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Breast implants add volume to existing breast tissue to create a fuller chest. Implant options include silicone or saline, rounded or shaped, and textured or smooth, all of which come in a variety of sizes. In addition to choosing the style of implant you want, there are several options for incision locations to consider. LEARN MORE ›

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34 Years Old, 1 Daughter, 500cc's - Las Vegas, NV

Currently I'm 4 days post op. I'll start from Consultation day. Consultation with Dr. Bryson went well. Dawn his patient coordinator is caring and personable. Dr. Bryson went over photos with me. I liked how the 450 to 500cc's looked so he will decide in surgery which one looks best without me... READ MORE

29, 4 Children, 5'5" 145lbs . 310cc moderate plus smooth-round silicone under the muscle - Vancouver, BC

I have four children and breastfed each of them, which resulted in a deflated "empty" look. Prior to children I used to be a B cup. Iam unsure if I truly am any more. I desire to obtain a natural look but add that fullness too achieve a small C cup or full C. My surgeon suggested a 275cc or 300... READ MORE

30 Years Old 2 Kids Much Needed Breast Aug - Palm Beach Gardens, FL

After second child I have lost much volume and needed fullness. I never had much breast tissue to begin with but was hoping for a small d cup. I got 425 cc implants and I feel they are the perfect size. Waiting to see the drop and fluff but so far I am elated. Amazing staff and team, highly... READ MORE

ba - Philadelphia, PA

I have wanted a breast augmentation since I was a teenager and never really developed breasts. I am a small A cup and my goals are you have a natural looking C. I don't want to be too large since I am only 5'3" and petite. During my consultation I was able to try on sizers and few what my... READ MORE

33 years Old 5 Children 425cc Medium - Kennesaw, GA

Realself has helped me out tremendously so I decided to write my review in hopes it could help others. My BA was today. I was super nervous. Every since I was 15 I've wanted breast. I have always been a 34A cup. Even having children my breast would get a little bigger while pregnant and then go... READ MORE

Early 30s, 5'4 110 Lbs, Donut Lift, 400 ML Smooth HP Silicone-disaster!

I think this letter, the second one I have written to my doctor, describes my experience best: Dear Dr. *****, I have passed the one-year-anniversary of my surgery and I have been composing this letter for about 10 months. The physical pain and the emotional distress I have been through since... READ MORE

32 Yrs 3 Kids Saline Implants 500cc - San Antonio, TX

My surgery 7/6/16 almost 1 month Breast Augmentation TUBA incision 420 saline filled 500cc I'm not happy with the results yet maybe because it's too early but my breast is too high my surgeon said that I need to wait 10 weeks to drop, be patient, and message. I'm in 4 week and my boobs are 2... READ MORE

23 Y/o, No Kids, 30A, 325cc Xhp Silicone Unders - Liverpool, GB

Where the heck do I begin? My name's Katie and I've been dreaming of getting breast implants since I was literally 10 years old (before I even started growing breasts!) I guess I just knew that they weren't gonna turn out big lol. I finally managed to get the money together this year, thanks... READ MORE

35 Year Old Mother of Two - Fayette, AL

I am a 35 yo mother of two. I have thought about getting a BA for years but it was really nothing more than a thought. After having two kids I looked pretty good. I was thin and breast were a large B cup and pretty perky. After turning 25 I began to put on weight and of course my boobs grew. So... READ MORE

Mother of Two| 600cc/700cc Implants| Dr.Sohn - Las Vegas, NV

Hi guys so I just made a new account to journal my previous surgeries/procedures + future ones SO if you see a similar review from an account with all the photos removed etc it's my old account that hasn't been removed yet. I was really inconsistent on that profile and lately have taken a big... READ MORE

30 Years Old 5ft, 625 Cc Silicone Now Pregnant and Documenting my Journey - Folsom, CA

So here's my story... I go my implants over a year ago. I am 5ft tall averaging 115 pounds with an athletic build of a body. Due to running a lot I lost a lot of weight and lost my boobs. I wanted a boost after my hard work and got breast augmentation. I was blessed with natural large boobs... READ MORE

26 Years Old 3 Children Little Bee Stings 300cc to 330cc Nagor Moderates - Manchester, GB

Hi everybody I have been thinking about breast surgery for a number of years and have recently over the last few months visited 3 different hospitals, spire, transform and 52 alderly road. I have chosen to go with Richard Johnson at 52 alderly and am booked in for surgery on 26th Jan next year... READ MORE

This is What Men Have Been Looking At! Yikes!!! - Fort Lauderdale, FL

Ahh, the life of tuberous breasts. Everytime i have doubts, i take pictures of my breasts. I remember the first time i took pics of my breasts- i was stunned! When i lean forward, they turn into goat teats. :( This explains a lot. It has been rough having them. I remember in high school, boys... READ MORE

22 Years Old, No Kids, Currently a 36A

I've been wanting this procedure for so long!! I went to my consultation two weeks ago. We're going to do 485-500cc silicone. I'm still trying to figure out if I want the high profile, or just moderate +. I might go back before my procedure to get a 3D imaging done and talk more about if I... READ MORE

29 Years Old, No Kids, 5'4" 125 Lbs. 300cc Saline Unders - Vancouver, BC

Pre-op consult done! Surgery is booked! T-minus 1 month! After two consults and over a year to consider my options, I have decided to go for Moderate Profile Saline implants under the muscle via armpit incision. After trying on the sizers (sorry no pics) I decided to go for 300 cc on my left,... READ MORE

25 Years Old 5'4 130lb, 34B Soon to Be Bigger! - La Mesa, CA

Hello all! I have decided to document my journey to help others contemplating a breast augmentation since this website has helped me so much! I am 25 years old, no kids. 5'4 and 130lbs. My current bra size is 32-34B. I have decided to have my surgery performed by Dr. Pousti and I know I will... READ MORE

36 A/B Getting 450cc-500cc - Folsom, CA

Hi! I've always wanted fuller breasts and it's happening! I'm so worried about a lot of things yet so excited. I want to make sure I get the right size so I don't have to redo this procedure. I've decided to give my surgeon a range of sizes by my wish pics. It would be 450cc-500cc. I'm getting... READ MORE

26, 5'2, 132 Lbs, 2 Kids, Breast Augmentation - Concord, NC

My goal is go from a 34B to a 34D. I've always wanted bigger boobs since I was 16 years old and I'm finally getting them done. I'm super scared but excited at the same time. My Pre-op was last week Thursday. I decided to go with the silicone gel implant. The gummy bear look. My experience so far... READ MORE

Brazlian 50 Years - Spain

After analysing different doctors in spain, I read a lot about Lowcostmetic in different internetpages. I liked the fully transparence. In this subject I made bad experience with fake costs from topchurgeries in marbea. from the first visit until the preconsulting dr. nogueira and his team were... READ MORE

33, No Children, 5'7, 66kgs, Curvy with Slight Assymetry, 355cc Overs - New Auckland, AU

Goal is to even out the sisters and be a full C cup. I have been recommended to go with overs - I have breast tissue available and want a natural look. I am ati unsure on size. I initially went for the 355cc Motiva Mod profile. 315cc L and 355cc R to balance out. But I have since tried the... READ MORE

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