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A breast reduction involves the removal of excess fat, skin, and tissue, which usually results in the nipple and areola being shifted to a higher position. If the areola has been stretched due to the size of the breast, it may also be reduced. Not only does this surgery result in a smaller, perkier bust, it can also help eliminate the back, shoulder, and neck pain that’s often caused by large breasts. LEARN MORE ›

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22 y/o - Breast Reduction - 36G/GG to 36D/DD

So I had a meeting with my doctor around the end of May regarding a breast reduction. This is something I have been thinking of for years ever since I hit puberty that's when my breast started growing which was around age 9. By the age of 12 I was a D/DD and then by 15 an F and then slowly... READ MORE

48 Years Old. Pre op breast size: 38L. Canada

I have been thinking of getting a breast reduction for a couple years now. My chiropractor suggested it several years ago, but it didn't sink in that I should get one until a year or so later. I finally clued in why my neck, shoulders and back where always aching and often had headaches. ... READ MORE

Breast Reduction

So everything has been smooth sailing ! I'm scheduled with Dr . Paul Scioscia of PVPS 8/14/2017 . The office has been amazing . Al of my FMLA paperwork has been submitted and now I'm just waiting for my new Boobs . My post Op appt went well . They let me know my dos and donts before surgery &... READ MORE

49 Y/o Grandma and 2 Grown Kids Having a Much Needed Breast Reduction/lift. New York, NY

I live in NY and was scheduled for a mastopexy (breast lift) last week but the hospital never put me on the schedule. I had already planned vacation time around the procedure so needless to say I was quite disappointed. I found another plastic surgeon and I have Consultation. Keeping my fingers... READ MORE

Insurance Approved! 20 Years Old, No Kids, 34FF, 164 In Desperate Need of a Breast Reduction

I am like most people on here who want a breast reduction. I am sick and tired of my huge breasts and the pain they cause me. I have wanted a breast reduction for years now but I was not in a good position to get it when I was younger. Now I am looking more into the procedure and a few doctors... READ MORE

34 Yrs Old No Kids

I am so happy and can't wait for August to come for my operation, had no option but to take a loan just to get rid of this enormous boobs, so uncomfortable wen doing anything either sleeping running jumping exercising . Mine started growing 2nd yr in high school, I play netball but had to quit... READ MORE

35 Years Old, No Children, 5,6, 38F, 178lbs.

After wanting a breast reduction for a few years, my procedure is finally scheduled! In just over two months, I'm hoping to be a full C cup. I was a C cup through my teenage years, then when I was 19, I blew up, and have been an F cup ever since. I'm in extremely horrible pain daily, I even had... READ MORE

27 Years Old, 5'4", 125 Pounds, 32F/34E

After suffering with large breasts since I was a teen, I finally decided to get a consultation for breast reduction. I have terrible back and neck pain, have a hard time exercising comfortably, and I am frustrated with the struggles of not fitting into bras and bathing suits. I also struggle... READ MORE

35 Yr Old, 34DDD, No kids, 5'1" - It's finally time!!!!

I just want to first say...AMEN!!!! My surgery is finally scheduled!! If you're reading this, you are probably contemplating Breast Reduction too so I can't need to go into how inconvenient and how painful they can be. You probably also know how you hate not being able to wear certain things... READ MORE

44 Yr Old, Two Kids, Wanting BR for Years, Since Early 20s. - Switzerland, CH

Constant sore shoulders & neck along with deep red grooves in shoulders. Uncomfortable and self- conscious when/if I go running. Had several consultations over the years and even saw a PS a few weeks ago who has provided a quote & told me to book the date. However GP does not think they... READ MORE

45 yr old Large Breasts - Portland, OR 36DDD

Have been thinking about this for years, finally went to a few Drs for consultations. Approved by insurance for reduction and lift. Surgery set for December 17th. I'm so scared of the recovery, pain, looks, etc. wondering if it really worth it?? Have neck and back pain all the time and so... READ MORE

34 Years 2 Kids Breast Reduction and Liposuction

After pregnancy and breast feeding, I was looking for having my shape back. I started to look for a doctor in my country Brazil, but I had to move to London and after a big research I found Dr. O. I am very happy with the results, and the experience in Belgium has great from the beginning to... READ MORE

33yrs old, Breast lift with small reduction. Surgery countdown!!

My surgery is booked in for the 14th September. The plan is to remove 200-300grams per breast, plus anchor uplift. I'm currently about an E cup but would like to be closer to a C. My breasts became very saggy after about 5 stone of weight loss a few years ago, and I finally had the courage to do... READ MORE

Finally a Breast Reduction at 47 Years Old

In a few days I will have a breast reduction. Right now I weigh 73kg (160lbs) and I am 169.5cm (5ft7in). If I lose a lot of weight I might lose my boobs (currently a 34-36DD/E) but at my age I would be gross and wrinkly so I would like to stay around 150 (which I will be close too after surgery)... READ MORE

30 Years Old, No Kids, 32DDD, 5' 120lbs

Hello everyone. I have been reading a lot of reviews that helped me to understand many of my concerns about the recovery process. I am happy to share my breast reduction experience in this forum and I hope my review help others too. I got my breast reduction approval 2 months ago, it has been... READ MORE

37 Years Old 40H Bra Size, Large Breast Since the Age of 8 Years Old, Breast Reduction Needed

As long as I can remember I have always had large breast. Now, I am getting ready to be 38 years old 2 kids and am tired of the back and shoulder aches, not to mention bruises on my shoulders. I weigh 214 lbs now and thats down 10 lbs, but my lowest weight has been 199lbs with 235lbs being my... READ MORE

56 Years Old, 5'10", 165 Lbs., 2 Grown Children, 36G to ???

Good morning to everyone!! Just found out that my insurance approved my surgery and it's scheduled for September 6th!! I'm so excited!!! I turned in a time off notice at work yesterday that I'll be out for 'surgery' for at least a week and a half. Although my boss knows about the surgery, I... READ MORE

36 Years Old, 32G/H --- ?30/32 C/D - Boulder, CO

I am a 5'5", 130lbs, 36 year old mother of two small children (1.5 & 3.5). I have had large breasts since I hit puberty. I can remember being a DD before going to university. Coming home for spring break already an F (freshman 15 hit me hard). I lost the weight that summer no problem but the... READ MORE

21 years old, 125 lbs 5'2 breast reduction- 32DDD to 32C or D

In 8 days I'm having a breast reduction! In 21 years old and feel extremely frustrated and limited by my chest. I have significant back problems. I want to be more active. My chest is way too big for my frame. I hate the way I look in clothes. I want to wear cute dresses without strapping on a... READ MORE

3 Weeks Post Op

I had back pain. Shoulder and neck pain. Trouble sleeping. Work was annoying I hate touching people with my boobs. Now I'm so comfortable. They weigh less. I look like I've actually lost the weight I loss because my shape is different. I love them. A little itchy. Doctor just removed the glue to... READ MORE

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