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22 y/o - Breast Reduction - 36G/GG to 36D/DD

So I had a meeting with my doctor around the end of May regarding a breast reduction. This is something I have been thinking of for years ever since I hit puberty that's when my breast started growing which was around age 9. By the age of 12 I was a D/DD and then by 15 an F and then slowly... READ MORE

35 Yr Old, 34DDD, No kids, 5'2"...It's finally time!!!!

I just want to first say...AMEN!!!! My surgery is finally scheduled!! If you're reading this, you are probably contemplating Breast Reduction too so I can't need to go into how inconvenient and how painful they can be. You probably also know how you hate not being able to wear certain things and... READ MORE

Finally a Breast Reduction at 47 Years Old

In a few days I will have a breast reduction. Right now I weigh 73kg (160lbs) and I am 169.5cm (5ft7in). If I lose a lot of weight I might lose my boobs (currently a 34-36DD/E) but at my age I would be gross and wrinkly so I would like to stay around 150 (which I will be close too after surgery)... READ MORE

Life changing

Ok this is my first review of this surgeon but my 2nd procedure with him in 6 years. I never thought after my first procedure (abdominoplasty) that he could surpas how he made me feel! This guy gave me my confidence back and I couldn’t have been more grateful. Fast forward 6 years and here I a... READ MORE

45 yr old Large Breasts - Portland, OR 36DDD

Have been thinking about this for years, finally went to a few Drs for consultations. Approved by insurance for reduction and lift. Surgery set for December 17th. I'm so scared of the recovery, pain, looks, etc. wondering if it really worth it?? Have neck and back pain all the time and so... READ MORE

27 Years Old, 5'4", 125 Pounds, 32F/34E

After suffering with large breasts since I was a teen, I finally decided to get a consultation for breast reduction. I have terrible back and neck pain, have a hard time exercising comfortably, and I am frustrated with the struggles of not fitting into bras and bathing suits. I also struggle... READ MORE

Covered by Boobs

Lady's show me some love , am nervous and happy at the same time ,cant wait to be on the small side , my insurance approved my surgery .9/12,17 ,in just a few days yeahhhhhh,thanks to all the comments and views that give me the courage to get this done,i am a 38H and planning to go to a... READ MORE

34 YO, 2 Kids, 38H, Breast Reduction & Considering Lipo

Hello. I visited with Dr John Lindsey here in New Orleans/Metairie after receiving several referrals. I visited with Dr Babocoy a few years back but he treated me like a science experiment. I have a flap of skin under my arms that I am self conscience about and has gotten bigger. Currently... READ MORE

My breast reduction journey - 12F - Perth Australia - 27 y.o.

I'm 27 years old and have had massive boobs for what feels like forever. I got all the unwanted attention throughout school and found myself unable to embrace my breasts. As time went on, pain became a daily issue. My lower back has a constant dull ache and I find myself unable to sit or stand... READ MORE

20 year old female Breast reduction

I have been struggling with my heavy breast for as long as I remember. After long thoughts and many consultations, I have decided to go along with the surgery. I am 20 years old and weigh 130 pounds. My surgery is scheduled for August 3rd ( I'm so nervous) . This is so overdue, but I'm so happy... READ MORE

35 Y/o 32DDD----->Full B or Small C Cup

I consulted with Dr. Brantley at Face and Body Center in Flowood, MS on a Thursday, for an insurance covered breast reduction. Paid my deposit, and got the scheduling call the next day. Fortunately for me, Dr. Brantley had a cancellation for Tuesday. My surgery is very very soon and I am super... READ MORE

Starting Over- 36G Mom of 3

Starting over - reduction 36G I joined this site 4 years ago looking into a reduction. Long story short, I did PT, had a consult and he said I'd have to go disproportionally small to be covered by insurance. I had diastasis and didn't want my belly bigger than my boobs!!! I bagged it. Ended up... READ MORE

26 years old, no kids, 34 DDDD, 5ft4", 145 lbs.

Ever since I was 13 I pretty much had D's and up. I have the worst back pain, shoulder pain, even migraines, and I used to have super bad shoulder grooves until I started wearing 2 bras in hopes that the 4 straps total would help out. I've actually had chiropractors (all male) tell me I didn't... READ MORE

36 year old mother of 2 girls

I am a patient of Dr. Reish and I went to see him for a Breast reduction. Dr. Reish was really knowledgeable and made me feel comfortable throughout the appointment! I would highly recommend him and this medical group! The day of the surgery, I saw Dr. Reish and he assured me I would love the... READ MORE

36 year old, Mother of 2, Breast Reduction. AHCIP covered 100%

I am 36Yrs Old with 2 kids - a 6 year old and a 2 year old. After I had my 2 year old, my breast size never went back to normal even after I stopped breastfeeding! Over time this is beginning to hurt my shoulders and back. Also it makes me hunch over. It's a vicious cycle for me as I joined... READ MORE

46 Years Old 40EE 2 Kids - Linwood, NJ

I've always had big breasts, but just recently, they started causing me discomfort. My reduction was approved and I am going in on August 31st. I'm very nervous, but I know I have to do it. My husband of 20 years is a little upset, and I think that's what's upsetting me the most. I know he's... READ MORE

Help ! Hi I'm really worried about my procedure please help in here attached the picture, is segregation color not ok !? :,(

So today is my 27th day after surgery and a lot of complications has happened fist my breast got swallowed and broke like 2 stitches(14 after surgery) and in the t area the doctor split on purpose to drain the liquid in the left breast and now this segregation came along my way I'm uncertain of... READ MORE

66 Year Old Female,

I am 66 years old and as long as I can remain I have had huge breast and have hated them. I avoid pictures below neck because I can see how big I am, 42DDD and wear a minimizer bra in hopes of camouflage these things. My nephew passed away approximately 4 1/2 years ago and I remember hearing... READ MORE

30 Years Old, No Kids, 32DDD, 5' 120lbs

Hello everyone. I have been reading a lot of reviews that helped me to understand many of my concerns about the recovery process. I am happy to share my breast reduction experience in this forum and I hope my review help others too. I got my breast reduction approval 2 months ago, it has been... READ MORE

32yo Needing Smaller Girls!

I'm going in for my consultation Wednesday. I am currently a 38 J and tired of all the pain included with this. Im a mom of three and dont plan any more. I'm trying to make sure I have everything I need for my appt including questions to ask my surgeon! Any help would be appreciated so feel... READ MORE

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