Breast Reduction

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A breast reduction involves the removal of excess fat, skin, and tissue, which usually results in the nipple and areola being shifted to a higher position. The areola might also be reduced if it had been stretched out due to the size of the breast. Not only does this surgery result in a smaller, perkier bust, it can also help eliminate back, shoulder, and neck pain that’s often caused by large breasts. LEARN MORE ›

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So I have finally made the decision to get a breast reduction! Not sure why I did not consider this sooner! I have been on this site for about a month now. I have had one consultation which was a nightmare! The surgeon told me I needed to be 107 pounds and that he won't do surgery if I am over... READ MORE

Every morning I wake up with stiff hips, a searing pain through my mid-back, tight shoulders...that's if I'm lucky. Mostly I wake up several times throughout the night from the pain and inability to sleep through it. I have an expensive mattress, a wonderful pillow and raised hips (if that... READ MORE

Met my surgeon last year in April, without any hesitation he said I was a great candidate for a reduction. I had already had back surgery from lugging around heavy breasts. With each pregnancy they got bigger. With three kids I went from a C cup to a G cup. Had surgery on January 14 READ MORE

I had a Breast reduction /full tummy tuck and lipo on my mid and lateral flanks , and I have to say I would recommend IT to anyone!! Best money ever spent! Very fast healing, very little pain. Key, do your homework pre op, eat well, hydrate, and stay strong!! I healed so fast and im ready to... READ MORE

Hello, ladies! Like a lot of you, I've spent over a year lurking on this website, trying to get a feel for what a breast reduction surgery would actually entail. Well, I have a wedding coming up this year and I figured now was as good as any time to move breast reduction surgery from the back... READ MORE

I've been contemplating this for years. Finally got feed up enough with feeling like crap about myself and hating my large breasts that I went to my family doctor in October and asked for a referral to get a breast reduction. I had a specific surgeon in mind... I had done some research and one... READ MORE

I was a 36J. I started to research surgeons and read on realself about Dr. satankova in Prague. I flew on my own from London to Prague. I am 7 days post- op and already delighted and happy with my new breasts. Dr. Satankova said that once the swelling goes own, I will be a c cup. She is a... READ MORE

I am having my surgery sat. Nov 29 th. Was supposed to be the 20th. So I'm going out of my mind right now. My primary doc says don't back out. It will be worth it. I M so nervous but excited at the Same time. I just want the weight off of. My breast. They hurt and I'm so... READ MORE

I have severe back, shoulder and neck pain from overly large breasts. I've had this problem since puberty. I've also had issues finding bras that fit me well since my breasts are out of proportion and one is a couple cup sizes larger than the other. I am pretty sure my skeleton has permanent... READ MORE

Hi ladies, so excited for my breast reduction, my surgery is set for 2/11/16, and it can't come fast enough! I have huge breasts, 40j's!! Can't believe I'm sharing that! I have had awful back , neck, and shoulder pain for years. Only a bit over three weeks from now, and the weight and discomfort... READ MORE

Like all of the ladies on here I have waited years to finally get to this point - I want to be feminine something that i just can't do with these boobies. If I'm not careful clothes can make me feel like Hattie Jacques - not what I want. For as long as I can remember I have had a large full... READ MORE

I will be going next Wednesday for my bs with lipo on the sides. I have been busty since 8th grade and with weight gain with menopause, ( had hysterectomy 2 years ago) I have put on some pounds and breast size is 38 GG . 5'2" and 170 pounds . My ps has me drinking 160 ounces of water a day for... READ MORE

Hi all, I have been researching this page continuously for the past couple of months. Today is the day... Done and dusted and I'm awake at 2am writing this! My back is quite sore from sleeping upwards all day and around 6 out of 10 in the pain department. I was a size 14 F - G and I am 5... READ MORE

I have been wanting a Breast Reduction for 11 years. I have had 2 stillborns and 2 miscarriages. I now have a 14 month old rainbow baby! Most of my original post was lost due to connection issues so just a little background: I developed very early and suspect that I have sensitivity to... READ MORE

I am sitting at about 6 days post-op as of Feb 8/16. My story.. I was a C-cup by the 8th grade and bloomed to a 34DDD by the end of high school (which I was bulging out of). Friends would often point out size of breasts, I was known as the friend with the big boobs. I was very shy and hated... READ MORE

I am about to embark on this journey of smaller boobies people! I have an appointment with DOC #1 next Tuesday, January 26th and DOC #2 on February 18th. (long time). I am reading the other posts to get information about questions to ask etc. I intend to lose more weight but this is where I... READ MORE

So excited for this surgery. I had a gastric sleeve in 2014, much needed circumferential tummy tuck and liposuction with fat transfer in 2015. This will be the final icing on the cake to get my boobs done. I LOVED my surgeon for my tummy tuck, however I felt her specialty for tummy tucks... READ MORE

Hi everyone! I'm a 21 senior in college who has 32G breasts. I have always had large breasts, but I was never sure I would want a breast reduction until this summer when I started doing a lot of research after I couldn't run anymore because there were no sports bras that would fit me. I have... READ MORE

I feel absolutely incredible since my long awaited breast reduction in November. Me Adrian Richards from aurora performed my procedure and he was wonderful. I have gone from a GG to a C/small D and I could't be happier. Never in my life you I have imagined how much this could've changed my... READ MORE

I wrote this LONG review and it all got deleted by mistake :/ Basically , I am 22 and tired of being limited! I can not work out due to my overly large breast. Size 38H & flowing over! I have to wear about 4 bras which makes me not want to bother at all. I own 3 bras, one of which the wire... READ MORE

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