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Breast implant surgery uses one of two types of implants, silicone or saline, to supplement existing breast tissue. In addition to choosing what your implant is made of, there are a variety of placements, incision locations, and sizes, shapes, and textures to research and consider. LEARN MORE ›

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Excellent care an service from Harley medical I had my BA at high gate hospital, couldn't ask for a better surgeon, mark solomos was very thorough an honest, he did an excellent job an wouldn't do anything to make my boobs look OTT my boobs turned out everything an more that I wanted, I... READ MORE

I'm currently a 34b after breast feeding2 kids I want to be a 34E/f but my surgeon insists on485cc over muscle round naturelle implant but I want to go for 550cc -600cc. I want to achieve the look in my wish pic and think I will be dissapointed, and think it's a lot of money to waste and know... READ MORE

Im due to have my ba on the 27.03.16 iv met my surgeon absolutely lovely man I had a choice of 360cc unders or 440cc max overs I wanted as big as possible so I have chosen 440cc overs... been trying to get opinions on over the muscle implants and have read loads of pros and cons for both under... READ MORE

After giving birth to and nursing three children my breast tissue was nearly depleted. I am 34 years old and feel that I am way too young to have such flat breasts. So after careful consideration and a lot of research I determined that breast implants were necessary. I had several... READ MORE

I have wanted boobs for years. I was never confident but after my fourth son and I lost more breast volume, down to an a it was time .. I research for months and it took over 5 years to get the courage up to actually have the procedure. I have anxiety issues so I'm a worry wart. I followed this... READ MORE

I have had a desire to get my breast done. Not sure what is the best process or where I can get a great price to booked a flight. Can't wait to get more information and updates I have a pic of my shape search desire. Whether fat transfer or implants I hope to get some details of what process is... READ MORE

Many times since I was a teenager I fantasized about having bigger boobs but never seriously considered the idea of having breast augmentation surgery. That changed when the man I recently dated on and off for 3 years asked me to do it. Until then I was pretty confident about my looks despite... READ MORE

After breastfeeding my kids for 3 years my breast were very droopy looking. They made me really depressed. Dr. Kurkjian wasn't judgmental of me like the other doctors I had previously went to. Him and his staff were very kind and welcoming! I got my surgery 3 weeks after my consultation. I felt... READ MORE

I'm almost one month out from my procedure, and am extremely excited. I've, like many of you mentioned, experiencing some distraction and obsession over my implants and coming to a decision about size. Other than that, things are going smoothly. My Dr. requires a mammogram if his patient is 30... READ MORE

I'm a petite woman, 5"2 and 125 lbs. I've always had a great body, toned and a bit curvy. After having my daughter my breasts did lose a lot of volume. Obviously, now between my career and being a mom, I haven't been working out like I should be, so although in general I still have a good... READ MORE

First off let me say thank you for this website and to all the beautiful breasted ladies that shares their stories - it has helped me sooooo much! I wasn't going to do a profile with pics but after looking through the forums of before and after pics and reading other ladies stories I changed my... READ MORE

I am a young mom of 3(2 of my own, 1 step). I breast fed both of my boys. I felt very bad about myself and have talked about getting plastic surgery since after having my first hold. My husband was very against it it first, but the more I talked about it, the more he saw that I hated the way I... READ MORE

Hey everyone I am Begining my journey ! I am shooting for a Feb or March date. I've been looking at DR docs Yily,Duran And Gary Ortega. I have read those DR horror stories of waking up during surgery which has me terrified there I also recently researching some Miami doctors. Has Any one... READ MORE

He was very friendly and professional. I had a great experience and got exactly what I wanted. I got 400ccs under the muscle. I also got silicone. I am almost 3 years out and I couldn't be happier! I had almost no pain and recovery was not bad like I had expected it to be. I was very impressed... READ MORE

So... all set! I can't believe it yet! I have pre-op appointment tomorrow and surgery this Friday! I was reading realself like crazy and honestly this was a huge help for me so I decided that I will share my experience as well. I wanted this surgery for so long but I was tooo scared of the... READ MORE

I had not planned to write a review or share pictures here as I'm usually pretty private but your stories and pictures have inspired and helped me so much over the last six months. I felt I had a realistic expectation of possible complications, results, and options. I also had such a fantastic... READ MORE

I have booked in for my BA with Dr. Tomas Benes at the Forme Clinic in Prague for May 2016. I have always wanted implants but since I gave birth to my daughter 5 months ago I've wanted them even more as I went to a full D during pregnancy I'm now left with a very deflated 34C. I am around... READ MORE

I cannot begin to describe how much I LOVE this doctor, and even more so the staff! I know it's weird to say that, but Dr J is so busy, (which is why he's so great at his art) so it's up to the staff to make you feel reassured, satisfied, safe, and most importantly, happy. The women are so... READ MORE

I've always had small boobs. I'd stuff my bra in 4th grade because a few of the early bloomers in my class already had boobs. So I think I've always admired a nice set of boobs! I am still learning all about the procedure, types of implants, healing time, etc. I am 100% sure I'm going to get... READ MORE

Since I was 18 after having my first child I wanted a Breast Augmentation. However I could not afford it back then. I had my second child at 23 and third at 25. I am now 27. With my last child My boobs actually got up to a full B sadly once my milk dissapeared so did my boobs. :( I am very... READ MORE

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