to do! Are there any sites that... READ MORE

50 Years Old and 2nd Reduction in One Month!

Hello Ladies I had a breast reduction 20+ years ago while in the military. I guess weight gain and age has caused my breast size to increase. I have the daily back and shoulder pain. I started researching and realize there was a chance my insurance (Tricare) may cover. So I had a consultation... READ MORE

Canadian, 23, No Kids & a 36F/G - Saskatoon, SK

Okay. So. I just joined this site a few days ago because I'm starting to get nervous. I have my first consult with Dr. Carolyn Duval in Saskatoon, SK on June 21st. I got big boobs like most of all the ladies on here.. from a young age.. being stared at, jokes made, self conscious, nothing... READ MORE

24, 36DD-34DDD, 170lbs, no kids, and Back Pain

I made my consultation appt! It's one month away. I'm concerned about what my ins will determine, because I feel like I may not be big enough based on my BMI and bra size. I'm a little curvy and pretty tall. I don't think I'm really disproportionate but I feel like I could be 2 sizes smaller and... READ MORE

35 Years Old, 3 Kids, It's Time for a Much Needed Breast Reduction

I had my pre-op today and reality finally set in. I'm having my breast reduction on June 30th. I'm excited and nervous at the same time. I'm looking forward to having smaller breast.... Breasts that I can work out with and not have pain from them moving around... even with two sports bras. I... READ MORE

41 Year Old, 36G (No Children) - Looking for Relief - San Diego, CA

First off, I'm 41 and I stand at 5’5”. I have no children, and currently weigh 155 pounds. I've seen something similar to my story repeated on here by so many women. This is a bit long, but it's partly for me to just get it down, like a journal of sorts. I got my breasts as a young lady, and the... READ MORE

22 Years Old, 32J(ish), Finally Beginning This Process and Full of Questions - I'd Love Any Advice! - New Hampshire

Ever since my PCP referred me to a PS for a breast reduction (5/12), I have been online looking for all information (and reassurance!) - and this site has been a huge help to me, so thank you all! I've decided to start recording my own journey, especially as how I have tons of questions (that... READ MORE

49 Yrs., 32 DDD, No Biological Kids, Can't Wait!

My story is slightly different than other people's. I was flat-chested as a kid, when all the girls in my class were developing. I prayed to God to get breasts, and he answered my prayers! I got breasts when I was 15. Well, he never stopped answering my prayers, because now I'm a DDD! I'm 5'... READ MORE

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