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Breast implants add volume to existing breast tissue to create a fuller chest. Implant options include silicone or saline, rounded or shaped, and textured or smooth, all of which come in a variety of sizes. In addition to choosing the style of implant you want, there are several options for incision locations to consider. LEARN MORE

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24 years old 400cc High Profile silicone over the Muscle - Modesto, CA

Hi everyone! I decided to share my journey since reading so many others on here has helped me so much! So a little background, I am 23 and have been wanting an augmentation since I was 16. I waited it out hoping they would grow or that me wanting them was a phase but after 7 years I am deciding... READ MORE

Consultation 7/18, Pre-op 7/21, BA scheduled for 8/9. 32A to 32C?

I am 24 years old, 5'3" tall and weigh about 105 pounds. I've been wanting a boob job since I was 14. I've always known I would never grow them because everyone in my family has small boobs. My three sisters have curvy bodies and small boobs. I am the skinny and very flat(front and back) sister... READ MORE

34 Yrs, Breastfed 2 Babies, 6'1, 70kg, Wanting Big and Natural Appearance.

I've been hot and cold on the idea of a BA for all of my adult life. I tend to swing between wanting to get the done and being totally freaked out by the idea of altering my natural body. I've tried creams, tantric massage techniques and every herb in the book only to be bitterly disappointed to... READ MORE

26yo 3 Kids Deflated Breasts from Feeding - Thailand, TH

As a teen my breasts were so perky and a nice size at C. After having my first baby at 16 they went to a DD and two children later are now a deflated b :( I would just love to have them at a D and full again. I will keep everyone updated through out as I'm still about 7 weeks away! Any tips on... READ MORE

27 Yo, 2 Kiddos, 5'2", 115 Lbs, 300 Cc Saline Smooth Mod Plus - Sioux Falls, SD

As most women my size here, I have always wanted breasts. I wanted to share my story because of the smaller size I wet with, and also because of my career. I work in manual labor, male dominated field and I am also a service member. Just because I work like a man doesn't mean I should also LOOK... READ MORE

33 YO, Deflated 34B Cup Pre-op 700cc Silicone Dual Plane - Columbus, OH

I have always wanted a larger chest, but especially after 3 pregnancies and breastfeeding 3 babies for a total of 3.5 years. I was left with flat deflated 34b cup (if that!) I am finally at a point in my that I was able to do this...and I am so thankful to have found Dr Grawe from Columbus Ohio... READ MORE

28 Years Old, 2 Kids, Nursed for 3 Years - BA 560cc HP or 620cc EHP Nagor Impleo - United Kingdom

Hi everyone. I'm new and have been reading all of your stories, so figured it was time to upload my own. Scarily I'm including a picture of my current boobs. Just looking at this makes me so sad. I'm 6ft tall and have a long torso. I was convinced that I needed an uplift, but have been for a... READ MORE

Fit 29 Yr Old Mom with Deflated 32D Looking for my Boobs Back! - Calgary, AB

First, a little about me: I'm a 29 yr old mom of a 3 yr old and 1 year old. I breastfed both my kids but only for a small period of time. I'm currently 128 lbs, 5'6" tall and wear a 32 D bra. I basically fill the bottom of the bra with nothing left on top. When I was young, I had bigger boobs... READ MORE

34yo, 4'11.5", 115lbs. 450cc HP unders - Vancouver, BC

Current stats: 33yo, 4'11.5", 115lbs, 34A Before kids, I’ve always had small boobs. I was so happy I had big boobs when I breastfed both my kids. They deflated so bad after though, I couldn’t even fill an A cup. My daughter is now 13yo and my son is 7yo and don’t have plans on having more kids.... READ MORE

Natrelle 410FF Full Height Full Projection 425CC -Teardrop,Anatomical

Hey, so ive been waiting years for this.. I even had a surgery booked last year and canceled a few days before due to uncertenty, but now I'm ready! And damn am I ever excited. I've noticed there isn't a lot of before and after photo online of the #TearDrop implants which made my decision extra... READ MORE

Silicone Gel Breast Implants with and right nipple reconstruction on a 26 Year Old

My results of my breast augmentation and my right nipple reconstruction were phenomenal. Before my surgery, I wouldn't show anyone my body because I was embarrassed of my breasts. First of all, my left breast was not even a full A cup and I had a tubular right breast that was a B cup ; so my... READ MORE

42 Year Old Mom of 3..small Breasts with History of Breastfeeding

I've always had small breasts, aside from when I was breastfeeding. I have had 3 children and nursed my youngest two until they were 2 years old (4 years total)! Before and after nursing, they were A/AA size and about a large C/small D during nursing. I was sad to see the boobies go both times I... READ MORE

20 Years Old, 5'10 and 132 Lbs. Smooth Round Silicone Full Profile.

Hi guys! I actually had my surgery this morning but I'm going to upload some before pics now. I'm 20, 5'10 and 132lbs. My bra size ranges from 34 B to 32 C, they both fit the same. My goal size is a medium D and I chose 400cc smooth round full profile implants. Im not exactly sure that I got... READ MORE

23 yrs old, 1 child, 500-550 cc implants, 5'2

So its 2 days till I get my breast augmentation after a couple years of planning... and let me tell you, I have super mixed emotions! ???? I have been counting down the days till I get the bad girls and I'm getting more and more nervous & excited about it all! I am 5'2, currently a 32b... READ MORE

40, Athletic, 5'11", 146lbs, No Kids, Size A Hoping for C - Bay Area, CA

I want boobies. Gave myself to 40 to love my body. Now I want boobies, to fill up t shirts, swimsuits, bodysuit tops, lingerie, etc. Met with Dr Behmand and I knew he was the one. Ashley was pretty amazing as well as she helped me try on sizers - it was like hanging out with a fun and... READ MORE

30 Years Old with 2 Kids

After having my 2 children my breasts were left empty and deflated and I was not happy with my appearance. I did a lot of research and ended up choosing Eddy Dona for my procedure and I do not regret a thing. Together we chose 495cc teardrop implants high profile in a dual plane 2 pocket. I... READ MORE

30yrs old , 34b 5"5 138lbs

Someone recommended me dr Larsen at Buckhead plastic surgery . My breast sag and have extra skin because of breast feeding . I went with 400cc silicone cohesive . Dr Larsen recommended high profile above the muscle. I am kind of skeptical because everyone I know has med high profile and under... READ MORE

27yrs, 1child, 32a having 475cc under muscle

I'm feeling so anxious! My consultation was months ago, I was really happy with the surgeon and so overwhelmed that I was finally getting the opp iv always wanted. We decided on 475cc under the muscle and the overall outcome of a natural D cup! My opp we booked in for 15th June but was... READ MORE

27 years old looking to have high profile silicone 400-450cc, 5'1 105lbs

I felt super comfortable with her instantly. She was completely nonjudgmental and understanding, her previous work looks phenomenal, she understood exactly the look I am going for. She is highly certified & has an amazing background in the cosmetic surgery field. So I had my pre op appt... READ MORE

5'8" 135lbs 415cc HP Silicone Round, Under Muscle, Inframammary

The best decision I have ever made, and I could not be happier with my results. I was 32A before, and now 32 DD. It doesn't look as big as it sounds, and very proportional to my body size. I had no idea about what size or how much cc I would want. Dr. Kim said not to worry about it, and bring... READ MORE

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